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Pricing Info?

Discussion in 'Adventures By Disney' started by experiment_627, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. experiment_627

    experiment_627 Mouseketeer

    I know this is probably a stupid question, but I am confused by the pricing listed on the ABD site. The double rate...is that the entire cost for 2 people?

    It would just be DH and I going.

    We just returned from WDW last night and are already planning our next trip, so I think my brain is just a little fried and need some help. :blush:
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  3. Stepht5

    Stepht5 Just trying to make it to our next Disney vacation

    Cost per person. HTH!
  4. DisneyKevin

    DisneyKevin <font color=blue>Kelvis<br><font color=purple>Abov Moderator

    Hi Experiment_627

    The cost for a double is per person based on double occupancy.

    This is the same for a triple based on 3 travelers and a quad based on 4 travelers.

    I just recently went on the Viva Italia ABD and loved it.

    If there is any way I can help, you can reach me at ABD@wdwinfo.com.

    I'll be happy to help in any way I can.

    You can also reach me at Kevin@DreamsUnlimitedTravel.com

  5. experiment_627

    experiment_627 Mouseketeer


    After a good night's sleep it makes perfect sense to me now. I don't know why I was having such a hard time with it last night, so I certainly appreciate your help!!

  6. WebmasterJohn

    WebmasterJohn <font color= red>Genius <br><font color=teal><marq Administrator

    A great way to check pricing is to use our no-obligation price calculator located here....

    ABD Price Calculator


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