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Port Orleans Riverside Q&A Thread 2013, Part Three (NOW CLOSED, see 2014 thread)

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by andrewilley, Sep 15, 2013.

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    1GR8DISNEYFAN Member

    I really love reading this thread, it gets me so excited for our stay in November. This will be our first stay at POR, I have put in a request for Magnolia Terrace, we are booked for a garden view. Just wondering what is the best floor to be on, or if it really makes any difference.
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  3. littlelovebug

    littlelovebug Member

    We arrived at POR today, and even though the rain was quite a bummer, we've had lots of pixie dust! When we arrived at POR, a super friendly CM informed me that not only were our fax requests met (Top floor, Alligator Bayou, close to main building, with a fridge), we were upgraded to a preferred room (booked standard) in Building 14, and it's a corner room! I was literally giggling and jumping up and down with glee as I walked away from the counter! Lots of other magical moments, but I'm ready to get some zzzzzzzzz's! Thanks again to Andre, Venom and all the other people who contribute to this thread!
  4. Mom2Cody06

    Mom2Cody06 Mouseketeer

    Sent my fax in today for our upcoming stay. We leave on Friday and will be checking in on Sunday! I'm so excited I can barely sleep. Hoping for a mansion building but also told them a first floor room in Alligator Bayou would make us just as happy. Have to finish the window decorations as a surprise for my birthday kid. Looking forward to being at our fave resort in a few days
  5. mrsmomo

    mrsmomo Mouseketeer

    Were checking in Sunday to! I guess I should get on that fax request!
  6. Rainy29

    Rainy29 Earning My Ears

    I plan on decorating for my niece and nephews b-day for the first half of the trip then decorate for Halloween after that. I wonder if they make Birthday window clings?
  7. Patrickprincess

    Patrickprincess HAVE A MAGICAL DAY

    I leave for port Orleans Riverside in 12 hours and will arrive early tomorrow morning.
  8. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    Many people prefer the upper floors as there is no one above you to be heavy-footed on your ceiling. But not so good if you have any mobility issues of course.

  9. CBDisney77

    CBDisney77 Earning My Ears

    We are 16 days out as well!! This will be our 6th trip with our DD4 but our first stay at POR.
    Your girls will have a great time. One recommendation I would have is to pre-order disney photopass and stop at as many photographers as you can during your stay to capture all the great memories of your girls first trip! Also, if you are going to the Halloween party while you are there, I recommend dressing up :) it makes the party so much fun and you can get some great pictures. Hope your girls have a blast! I know it's been hard keeping the Disney secret.
  10. nat1234

    nat1234 Member

    We check in Sunday as well. Looks like Sunday will be busy. Just got an email from Disney telling me our magic bands will be waiting for us when we arrive. One more shift today at work and we leave in the morning.:)
  11. alwaysdisney

    alwaysdisney Member

    We are checking into the French Quarter on Wednesday. We are so excited.
  12. littlelovebug

    littlelovebug Member

    I posted last night about all the pixie dust we've been receiving...and then I found out my best friend's cellphone chargers were stolen from her room in Acadian House. I feel awful!! She went to the front desk last night and was told that they would provide new chargers if they didn't "show up" by this morning...
  13. Venomhatch

    Venomhatch <font color=red>DisDads #708<br><font color=royalb

    That is absolutely weird. The charger cords... Dang I leave mine out in the open all the time, and never had a problem. I wonder if mousekeeping left the door propped and someone else helped themselves. I know they have propped one door and was cleaning the room next door at the same time. I have seen this first hand, a lot actually. I just hang the sign do not disturb on the door and they leave everything you need in a bag hanging on the door and if its not there when you return you can call down and they will send you another batch of fresh supplies. That way no one enters your room at all the entire time. Down side to this is no Towel Animals!

    Sounds like we have to retrain mousekeeping.


    We had a similar experience at POR last year...only slightly different. We were gone for the entire day (went to Universal). While we were gone, they changed our room over to the RFID lock. Fine, we understand the need to come in and make some changes. However, when we returned home at about 8:00 at night, our door was propped open. We have no idea how long it was like this?! Called the front desk and they apologized but that was all. There was nothing taken, but the people doing these various things need to be more cautious. On the other hand, on our first day there when we left in the am, I left the room safe wide open. It contained a kindle, ipods, jewelry, and about $2000+ in Disney gift cards/cash. I think I was so excited to be there it just slipped my mind. I always lock it and have the key in my park bag! Anyway, by the time I noticed we were gone for quite a while. When we got back to the room, everything was as we left it. So, we were fortunate to have an honest housekeeper. Sadly, it is not always the case.
  15. Venomhatch

    Venomhatch <font color=red>DisDads #708<br><font color=royalb

    Wow very fortunate, indeed! You are the first I have heard about the RFID incident. That is nuts!
  16. TooBoyz4us

    TooBoyz4us <font color=red>Run! The Tag Fairies are everywhe

    pixiedust: Yay!!!! Wishing you a MAGICAL vacation !!! pixiedust:
  17. TooBoyz4us

    TooBoyz4us <font color=red>Run! The Tag Fairies are everywhe

    Yahoooooooooooo!!! I hope the day flies by for you!
  18. TooBoyz4us

    TooBoyz4us <font color=red>Run! The Tag Fairies are everywhe

    Just had to share my excitement this morning...........

    Made the final payment on our package this morning, so we are OFFICIALLY,OFFICIAL!!!
    Were going to Disney World !!!!!!

    (I was supposed to pay it off yesterday, but due to a deposit that didn't show up like it was supposed to :scared:, I had to wait and pay this morning. I was so nervous all night, that I got up and was calling Disney at 7:01 am this morning :rotfl2:)
  19. KonaKaiTom

    KonaKaiTom Mouseketeer

    One of my co-workers brought his DDs last year for their first trip to DW. They were 3 and 6 at the time. Instead of going to the MK the first day, he and his wife decided to bring them to EPCOT for their first day. Their thought was that MK would be so overwhelming that the girls would be too stimulated the first day, and, by comparison, if they saw MK first they would think EPCOT was completely boring and lame. So, the fibbed to the girls and told them that MK was closed for cleaning that day and off they went to EPCOT. The girls loved all the rides, and exploring the countries and character spots. The next day when they went to the newly cleaned MK, they had a wonderful time. He says he would definitely bring little ones to EPCOT first.

  20. DonaldDuck77

    DonaldDuck77 Member

    Me too :banana:

    Now just have to get MDE worked out for my in laws and hope MB and FP+ magically appear soon.
  21. katielafave

    katielafave Member

    Interesting. We are doing MK the first day, it is the most recommended park for the day and I don't want to spend a whole day answering "where is the castle?". We are doing 6 park days - 3 will be MK.
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