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RCI Nightly Exchanges

Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by nghidotti, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. nghidotti

    nghidotti Earning My Ears

    Hi, all! We are new DVC members as of November! WOO HOO! I am a planner, and am looking out to 2013 and 2014 in how we want to use our points. I am considering a Sun-Thurs Colorado ski trip in spring 2014 through the RCI nightly exchange, possibly the Valdoro Mountain Lodge in Breckenridge. Has anyone used their points outside of the Disney resorts? Thoughts on this? Tips on how to go about making those reservations? I read somewhere you can make them 2 years out. Thanks for the help!
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  3. erionm

    erionm DIS Veteran

    Nightly exchanges can be booked from 10 months to 48 hours before your check-in date. Only weekly exchanges can be booked up to 2 years in advance.

    RCI® Booking Windows:
    • Nightly Exchanges
      • Located: Worldwide
      • Length of Stay: Nightly (minimum number of one night)
      • Booking Window: From 10 months to 48 hours before check-in date
    • Weekly Exchanges
      • Located: Worldwide
      • Length of Stay: Weekly (7 consecutive nights)
      • Booking Window: From 2 years to 24 hours before check-in date
    • Signature Selections Exchanges
      • Located: North America
      • Length of Stay: Weekly (7 consecutive nights)
      • Booking Window: From 10 months to 48 hours before check-in date

    There is a on-line booking tool now available from the member website, or you can call Member Services to book.
  4. csharpwv

    csharpwv Mouseketeer

    I'm glad I saw this post - while this isn't entirely on topic on the thread, bit is directly related.

    Has anyone TRIED to use the new RCI online booking tool?
    It won't let us use the site!
    We try to access it and it says there is an error.
    Then a window pops up that says "You are not allowed to access this page. Please close your browser window."

    I know they were doing some site maintenance yesterday, so I thought that may be why it wouldn't open - but then I tried it again today, and it does the same exact thing that it did last night.... with the same message.

    It says you have to select the membership you would like to use... we own multiple contracts - but they are all under one member number - so we don't have multiple memberships, just multiple contracts at multiple home resorts, all with the same use year.... so I didn't think that would be why?!

    We are considering an RCI trade for this summer and I just wanted to see what our options are!

    Anyone have the same experience?

    We have never traded outside of DVC before - except for DCL.
  5. erionm

    erionm DIS Veteran

    We have two home resorts under a single membership and I was just able to go and 'search' the RCI site without any issues.
  6. DisneyMama21

    DisneyMama21 Mickey...wait for it...Mouse!!!

    I was able to fully search availability and had even clicked on a room and almost started the booking process! (we weren't quite ready though, I was just curious) Have you tried different browsers? Firefox, IE, Safari (if you are on a Mac?)
  7. nghidotti

    nghidotti Earning My Ears

    Hmmm ... same thing with me! It keeps giving me an error. I'm using Chrome, so I'll try with another browser. Thanks for the info on booking - sounds like the nightly bookings are only 10 months out. Has anyone used their points for an RCI property? Is that a smart move?
  8. myxdvz

    myxdvz DVC - BLT

    Most would tell you that using DVC points for ANYTHING other than DVC properties is not a smart move. You would be better off renting your points and using the cash from the rental to purchase your non-DVC vacation (cruise, other properties, etc).

    Other people differ. So it's really up to you. Financially though, it's not an efficient use of your points.
  9. Dean

    Dean DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis

    If you can get it, that seems a reasonable value. The problems are several. That resort is not an RCI points resort so it's not going to be available for less than a week. Prime ski time is notoriously difficult to get, don't hold your breath. Plus the times for daily stays don't come online until 10 mo out while others can come available up to 2 yrs out. I'd suggest you consider an entire week and pick as many weeks and resorts as you are comfortable with and put int he request as far out as possible, at least a year out. As a rule most people who own prime time rent their time rather than exchanging it, I know I do the same for my HH summer units. If you can go Jan or late season, you'll have a better chance of success.

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