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Please let me take a nap..UPD 10/13/13- TR w/DH(folded in)

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by Toria, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. pooksma

    pooksma <font color=red>Can't help it~there is something a

    Yay!!!! :thumbsup2

    DH says thanks for the info on the Cabanas. Crab legs made him very happy!:goodvibes
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  3. Toria

    Toria Mouseketeer

    I did not ask about it. I did not see the host for sometime and by the time I saw him I had forgot.
    Tell DH that I said you're welcome. Also if you or your DH like Turkey legs they will serve them along with other food in Cabanas on Pirate night. They go quick and you should get as soon as they open. If you have late dinner you may be to stuffed to eat anything else. Have a blast on your cruise!
  4. Toria

    Toria Mouseketeer

    After we checked out the stateroom we headed to the kids club. We got DD armband and walked through the club again. DD seemed more excited this time around about the clubs. After that we headed to the Vibe. For some reason my DS who is only 12 thought that he would be hanging out there. I quickly deflated his lil balloon. After some pouting we left there and headed to the Edge. So was happy about being able to hang out there( made me waste some of my anger on that pouting session he had). We then headed to the shops.

    The Christmas decorations on the ship were beautiful.
    My daughter just knew that she was going to get some serious shopping done. HAHAHA joke was on her but she would not find this out until the last day of the cruise. I say this because when we were at DTD, I told her that she would not get anything on the ship, if she brought something at DTD. The answer I got was OK I really want this stuffed animal. After our sloooooow walk by the shops we headed back up to the room to wait on the annoucement of the Lifeboat Drill. On our first cruise DD lost it completely when they sounded that horn. You would have sworn that the horn was in the room by her reaction. I tried to prepare her again for the drill and it worked only a little bit. No run and dive for cover from her, but she still cried a little. We made our way to deck four with the rest of the cattle and stood there while they tried to find the missing cabins. After 20 mins or so the drill was over and we headed up the Sail Away party. The last cruise DH and I skipped it all together. I must say that DD and I enjoyed it. My daughter is extremely shy, so for me to see her dancing made me all warm and happy inside. Meanwhile, my stick in the mud of a son just stood there looking like we were at ironing board convention or something. He was just ready to get to the clubs. Well we danced and enjoyed the show. It was now time to head to the room to get ready for dinner. We had early dining and I must say that I like it that way. So future cruises will be early dining for us. All dressed we headed to dinner with a table number of 66. This turned out to be a great table number in 2 of the restaurants. The first night was Enchanted Garden. Our table was in the middle of the room, by the large round table. When we walked up to the table; I noticed a woman and her daughter and a man and his daughter(for the moment anyway). We sat down and said our hellos to everyone. The servers came up and addressed everyone by their name. Our servers were wonderful, but to have them for 7 nights I would have gained 15 pounds. They kept bring us Creme Brule. I for the life of me can't remember what I ate this night, but DS had 2 plates of the Salmon and DD had Mac and cheese. Our tablemates was impressed that he could put away that much food. The other guy felt pressured to eat all his food, LOL! About 30 minutes into dinner we started discussing where we were all from. We were all from Florida, Orlando, St. Petersburg and Northwest Florida. The lady with the daugther asked the guy with the girl how old his daughter was. ARKWARD MOMENT approaching in 5,4,3,2,1... He said, "This is my girlfriend" :rotfl2:
    What happen next do you ask? Well the ER is calling me so it has to wait(hopefully not long).
  5. jhowell08

    jhowell08 Earning My Ears

    I would have died when that question came out. LoL
  6. Time4disney

    Time4disney Member

    I am enjoying your trip report. Thanks for taking the time to write it and share it with us.

    Here's one thing I would like to share with you as far as the lifeboat drill goes. We always head to our assigned station a few minutes before they start the drill. This way you are ahead of the crowd. You still have to deal with the noise, but at least you are already at your destination.
  7. Toria

    Toria Mouseketeer

    The look on his face was priceless and his girlfriend started laughing.

    We will definitely do that next time. For some crazy reason I thought that you were to be in your room when the horn sounded. I guess you can be anywhere on the boat when it starts to go asunder, LOL! Thanks for the tip.
  8. Luv2Diz

    Luv2Diz We love the Wonder and Magic of Disney cruising!

