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  1. MassFamily

    MassFamily New Member

    We are getting ready to plan our second trip to WDW, for next May. We went in 2010, stayed at POR Aligator Bayou, and loved it. The pool was fantastic, the food court and sit down restaurant were convenient and we liked taking the boats to Downtown Disney.

    We don't want to have an identical trip, and are thinking about staying somwhere else. We want a moderate, but my wife stayed at CBR and did not like it there.

    So we are thinking about CSR but have a few concerns. Is the place crawling wtih convention people? Is the pool as nice as POR? There is a lot of shade at POR pool, but does not look like as much at CSR.

    I assume the Quick Service will be similar, and have stations with different foods. Maya Grill does not look as quaint as Boatwrights.

    How are the rooms at CSR? I think all the rooms at POR have been updated now in the mansions and AB, and they look pretty welcoming and comfortable. Are the rooms at CSR similar.

    I guess most ammenities will be similar across the moderate resorts, so I guess we are just concerned about conventioneers and coziness.

    Looking for help from people who have stayed at both, and any thoughts are appreciated.

    Thank you.
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  3. vicki's mom

    vicki's mom New Member

    We have stayed at CSR for the past six years and always enjoy it as it is a lovely resort. We go in August and have never had a problem with too many convention people. Only reason we are not going back this year is because we could not get reservations. Trying POFQ. FYI, the rooms at CSR closest to restaurants are the Casitas and the Cabanas.
  4. maxiesmom

    maxiesmom <font color=darkorchid>The Mean Squinty Eye Works

    I have stayed at both multiple times. I love POR, but CSR is a great resort too. :goodvibes

    The pool area is as nice if not nicer than the one at POR. The area is bigger, and the slide is longer. Plus the hot tub is larger.

    When we stayed at CSR we only saw conventioneers when we would go to the restaurant. They don't intrude on the Disney feel of the resort. In fact, it is kind of a bonus that CSR is a convention resort, you have fewer people on the park buses because of it.:)

    The rooms at CSR were redone too in the not so distant past. And look very upscale. They also have a door the sections off the sink area from the rest of the room, instead of a curtain.

    And CSR is the only moderate resort that has a fitness center. :thumbsup2
  5. MassFamily

    MassFamily New Member

    Thanks VM, you will like POFQ, very nice architecture, and feels homey.
  6. MassFamily

    MassFamily New Member

    Thanks MM, this is just the kind of information we are looking for. We are not around the resort too much, but we do plan a day or two of chilling out there so we want to be confortable and this gives me just what I need to make my decsion.
  7. MassFamily

    MassFamily New Member

    Although we have some feedback that pretty much made our decision, we would love to hear from others. Thanks.
  8. nkereina

    nkereina Wendy Darling

    We have stayed at POR twice and will be staying at CSR for the first time in November. We had the same concerns as you, so I've done a lot of research.

    My biggest concern in making "the switch" is the food court. We love the POR food court and ate their almost every morning, sometimes twice a day. CSR has the Pepper Market as their food court which is a strange concept to me. You are met and seated by a hostess - which is nice, so you don't have to hunt for a seat in the morning. Then, a server comes up and gets your drinks and gives you a card to take around to the stations. The server then gives you a bill at the end and you are expected to tip, which I am not fond of. Even though it may not be as convenient as the POR food court, I have heard that the food is good and the portions are large.

    MADnNOLA New Member

    It is not expected, a 10% tip is added to your check. This is a tip for the host and for the server for the drink service and clearing dirty dishes. I myself think this is nice as most buffets (I know PM is not a buffet, but similar in service) people usually tip 10% or more for this service. :thumbsup2
  10. kellymarch

    kellymarch New Member

    I really do/did not think the tipping situation is clearly communicated to guests at the Pepper Market at all. Reading here before our trip 2 weeks ago I expected to tip 10% or so for the cafeteria/food court style of this quick-service restaurant. We were unpleasantly surprised to see the recommended 18-20% tipping suggestion on our bills at each meal there (usually breakfasts for us). No hostess or server EVER indicated anything outside of this arrangement was the norm or the expectation. We were on the dining plan this trip & breakfast was usually around $40 or so for the 4 of us.
  11. MassFamily

    MassFamily New Member

    Wow, tipping required at a quick serve!? Different than POR. But I guess if I know about it now, and factor it into my decision, then I guess I won't be able to complain about it. That is a disappointing arrangement, because we are trying to save by eating at QS, but then getting 10 - 20 percent added to the bill. I don't think it will be enough to change the decision. But, last time, we had breakfast in our room most days because my MIL lived in FL and brought groceries. Won't be able to do that again. $40 for breakfast is a lot though.

  12. maxiesmom

    maxiesmom <font color=darkorchid>The Mean Squinty Eye Works

    Or you can do what we do and get our food To Go. They will happily box up whatever you want, and then no tip is needed. They will give you a check as they always do, you go and pick out your food and tell them it is To Go. They put it in a box, and you go check out. Easy!

    Just to be clear, we did not do this to avoid paying the tip. We did it because a member of our family had a rough start to the trip, so we chose to eat together in the room.
  13. MassFamily

    MassFamily New Member

    Thanks MM, sounds like a good plan when you are trying to get kids out for line drop, or if you want to eat out by the pool.
  14. nkereina

    nkereina Wendy Darling

    Not to get into a tipping debate, but an 18-20% tip in a TS restaurant is warranted since someone is bringing your food. At Pepper Market or a buffet, I am doing all the work. They just bring drinks which frankly is easier than taking orders, entering orders, and running food. 10% is more than adequate at Pepper Market and it's asinine that its automatic there. Look like I'll be getting it to go.
  15. JeanetteK

    JeanetteK New Member

    My husband and I stayed at CSR last year (our first visit ever) and we absolutely loved the resort. We were in the Cabanas section, so very close to Dig Site Pool and not very far at all from the restaurants, etc. Beautiful resort and we will definitely stay there again. The room was very nice, didn't really have any trouble with the Wi-Fi, and housekeeping was great. Bus service was awesome -- only had to stand once I think. Conventioneers weren't even an issue really. The quite pools were amazing -- hardly anyone was there.

    This year, we decided -- after MUCH deliberation -- to try POR. I'm hoping we love it just as much as CSR. I hear the food court at POR is really good and the boat to DTD was a seller for us too.

    If you choose CSR, I do not think you will be disappointed. Hope you have a wonderful trip pixiedust:
  16. MassFamily

    MassFamily New Member

    Thanks Jeannette! It seems like a lot of our concerns are nothing to worry about.

    You will like POR, the boat to DTD is a great advantage, being able to go out and have all that available without trying to figure out bus schedules is huge. We went there a couple times by boat.

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