Pre-Trip Report(32) - Car vs. ME

Discussion in 'DVC Trip Reports' started by DVC_Dreamer, May 14, 2012.

  1. DVC_Dreamer

    DVC_Dreamer If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remembe

    Dec 29, 2010
    Pre-Trip Report - 32 days to go before our split stay at BLT and BWV in a two bedroom suite.

    It's a no-brainer decision this coming trip. Car vs. Magical Express was debated during our last August trip. We had reserved a car for part of our trip and we canceled it. We used bus transportation on our very first trip back in 2001. We drove to WDW in our own car in 2002. The convenience of a car vs. buses spoiled us. ME has changed my mind.

    By dvc_dreamer at 2011-08-16

    Why we'll use ME on this trip:
    1. High cost of rental cars - We used to get some good deals. Last year the cost really went up.
    2. ME is awesome - Couldn't believe how convenient the service turned out to be. Only one other stop at Poly and then right over to BLT. Our bags were in the room when we checked in just as promised.
    3. We have 8 in our party flying in this trip - We'd need a bus or two cars.
    4. Split-stay at two resorts within walking distance to 3 parks - We'll only need to take bus to AK. If we do one day at Universal, that may be a challenge.

    We received our ME passes on Saturday in the mail. DW says we have our going but not our coming back. Does this mean I'm stuck at WDW? Hope I can find work. :rotfl2:
    She'll follow up, I'm sure.

    Anybody still renting cars these days?
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  3. Kidanifan08

    Kidanifan08 DIS Veteran

    Feb 22, 2011
    We have been doing the car debate for our trip in two weeks. We have eight, as well, so even a minivan is not big enough (legally). I looked today, and I could get a minivan for 7 days for under $200, if I picked it up at MCO.

    We love DME! I would miss taking DME if I picked up a car at MCO. The self-park lot at BWV is really far from the front entrance -- it almost feels as long as the walk to the IG! We had a car for our last visit, and it was nice for getting to AK and Sanaa for dinner, but it really was not needed for the rest of the week (other than the beer run!).

    Regarding the DME passes, it seems to be normal to get two separate mailings when doing a split stay. This has happened to us with the March trip (BWV/GF) and with our upcoming AKV/BLT stay. I think about 4 days passed between the mailings this time. The weird part is that the second booklet had one of the kids names as the lead for the reservation. Whatever!
  4. cheerdad

    cheerdad Earning My Ears

    Apr 21, 2010
    I always rent a car. With me it's a control thing, although we do use the boats from VWL and the monorail. Just got a rental for 6/9-6/16 with National using the Emerald club for $140.00 all in on a mid size car but you never know what will be in the Emerald Isle
  5. CdnKayDee

    CdnKayDee Kim & Danelle

    Jan 18, 2009
    We are minivan renters now. I will miss the Magical Express ride for the first time this summer since we are getting the minivan at MCO. Renting for us just gives us freedom and we usually do 2weeks for our trips. This summer is 4 weeks and our minivan is 1053 with taxes so that's pretty good.
    Of course I am not knocking not renting. I have done WDW many times without a rental and loved each trip. I can say for sure that not renting and just relying on Disney Transportation does add another level of care free vacationing .
  6. DVC_Dreamer

    DVC_Dreamer If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remembe

    Dec 29, 2010
    I thought I heard someone say the car rentals have come down in price. Looks like you got a good deal. We've also used National and the Emerald Club in the past. I don't rule it out in the future.

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