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    I have 2 room ressies for October. We are a family of 6 driving down. 2 of my kids are staying in a room with my in laws who will be flying down. My family will get to Disney early morning and we plan to check in and head to a park first thing. Since my in laws won't be there until later in the day, will we be able to go ahead and check in for both rooms and get all of the tickets? Not sure if this makes sense, but it makes perfect sense in my head :)
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    You can check in for all guests and get all the tickets/room keys if all of the reservations are under your name.

    The actual rooms may or may not be ready at the time of your check-in, but the issued room "key-cards" will be
    such that they can be made to open the door(s) of the room(s) when they are made up and available.

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