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Really why is everyone in such a hurry

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Sgt Mickey, May 2, 2013.

  1. Sgt Mickey

    Sgt Mickey <font color=red>I will always remember where I was

    I was driving to work yesterday. I drive to Norfolk so I have to use the Hampton Bridge Tunnel. It is a 55. It was raining and I was still doing about 70 and I am getting passed like I am Grandma out for a sunday drive:moped: AND YES I was in the right lane not the left!!!! BUT really why is everyone in such a hurry. ALL THE TIME!!!!
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  3. cm8

    cm8 <font color=blue>Half of the time we're rushing ar

    Because we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses :confused3
    Half of the time we're rushing around to get things done last minute or we realize we're running behind so we need to catch up. I on the other hand have never driven faster than the posted speed limit :rolleyes1:lmao::rotfl2::rotfl::laughing:
  4. Sgt Mickey

    Sgt Mickey <font color=red>I will always remember where I was

    :rotfl:I think if I actually did the speed limit around here someone would think my car was broke down on the side of the road:lmao:
  5. ckay87

    ckay87 demented and sad...but social<br><font color=red>T

    Because driving fast is fun. :yay:

    I'm only half serious. I do somewhat think that our vehicles are getting so nice that it's difficult not to drive fast. The cars I used to drive back in the day would have been falling apart at 70 mph. Today's vehicles handle that, and much more, very smoothly.
  6. Sgt Mickey

    Sgt Mickey <font color=red>I will always remember where I was

    I have drove on the autobahn I can agree driving fast is fun. BUT these people are CRAZY they are angry:rotfl: they don't look like they are having fun.
  7. ckay87

    ckay87 demented and sad...but social<br><font color=red>T

    THAT I don't understand, I agree with you. The anger and competitiveness on the roads anymore is ridiculous. It's not so much that people want to get there fast, they want to get there FIRST. Nuts.
  8. Sgt Mickey

    Sgt Mickey <font color=red>I will always remember where I was

    YES absolutely.
  9. Praying Colonel

    Praying Colonel New Member

    Look, just stay in the right lane with all the other slowpokes and no one gets hurt, OK?


    Seriously, I just think it's modern life. Folks sleep until the last possible minute and then race to get to work on time. In the afternoon, folks are racing from work to take Johnny to baseball practice, or to stop at the grocery to pick up food so they can race home and get dinner on the table, or they have to make a meeting and they're leaving late and have to rush to get there. Or to catch a flight. Or whatever. Everything's go-go-go.

    And you can never discount the Idiot Factor, of course.
  10. wiigirl

    wiigirl New Member

  11. Christine

    Christine <font color=red>Would love to be able to sit on th

    I freely admit to being a freeway speeder. I drive in the HOV lanes in the morning and the speed limit is 65 mph. I am regularly doing about 73 MPH. With that, I *still* have people trying to join me in my backseat or flying by me.

    The things I won't do:

    I never tailgate anyone and most certainly not anyone who is doing the speed limit. I just wait for my chance and go around them.

    I never speed on local roads, especially through residential areas. This is where I get the WORST of tailgaters. Especially on Sunday morning. I live off a main road where the speed is 45MPH. It is normal for most everyone to do about 50MPH which is fine. On Sunday mornings, when I get out to do my grocery shopping, I have people routinely tailgating me and doing 60 MPH or higher. We have 3 churches on our road and they are always turning into them. It really makes me angry. There are people out on the sidewalks of these roads walking dogs, exercising, etc. At those speeds, on those roads, it's easy to lose control and then hit someone.
  12. goofyintoronto

    goofyintoronto <font color=brown>Proud foot flusher<br><font colo

    I drive fast, and I have a bit of road rage. Even if im not in a hurry, im in a hurry. I just dont know how to slow down. :confused3
  13. Ephany

    Ephany New Member

    Because they know that there is going to be an accident or a broken down vehicle in the tunnel and they want to get out of there before they're stuck in traffic for 3 hours. :scared: One thing I do NOT miss about Hampton Roads is the traffic!
  14. Robinrs

    Robinrs New Member

    What's the excuse for the slowpokes? :goodvibes

    I'm ALWAYS in a hurry! :car:
  15. topolino

    topolino <font color=magenta>I don't mean those kind of ges

    OP, you were doing 70 in a 55 in the rain and people were passing you?? :eek:

    Be glad you live where you do, and not where I live. People here pretty much obey the speed limits, in part because of the strict enforcement of the law.

    I guess I'm conditioned by living here, but I'd never think to go 15+ over the speed limit, especially in the rain. Wouldn't be worth the expensive speeding ticket that I'd eventually receive.
  16. Mokat76

    Mokat76 DisKat

    Sgt Mickey, you were driving 70 in the slow lane on 64 heading to the HRBT? IN THE RAIN? WHAT? I have never heard of that happening. Ever. What time was that? :worship: I'm in awe of your road warrior skills, but have no explanation as to why the myriad folks around you are homicidal maniacs. Maybe it's just the whole tunnel thing. Maybe it's just knowing that hell-bent-for-leather can swiftly change to slugs-move-faster on I-64 and they're hoping they can circumvent it. I'm usually in a hurry because I put off my commute--not through the tunnel but bad enough--until the last possible second. I'm not maniacal in my driving behavior, just my vocalizations. :blush:
  17. soccerdad72

    soccerdad72 New Member

  18. iheartdisney

    iheartdisney New Member

    Amen!!! i used to live in VA Beach, and worked in Newport News and I remember watching the clock, praying they would let us out of there before 3. Any later and the HOV lanes were closed to the general public and my 45 minute commute would gain an hour. And my car didn't have A/C.
  19. Micca

    Micca <font color=darkcoral>You gotta love a great plan

    My favorite is when some nutjob thinks they need to speed past you to prove a point then you pull up next to them at the next stop light. :rolleyes2 Except on longer stretches of highway, driving like a maniac doesn't really accomplish much in the way of saving time, and it's very dangerous.
  20. Robinrs

    Robinrs New Member

    I usually WAVE at them when I get next to them!! :rotfl: :wave:
  21. Sgt Mickey

    Sgt Mickey <font color=red>I will always remember where I was

    Yikes I will for sure keep in my own lane.


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