Please note DVC Planning Board name change!!

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by WebmasterDoc, Sep 4, 2005.

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    Please note the name change for the DVC Planning Board.

    The DVC Board will remain as the appropriate forum to post questions/comments about joining DVC and making the purchase - either direct from Disney or thru a resale broker. Questions and discussion about renting DVC reservations from a member are appropriate for the DVC Board as are any discussion about DVC programs and policies. Questions and comments about annual fees, purchase incentives, DVC resorts and rooms are also best posed on the DVC Forum.

    The DVC Rent/Trade Board is the proper place to post offers to rent or requests to rent. Think of that board as a "classified ad" area for the site. Discussion is not appropriate there and will be removed. Rental discussion is appropriate on the DVC Forum.

    The DVC Planning Board is the place for posts involved with planning a DVC vacation. This will include Trip Reports, grocery questions, meal planning in villas, comparison of ticket media, rumors and speculation about possible new DVC resorts, congratulations for DVC purchases and add-on, countdowns for upcoming trips, ME, opinions regarding best resort, best decor, pool hopping, views, speculation/discussion about systems used by DVC and MS and many other similar DVC related-topics. If a discussion involves most any component of planning a trip to a DVC resort or option.

    We will allow limited leeway for non-DVC topics and will try to move some discussion to more appropriate locations on the DIS. Questions about restaurants may end up on the DIS Restaurant Forum, questions about tramsportation may be moved to the DIS Transportation Board and topics not fitting any of the Disney related forums may wind up on the DIS Community Board (even if it has indicated a desire to include the opinion of DVC members).

    The real intent of the DVC Planning Board is to compliment the DVC Forum by augmenting the variety of questions and comments unique to the DVC experience. Here, members may share their experiences with the reservation system, resort experiences and tips to assist others enjoy their next DVC stay. The spirit of community is certainly welcome here and should be an integral component of mutual sharing of experiences. The DIS also supports a Community Board for the site, where discussion of non-Disney topics is welcome. We encourage the utilization of that board for posts off-topic for this forum or any of our other Disney related boards.

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