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  1. susienut1

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    Jan 31, 2013
    I was reading in the unofficial guide 2013 that there were several different ways of them letting you into the harry potter area based on crowd levels. They were saying that if it is really busy they would have the entrance blocked and would be giving you a pass/time to come back later.

    We are going during a busy time (easter week) and are not staying on property. We will be arriving before opening and going straight to Harry Potter.

    Is it likely they wouldn't let us in and tell us to come back later? If so that may affect our plan.

    I realize that the book was written a while ago and things may be different now.

  2. Bluer101

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    Jun 29, 2008
    If you are there at rope drop you should have no problem getting in. The only people there before you will be early entry and the people in line with you.
  3. damo

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    Since you are arriving before opening, I would say it is extremely unlikely. It happened this past Christmas break that eventually they had to start issuing return time tickets but that would not have been first thing in the morning.

    Watch the park opening times carefully. They will open at least 15 minutes early, so you want to be in line about half an hour before that. Also remember that it will take you a fair amount of time to get the car parked and walk from the parking garage to IOA.

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