    Fun TR! Can't you tell the ER to quit bothering you? You do have people waiting for more TR updates after all! :rolleyes1
  9. Toria

    Toria Mouseketeer

    :lmao: I would so love to say that with my OUTSIDE voice instead of my INSIDE voice. Thanks for reading along.
  10. Toria

    Toria Mouseketeer

    I last left off with the arkward moment at dinner. Let's just say that the lady was highly embarrased. After a good laugh from all of us I told the guy that I thought the same thing. I also told them when I am unaware of a situation I will just sit back and observe. Glad that I kept it to myself. After DS sped through the main course he made a bee line to the Edge. DD wanted to go and see the show so that is where we headed. After the show she wanted to go to the kids club, so I dropped her off there. Since I did not have DH there to harass I went back to the room and watched the Bourne Supremacy. Watched it for about and hour then decided to go and pick up DD. She was ready to go when I got there. We then headed back to the room to shower and call it a night. I did not fall asleep, because DS was still at the Edge. He came in at 12:00 am. That is the time that the Edge closes. He knows that he is to come straight to the room once the club closes. We did stay in contact, because I allowed him to take one of the phones. I grilled him about not losing it. We all slept like babies and we were parked already at Nassau by the time we woke up. It was 9:30 by the time we got out of the room. We headed to Cabanas for breakfast;which by the way we all love. For some reason the scrambled eggs were delicious.
    It had to have some type of seasoning on them. We ate Mickey pancakes, sausage, potatoes and topped it off with a doughnut or 2 ;). Today we had no specific plans, but I did want to take the kids to the straw market. My lil shopper was all for that not DS so much. Before we got off the ship we went to the pool since it was warmer. DD and DS played around for a bit and rode the Aquaduck. I also rode the Aquaduck and it would be the only time that I would ride it this trip. We stayed there for about 2 hours DS would switch between the pool and hot tub. I am surprised that thing did not overflow by the amount of kids in it. After 2 hours we headed back to the cabin to shower. My 2 fussed about who was going to shower first. It went like this, DS to DD you brushed your teeth first this morning so I get to shower first, DD to DS you showered first last night... they went back and forth a couple of times before mommy came unglued (will add pics and finish tomorrow, ER is calling sorry).

  11. perfectmatch300

    perfectmatch300 <font color=blue>United We Stand<br><font color=de

    Thanks for a great TR Toria. I am enjoying following along. Darn, that er keeps calling you!
  12. Toria

    Toria Mouseketeer

    Welcome aboard! I blame it on this bad strand of Flu going around.
  13. Toria

    Toria Mouseketeer

    I stopped where had come unglued on my two lil people for arguing over the which on of them would shower first. After some harsh mumbling, hands on hips and crazy eyes from mommy they decided to promptly stop arguing. After everyone was showered DS headed off to the kids clubs. DD and I went into Nassau for awhile.
    The stop was to a Cyber cafe to call DH in Washington D.C.
    The charge was .50 a minute which I thought was great. DD and I got to talk and briefly talk about the rocky ride over. OMG!!! I can't believe that I left that out of the first night update. The seas were rough and the boat was rocking a lil too bit for my liking. DD could not even finish her dinner(she stated at dinner that she felt crazy because of the ship rocking :rotfl2:). I had on these 5 inch heels and all I could concentrate on was not falling and breaking an ankle. It was funny to see people to to walk straight and just drift to the right or left. I thought the stabilizers were off, because that is just how bad it was. After DD and I left the cafe, I was on a mission for Chanel earrings(not knock offs either). None of the Jewelry stores carried them. Bummer that was the whole reason besides calling DH. DD wanted to shop so we stopped by the Straw Market.
    She slowly picked out a wooden snake that I was not keen on her buying. I am terribly afraid of snakes and I will run from a dead one. There are also ladies standing outside of the market asking if you are looking for purses. They are not allowed to sale them on the inside anymore. After that we headed back to the ship so that DD could go to the kids club. I went back to the room to drop off her snake and I sat on deck 4 for awhile and read a little of my book. DS was running around enjoying himself like he always does. I HAVE MORE PICS TO ADD, BUT PHOTOBUCKET IS ACTING CRAZY!
  14. Toria

