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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by SherGoof, May 4, 2004.

  1. SherGoof

    SherGoof New Member

    Recently, had the opportunity to use QUICKSILVER towncars and it was a pleasure.

    Bernard picked us up and Gregory (owner) brought us back - MCO to Swan and Dolphin.

    The ride was in comfort - very clean, leather interior car (one was a Caddy and I believe the other was a Lincoln).

    The price was good too - 99.00 roundtrip (this also included a 30-minute grocery stop and 10min US phone call - though we didn't take advantage of these as they weren't needed for this trip).

    They were on time and very professional.

    I would highly recommend them!!!!
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  3. rrpesek

    rrpesek New Member

    Thanks for the review on Quicksilver. Was seriously thinking about using them for our upcoming June trip.

    I appreciate the information!
  4. bballmom56

    bballmom56 New Member

    That's great! Thanks for posting. We are booked with them for our trip in June and LOVE to hear good reviews! We're looking forward to using them.

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