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    Disneyland/Disney California Adventure Trip Report
    Jan 2, 2013

    My son, 16, marched in the Tournament of Roses Parade, so we had one-day park hoppers. The group I was with most of the time was myself (mid 40s), my wife (need to know basis), daughter (13) and son (12).

    We go to the park when the group got there, so missed rope drop, but were pretty early, by 8:15 a.m.

    We had elected to do DCA first, figuring Cars Land would be crowded. I went to FP Soarin’ over California, and they went to Cars Land where I would meet them. They called, and said that the queue to even get into the area of the park was backed up. By 8:25, I was already telling others in my larger group to consider something else besides Cars Land. We were riding Soarin’ by 8:30.

    We then went to Paradise Pier, and DD, DW and I rode California Screamin’. DS decided to wait in a LONG line for Toy Story Midway Mania instead. Finally met DS after exciting but smooth rollercoaster ride, and he had bailed on TSMM after 30 min. and bought himself a personalized Oswald hat instead.

    So about 10 a.m. we walk into Cars Land, and pay NO attention to the sign that says 120 min. wait for Radiator Springs Racers, and proceed to wait for a really long time. At least the queue is interesting. At 12:45 we have WON our race (I think it was the new tires Luigi put on), and are at Pacific Wharf having lunch. Consensus across the group is that the food is spicy. I liked it, but others couldn’t finish their meals and had to get pretzels, etc. to fortify themselves. Saw 16-year-old at lunch, he had been in Disneyland to start the day, and had ridden Indiana Jones first thing, and had FP Space Mountain.

    Ride Hemlich’s Chew Chew Train on the way out of DCA.

    Wife, daughter and younger son head over to Disneyland and it, as DCA had been, was INSANE. It was a VERY busy day in the park. Everything was a 30 min+ wait.

    We went staight to Space Mountain, because we have missed it in previous trips. We waited in line for maybe 30 min., and it got shut down. Bummed and tired, we left to take our midday break, a little later than we should have, roughly 3:30. Grabbed FP for Star Tours on the way out, return time 10 p.m. Rode the ART bus back to the Hampton on S. Harbor, and it was a nice little ride. Bus driver stopping to pick up lots of folks, at every shelter.

    Started out from hotel at about 5 p.m., planning to jump on the ART bus, and waited 15 min. at a shelter and saw two buses pass us without slowing down, so we started to walk. DS had a melt-down, and didn’t want to do anything but go back to our house. We stopped into IHOP for the best attitude-converting meal ever, and were back on our way. Walked the whole way. ART was no good GETTING to the park, great for getting back to hotel.

    Arrived back at Disneyland and it was already dark, maybe 5:30. Indiana Jones was our prime goal, and we got in the 120+ min line and then DS says he needs to go to bathroom. I take him, but he is not sure if he needs to go again or not. So we walk around Adventureland, and he goes to the bathroom again, and I buy a $7 LED chaser-light necklace to make it easier for me to find him or him to find me in the swarming crowds. Listen to two older teen girls talk about events that occured in the back seat of a car, in graphic detail. Not sure Walt would have approved.

    Too late to try and catch the rest of my family in line, son and I take a Jungle Cruise. Even it had a 25 min wait. We queued through the upstairs. Good cruise, but I was tired or didn’t feel funny or the rest of the people on the boat weren’t quick with a laugh. Good skipper, tough crowd. Son still enjoyed it.

    Went to New Orleans Square and looked around a little, and picked a place to watch Fantasmic from. It was maybe 7:10, and the show was at 8. Wife and daughter liked Indiana Jones, came to join us maybe 7:30.

    Wife and daughter sort of wanted to try and ride more (Big Thunder maybe), but convinced them to stay for Fantasmic, we have never seen it. We watched most of Fantasmic, and the effects were really cool, but rides were calling. We left before the show was over, and made the bonehead mistake of heading north, and got caught in the dreaded Critter Country dead end.

    Walked back through N.O. Square in time to feel the full force of the Fantasmic crowd, but made our way over to Tomorrowland as the 9 p.m. fireworks were starting. Had to wait for a break in the parade to get through the hub.

    Got to Space Mountain as fireworks were still going off in sky, and got so far into the porch that we could no longer see them. So, it was maybe a 30 min. wait for Space Mountain and even DS12 who gets nervous about rides, and was nervous beforehand, liked Space.

    Used the Star Tours Fast Passes, and my wife was the rebel spy. We got away from Darth Vader this time. Left the park at maybe 10:30. ART worked well back to hotel.

    So, a lot of time waiting in line, a satisfying day, but didn’t get to everything we wanted to:
    DCA: Soarin’, California Screamin’, Radiator Springs Racers, Chew Chew Train
    DL: Indiana Jones or Jungle Cruise, Fantasmic, Space Mountain, Star Tours

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