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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by kccne, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. kccne

    kccne Member

    We have been looking at staying at POR, but I've kinda gotten interested in POP, it will only be about a 300 price difference, With the 3 boys will there be enough for them to do around POP? I did really want to do the late night boat ride to DTD. So I'm stuck
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  3. jude&jonah

    jude&jonah Member

    I stayed at Pop for one night about 6 years ago and after staying at all deluxes and moderates years before that- I personally felt a difference. Granted- I think it was kind of a fun hotel- but I could tell the entire time that I was there that is was definitely a value hotel. Felt much much more economical to me- which snobbily enough- just wasn't my style.

    For someone who doesn't mind that tho- I think it's a great place! I just like a bit more vegetation, less in your face theming, more ornate pools, etc.
  4. catra121

    catra121 Active Member

    It's up to you really and depends on what you would do with that money. I think there's plenty to do around the resort at Pop. Lots of places to play, run, swim, etc. There's an arcade. They have movies at night I think and dance parties during the day (if that's your thing).

    Also keep in mind that they could hop across the bridge to AoA and explore the areas of that resort outside (though not use the pools as I understand it). Still...it's more areas to explore and enjoy.

    I really loved POR but I also really loved Pop. And for me...I can think of lots to do with that $300 besides spending it on the resort. But then...I would still spend it on the vacation just on different stuff. ;)
  5. Chrislyn11

    Chrislyn11 Member

    We loved POP on our first trip. I thought it was really fun for kids! Now debating POR too....

  6. reddfrogg

    reddfrogg Member

    Love Port Orleans in general!!! Both sides!! Pop is good if you just want a room, POR is just that much better!! I've stayed at both, but probably won't stay at Pop again (just how we feel)!!
  7. kccne

    kccne Member

    I'm stuck here honestly. We dont go on vacation very often. And don't want to feel like I shorted myself. Think I am just going to stick with the Riverside, seems to be more extras.
  8. chimilady

    chimilady Active Member

    My 1st stay was at Pop, my 2nd stay was in POR (Royal Room). My family absolutely prefers Pop, it's more fun, seems that everything is closer, and a whole lot less bugs and flying frogs. Plus, POR is a huge resort and shares busses with POFQ and makes multiple stops at POR, so it's always crowded. Where Pop doesn't share at all. And Pop is walking distance to Art of animation, so you still have the benefit of being able to take advantage of 2 food courts like you do at POR.
  9. macadoo

    macadoo Member

    Flying frogs :eek:::eek:. Staying at POR for first time in August :scared1::scared1:
  10. minnie mum

    minnie mum Unapologetic Disney Fan(atic)

    There are 5 of you? Is the youngest child 3 yrs or older? I couldn't tell from your signature. If so, you would be over the limit for a Pop room anyway. Looks like you'll be getting an AB room if you go with POR.
  11. Paradise18

    Paradise18 Active Member

    This is how we feel too. We love the food court at POR. The grounds are much nicer as well. We are heading back to POR in August and can't wait.
  12. kccne

    kccne Member

    Yes the youngest is only 2,
  13. RedsDrew

    RedsDrew Member

    I have stayed at POP and POR. I stayed at POR first and then POP the following year. I came to the conclusion that although POP was full of whismical fun, I would never stay value again. I say this not because I'm a hotel snob, (I'm more of a plain Joe when it comes to hotels), but because I hated standing in the elements for a Bus.

    POP has bus stop queues made of chains and poles while POR has sheltered bus stops. If it's raining or sunny, the uncovered bus stops can be problematic - especially if buses are running later than anticipated which as we all know can happen at any time.

    Another factor is that I dislike it that Disney caps charging priveledges differently, based upon the price of your accomodations. I budgeted over $2000.00 in spending money for tips, souvenirs, and various Disney related expenses including lots of EPCOT adult extras, and my Key to the World card declined at the POTC gift shop unexpectedly midway through my trip. I was pretty embarassed when the people in line behind me overheard the conversation. The cast member at the shop had me call the front desk and ask them to bill my card on file so I could resume charging priveledges because I hit the Disney maximum of $1000.00. At least all was fine thereafter but no one - even at the time of check-in - made me aware of this policy. It felt like discrimination because I purposely got cheaper accomodations that specific trip to have more spending money - not mention I went four times in one year. Now I always stay at POR or POFQ or at AKL because I like to spend money without getting "approval." If they're that concerned someone's card will decline, they should just ask each guest for a personalized budget amount, much like a bank asks when you want to be notified of a certain account balance. Generate a text message or email or shut the card off when I spend that amount. And now I'm off my soap box... hopefully my input helps. Sorry for getting off task. I tend to get off - hey look at that squirell!!!!!!
  14. JimGA

    JimGA Active Member

    I would go with Port Orleans; great pool, beautiful resort and the boat down to DTD is a very nice touch. Also, you have a short walk to the French Quarter and you can enjoy their pool as well as being a guest at POR/ So two different pools to enjoy and food courts.
  15. SweetMissy

    SweetMissy Active Member

  16. reddfrogg

    reddfrogg Member

    I think he is just talking about his room key ( you can charge upto a certain amount depending on the resort level)
  17. twinboysmom

    twinboysmom Active Member

  18. SweetMissy

    SweetMissy Active Member

    We've stayed at Pop twice and love it. We've never thought about staying at anything but a value because why pay more to sleep? However, with the spring discount it made us look into a mod and we're looking into staying at POR this spring. I've seen pics and watched videos and POR looks amazing BUT boring for the kids. I'm all about making it more fun for the kids...hence one of the reasons we stay at the values. They're more disney themed compared to all the other resorts and the pools are more fun. I'm just going by my own experience at Pop and Movies and by looking at pics/videos of other resorts. It's a hard decision!
  19. SweetMissy

    SweetMissy Active Member

  20. reddfrogg

    reddfrogg Member

    Your kids will love it!!!!! it's qwesome for the whole family!! and yes yo just pay at the end, it's only on the cards you choose to have this option. so the kids can't charge you up!!!:lmao::lmao::lmao:
  21. alc571

    alc571 Active Member

    I can only comment on POR. We stayed there in October and it was amazing. We took a drive to see the new AoA because we were originally going to stay there, and I'm so glad we didn't. PoR is a resort compared to AoA being a hotel. The grounds are amazing and tranquil. From what I understand, the rooms are larger - two sinks, queen beds. The queen beds alone won over double beds. We are staying at PoR again this year, and I don't think we will ever stay anywhere else. And the boat to DTD is so much fun. I think we used it 5-6 times.

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