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Questions on a couple hotels please??

Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by GrumpyFamilyof5, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. GrumpyFamilyof5

    GrumpyFamilyof5 New Member

    We're on more of a budget this go around, so trying to find a nice but afforadable offsite hotel, Super 8 we've stayed at before have raised their prices and though it wasn't bad was really noisy being right behind the Publix,lol...so I've been looking at these hotels, a few bad reviews on Tripadvisor,but overall I guess seem ok, wanted to see if any of you have any opinion about them...
    Baymont Inn and Suites Kissimmee....Howard Johnson Lake Front Park...Super 8 Suites(Vine St)..another which is a little bit higher but I can get a decent Military rate for is the Best Western DTD...any info on these would be appreciated, the best rate is the Hojo,but I'm ify on that one...:confused3
    Thanks! I've been on here so much trying to figure it out driving me crazy lol:surfweb:
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  3. nepean

    nepean New Member

    We are staying at the Howard Johnson Lakefront Jan 6-27. Rates are excellent and hasv reputation as being very clean.
  4. christineann

    christineann New Member

    My sister and I took our daughters last year and stayed at the DTD Best Western. Loved it! Very clean/large rooms, extremely comfortable beds, attentive staff and convenient bus service. We plan to stay there again.
  5. goofyfigment

    goofyfigment New Member

    Stayed one night at comfort suites on 192 next to old town. Nice hotel we got it from hotels tonight for 49 dollars
  6. GrumpyFamilyof5

    GrumpyFamilyof5 New Member

  7. 4kids4karen

    4kids4karen New Member

    What is your price range. Gaylord Palms is a very nice resort and I always get a nice military rate there, often below $100. You have to call to get the military rate and it does vary by the time you visit. It's a better rate for me than paying for Shades of Green (military MWR resort on Disney property near Poly and MK).

    I have stayed at the DTD Wyndam resort with a military discount as well. It is right across the street from DTD. The lower/garden rooms are motel style and noisy, the tower rooms are quiter. Often they "upgrade" you from ground floor to tower if they have rooms available.

    When you call any resort in Orlando be sure to get the room price per night, then the resort fees, taxes, and parking fees (if you have a car) to get the real price. Some resorts will tell you a room is $89 per night but then add on additional fees.
  8. 4kids4karen

    4kids4karen New Member

    I see you are a family of 5. We are a family of 6. When we have stayed at Shades of Green, DD was so young we never claimed her (had annual passes to Disney). Shades of Green standard room sleeps 5, unlike other standard rooms that sleep 4.

    The Shades of Green standard room is two queen beds and a sofa sleeper with a single bed.
  9. GrumpyFamilyof5

    GrumpyFamilyof5 New Member

    4kids4karen: thanks, have looked into all the above, to much for us right now, guess it doesn't help we'll be there Presidents weekend. I really don't want to go over $75 a night, which seems to be hard anymore.
    I've actually found another that seems really nice if anyone has any input about it and that is the Clarion Lake Buena Vista??

    just wanted to add the oldest DS doesn't go anymore,just 4 of us.
  10. goodfood4ursoul

    goodfood4ursoul New Member

    We are paying $59 a night (plus tax) for a one bedroom suite at
    Orlando Courtyard Suites in Kissimmee- it's adjacent to All Star Movies resort, right on 192.


    We stayed there in October for 5 nights- king bed, jacuzzi tub, shower, full kitchen with stove, micro, dishwasher, granite counter tops, washer and dryer in a closet next to the bathroom, living room with sleeper sofa, free wifi, tv. :cool2:
    (They also have 1 bedroom suites with 2 queens, as well as 2 and 3 bedroom suites)

    Prices vary on time of year.
    Now the outside is nothing to look at- this is a budget suite hotel not a resort.
    There is an exercise room.
    I'm told there is a pool but I never saw it but I never went looking for it either.
    We have annual passes to Typhoon Lagoon and BB so we didn't waste our time on a hotel pool.
    We felt safe there and even caught part of the fireworks from both Epcot and MK from the parking lot one night. pixiedust:

