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    I just completed the booking of our November Trip. Originally I had just booked our campsite at Fort Wilderness from Nov. 23 to Dec. 8 without any tickets or dinning. I was waiting to see what my DH's work said about him taking off two full weeks along with trying to decide how many days we were going to the parks and the meals we might want to eat.

    Our travel agent told us Disney only does a max of 14 night package and a max of 10-day Park Hopper Pass. She said she had to do the 15th night separate.

    We have the Deluxe Dinning - my question is will de get the meals for the 15th night or just for the 14 nights because of the package deal?

    I hope I am asking this correctly? It makes a difference in our dinning decisions if we get 15 nights vs. 14 nights.

    Thanks so much for the info.
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    Unless you're from the UK, you can book DDP for a maximum of 14 nights.

    If the 15th night is separate you will need another package, completely separate from the first 14 nights, in order to add a one-night dining plan to it. That would mean you'd need to purchase at least a 1 night ticket with it also, unless you're eligible for a ticketless package (AP or military).

    You should ask your travel agent if she booked the 15th night as a package with DDP.

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