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Question about DDP '13. What are the chances?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by KMarston, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. KMarston

    KMarston Mouseketeer

    Mar 24, 2009
    I should be planning Turkey Day Dinner and preparing for out of town guests but.... for some crazy reason my ADR's some 130 days away are buggin' the stew out of me. [I forced myself to call the meat market and bakery to place orders before I posted!]

    We made a quick decision to go for Easter this year 181 days out so I had a day to throw together potential ADR's and a touring plan since we are using the DDP for the first time. I got what I asked for eventually but I am second guessing myself.

    I have a Le Cellier for our first evening of EPCOT. The more I've read reviews and seen pics, I don't think that fillet would be an appetizer for my bottomless pit of a 15yo son. Probably not He has asked over and over if we will being doing Tepan Edo which he enjoyed thoroughly 3 years ago. Its not on the list yet. Do I take a chance and cancell and try for dinner at Tepan? I hate to end up with nothing. But it would save a TS that we could possibly use at the hotel Saturday night (providing they add it as well)

    I also have a Les Chefs for lunch on our last day but we will be having BOG for dinner. I think the kids might enjoy trying another spot maybe Tutto or Via Napoli as both kids love Italian. Again, though, its not on the list YET.

    What to do?

    Also, how do you go about changing dining reservations. Do I have to cancel one to get another for the same time of day?

    Thanks for any advice,

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  3. cajunprincess

    cajunprincess DIS Veteran

    Feb 26, 2009
    From the looks of it, Le Cellier is going to be 2 TS credits starting in 2013. So it's going to be a Signature all day, which means the meal would include an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Maybe that would fill up your DS? However, if he was anything like my brother at that age (and still now), he would eat all his food, mine, and my sister's leftovers. :eek: I really enjoyed Le Cellier when we went for lunch, but for me personally, if I'm doing the dining plan, it's not worth 2 TS credits.

    As far as the two Italian places, I can't give my personal experience, but they are on my list to try.

    When changing/adding reservations, I think you can't have an ADR overlapping within 2 hours on the same day. What that means is you can't book a dinner at one place for 5 and at 6:30. Someone else can probably clarify better because I'm not too sure how that works.

    But I know you can book the same restaurant as many days as you want. I typically try to book my new ADR and then cancel the other unless I run into the overlapping ressie issue then I go ahead and cancel.
  4. purple figment

    purple figment DIS Veteran

    Aug 17, 2009
    My responses in red.

    Also we've been to both Tutto and Via Napoli. If you want pizza, then go to Via Napoli. There are a few additional entrees, but it's main focus is pizza. On the DDP you can order the individual pizzas; you cannot combine credits to order the larger sizes. The pizzas are thin crust, however, and don't have a lot of topping. Via Nap also has an excellent large appetizer platter - Fritto Misto, but you would have to pay OOP on the regular DDP. The restaurant itself is light, bright, airy, but can be pretty noisy.

    Tutto also has very good entrees, including more pasta choices, but overall the dishes are heavier. No pizza, however.

    Service at both was very good.

    Sounds like you're planning dinner at Le Cellier. The filet is 8 oz and sounds like it wouldn't be enough for your son. While I like the filet, I like the 16 oz ribeye even more. I don't know if it would be enough for your son, but it's something to consider in place of the filet.
  5. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    Jun 22, 2001
    The restaurants you named are not on the list because they are not operated by Disney and will not be added until they renew their contracts next month. It is more than likely these restaurants will be on the list as of 1/1/13.

    Yes, if you want to book a new reservation at a different time or restaurant, you must cancel the old one. The online system will give you the option to cancel it if the reservations are at the same time and being made by the same person.
  6. KMarston

    KMarston Mouseketeer

    Mar 24, 2009
    Thank you all for the responses. I think I'm going to take my chances and make the changes to the ones not on the list yet. If they don't make it, we'll just have to get creative or go OOP. The more I think of using two TS for a venue that doesn't seem to be consistent the more I think I'd be better trying some things that we don't experience as much at home. Here goes nothing! :goodvibes

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