    What was great was being able to keep our budget for food manageable.
    We spent $40 on breakfast and lunch items, ate breakfast in our suite, packed a small. soft cooler bag with water and healthy snacks and took it with us to the water parks.
    That enabled us to enjoy some nice dinners out while we were on vacation- guilt free.
    And 192 is chock full of restaurant options- very convenient to the parks and DTD as well. :goodvibes

    We found that it is a good fit for us.
    In spending less on food and accommodations we are able to visit more often! :yay:
    We'll be back on May 19... :love:
  11. GrumpyFamilyof5

    GrumpyFamilyof5 New Member

    wow thanks will look into that!!:thumbsup2
  12. 4kids4karen

    4kids4karen New Member

    I think any hotel you choose is fine as long as you don't go in expecting Disney standards. Unless there is a true safety concern or an unclean room, I think any place will work.

    We live in Tampa and my daughter has cheer competitions at the Silver Spurs arena in Kissimmee often and the parents get hotels near there at a good rate. I just plugged in dates (in expedia with the location as the Silver Spurs arena) around President weekend and a Howard Johnson rate was $30. Several other hotels were $40-75 range.
  13. 4kids4karen

    4kids4karen New Member

    As a military member I was overseas for 2 years, so my husband was Mr. Mom and Cheer dad (he is retired military now). I just asked him what hotels he heard the other mom's talking about the most last cheer season and he heard good reviews on "The Rose Inn"


    The website looks like nice pools, play area for the kids. I plugged in Feb 15-19 and was given a rate of $74.49.

    I never book via website. I always call and ask for a military discount, etc.
  14. 4kids4karen

    4kids4karen New Member

  15. GrumpyFamilyof5

    GrumpyFamilyof5 New Member

    thanks for all the info! DD just stayed at Rosen Inn while she was down there last month for Jr Beta, I looked into,very nice,she liked it,but it is so close to Universal...kinda want something closer to Disney...it is just a bummer that places I stayed at in the past have raised their prices so much or have went down hill... thinking of BW DTD or Clarion,both have decent Military rates!
  16. spiceycat

    spiceycat <font color=blue>Own at BWV, VWL and BLT<br><font

    if your BW DTD is this one


    check the address

    then would go with it. You are on Disney property. and although these buses are not WDW - they go back and forth to the parks every 30 minutes.

    you can walk to DD.

    if you get a tower room facing WDW - you can see the fireworks each night - these were offered at check in for like $10 more per room.

    so if they still do this - this is a bargin. (yea and I don't like heights)
  17. GrumpyFamilyof5

    GrumpyFamilyof5 New Member

    thanks, I've been really leaning towards it, not sure if they'd offer upgrade when we are getting the military discount already,but you never know! Not worried about the shuttles as we drive,but the walking to DTD sounds awesome as we love shopping there and we're trying out Earl of Sandwich this go around.
    I really appreciate all the input from everyone!:)
  18. GrumpyFamilyof5

    GrumpyFamilyof5 New Member

    spoke to soon, guess it is what I get for procrasinating....BW has raised their prices just since I looked yesterday?.. will continue to look and see what I can come up with...
  19. softballmom3

    softballmom3 New Member

    Try comfort suites main gate east in Kissimmee. It gets really good reviews and we almost stayed there once. They have their own website or you can go through the main comfort suites. We are a family of 5. Only didn't stay there cause we ended up onsite at pop :).
  20. JessB320

    JessB320 New Member

    With four of you, you may be able to stay in a one bedroom at wyndam bonnet creek. It will have a king size bed and then a queen size sofa sleeper. Also there is a kitchen and laundry in the room, I'm thinking you could rent points from someone for less than $75 a night, And you will basically be on Disney property.
  21. GrumpyFamilyof5

    GrumpyFamilyof5 New Member

    After much consideration,reading reviews over and over again, DH and I decided to fit a little more into the budget and have decided to stay at the Comfort Suites Maingate East! Overall it just seemed more comfortable, had great reviews and in a convienant location!
    Would like to thank you all for your suggestions and help!

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