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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by marinejjh, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Dacky619

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    Dec 2, 2010
    Everyone is looking for something different. Some compare offsite villas to DVC and only look at the price and space.

    It is easier looking at a DVC Villa through renting points or a cash reservation with a discount and what is better for people. It is comparing apples to apples on this one I'm just curious as to the times where it might be cheaper to pay cash over renting points.
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  3. goofy4tink

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    May 2, 2002
    And the really funny thing??? I hate daily housekeeping! It's one of the things I love about staying on points! In fact, I usually hang out my 'privacy please' hanger when not staying on points! I hate having people in my room. I hate having to worry about returning midday only to find my room is still unmade up..and the housekeeper is two doors down. No privacy!!

    I have seldom found a AAA discount that is all that great. Maybe up to 10% but usually less. Renting points (or using someone else's reservation) is not for everyone. But, I have 'rented' out a reservation through David's site and it worked out great. The people that 'used' my reservation at BWV got a great deal. But it's not for everyone.

    For instance....I'm staying at SSR, in a studio, this Dec. From Dec 3-9. I am using 78 points to do so. If I booked that same room through WDW, it would come to $3024. If I booked it through David's DVC Rental site? $1014. Now, that is rack rate. Even if you got a 40% discount, that would still be around $1800 through WDW. And that 40% discount isn't going to come around very often. That's a lot of money to pay for daily housekeeping. You can get daily housekeeping in a DVC unit. It will cost you but not nearly what it costs to pay for the same unit through WDW!!!
  4. vicki_c

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    Dec 22, 2007
    I believe the examples are 1-2 bedrooms in the summer, with a discount. There are periods of time when Disney is in value season but DVC is not In Adventure season (the DVC equivalent to value season).
  5. OurBigTrip

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    May 27, 2013
    My bad, I wasn't clear - the $6635 number is based on a 14 July arrival date for 10 nights at a BC 2BR Villa, using the $13.43/pt in a previous post about BC. David's would be more, $6900+.
  6. gaunce78

    gaunce78 Earning My Ears

    Oct 1, 2011
    Quick question, we have reservations already, but are waiting to see if we can get our full stay through buying points from a DVC member. We have all, but one night so far & the plan is to stay at the AkL. Does anybody know how easy it is to cancel the reservation we already have and switch it to the one we want? Will there be any fees involved? Also, what about the dining reservations we already have, will that be a problem getting things switched over? Thanks! 8:)
  7. jtwibih

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    Aug 22, 2010
    I don't know about the ease of switching but I will say that your dining reservations shouldn't change at all. They are not linked to a reservation number.

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