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  1. SW-Ont-family-of-5

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    Apr 6, 2006
    We are planning a 10-12 night trip in early December of 2013. We will check in on the Sunday of the US Thanksgiving weekend. The first half of the trip will likely be at the Polynesian with dining plan and our park passes attached to the reservation. We will buy 10 day park passes to last the duration of the trip and are aware that our dining plan expires on midnight of our Poly check-out day.

    We are considering renting points for the second half of the trip. My questions are:
    (1) Are we crazy to think that the last 6 days can be split between AKL Villas and BC Villas?
    (2) Can we add the dining plan to a rental without purchasing additional park passes?

  2. twinboysmom

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    May 26, 2010
    1. No, but I would advise booking at the 11 month window and things will be more complicated because you need to either find an owner that has both of those resorts as home resorts and is willing to rent points from both or you need to work with 2 different owners. David's service might be easier in this situation

    2. Yes, the owner must add it for you, you pay the owner.
  3. Deb & Bill

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    Early December is difficult to book less than 11 months out. Especiall at the two resorts you will be booking. You need to be booking those in early January so get your member/broker in your pocket right now. However, staying in three resorts for a 10-12 day trip can be a bit nerve wracking. I'd stick with two resorts at the max. We usually just stay in one for the entire trip and we book 8-12 nights at a time.

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