    Toria Mouseketeer

    After I read my book for about an hour it was time to go DD for lunch. We once again headed to Cabanas. It never really seemed crowded, but it is always hard to find a table near the windows. We chowed down on the shrimp, mussels, mac&cheese, fried rice and dessert. After lunch we were off to find a character or 2.
    Miss Daisy was just strolling by, but she did stop and give DD a big hug.
    She was happy to get the picture with Mickey, so we headed back to the room. She wanted to check the FE and I wanted a NAP.
    She let me NAP about an hour while she watched some cartoons and played with some things she got from the FE. She wanted to go back to the kids clubs to do a Science project, so off we went. She has really wanted to visit the kids clubs more this time around. On the first cruise she did not go as often. After I dropped her off I headed straight to the Future Cruise desk. I was not getting off the ship without doing a dummy booking. I sat there with 3 people in front of me for about 15 minutes. I then decided to just take a card and fill out what I wanted. I dropped it in the box and left to kill some time. While walking around the ship I had finally run across DS. I had not seen him all day. It was really enjoying the Edge and being able to choose what he wanted to do. He had fed himself and was about to play basketball. I reminded him to be back to the room by 4:30 so that he could shower and change for dinner.
    These are just 2 pics that I took. For some reason I thought that I had more from my stroll around the ship.
  15. Toria

    Toria Mouseketeer

    I am looking through my pics and remembering my trip with DH 6 months prior to this cruise. I am just going to fold that trip in with this one.

    DH and I decided to take this trip for our 10 year anniversary. I was asked so many times why take a Disney cruise without the kids. We wanted to experience the adult side of Disney, since DD would not let us on the first cruise. I had worked at the hospital the night before we were due to leave. I ended up leaving work at 10 pm. I had to finish packing a couple of things and I had to harass DH like always to finish packing. The kids bags had been packed for a couple of days now. I showered and fell to sleep with no problem. The next morning we slept until 8 am, then I happily started to make breakfast before we left. I made sure sure that the kids had all their gadgets and books. We packed both cars and prepared to leave for our first stop. We took 2 cars because my mom would be coming in from out-of-town to watch the kids while we were gone. Our next stop was 2 hours away in Alabama, which is where the kids would be staying. Most of my family lives lives there. We made it there in record time, because we were so happy to be starting our vacation. We dropped the kids off at my grandparents house, then we had to go and run errands. We first had to stop and get pedicures and a manicure for me only. We both really needed our feet done, DH on the other hand just need some new feet all together :lmao:
    Just kidding! His feet did need some attention though. The lady that was doing his feet kept asking him if he wanted any color on his toes, LOL! Finally just messing with her, he told her to put some on his big toes only :rotfl2:
    He did not get that done though and she thought it was funny. We spent an hour there, then it was off to grocery shop for the kids. I will not leave my kids without knowing that I have well stocked the kitchen where they are staying. We spent about another hour in Wal-Mart getting groceries. My kids were calling us by this time to let us know that they were starving and so were we. Next stop was to WINGS N THINGS for dinner to go. How long does it take to make those wings?????
  16. Cheryl726

    Cheryl726 Mouseketeer

    Enjoying your TR, just caught up on the updates! Looks like a nice mommy/kids vacation!
  17. Toria

    Toria Mouseketeer

    It was a blast and I surprised myself how well I handled DH not being there. However I think that is the last time that he will not go with us. He wished that he came along.
  18. Toria

    Toria Mouseketeer

    Last we left off I had told DS to be back to the room by 4:30 for dinner. We 4:30 came and went with him not showing up. I called the phone and he was still at the Edge having a blast. I told him to bring his HIND parts on before the rest of his cruise was ruined. He promptly showed up after that threat and quickly showered. Tonight was Animators Palate and it was going to be a great dinner.

    It was also Pirate's night this night and we did not dress up for it. We made our way to dinner and we were the first ones to arrive at the table. We sat for maybe 10 mins, then the mother and daughter showed up. We would not be joined by the other couple tonight. Dinner was going great and we were happily participating in the show with Crush and friends. Near the end of Dinner Crush started to to different people. He spoke with this kid in our section because he had on a green shirt. He told him that his shell was cool and were his parents shells not green. After he talked with that kid Crush made his way over to our table. His said he was just drawn to the CANDY(beads) in my daughter's hair. He said that he wanted to eat them. DD was so shy and am surprised that he understood a word that she said. Speaking of her hair; the counselors in the clubs called her Sugar Rush because of her beads. She received many compliments on it throughout the cruise. I told them that I did it and it was my way of getting out of doing hair. Well he talked to us for about 5 minutes or so, then he moved on. We thought that was just great and we have been waiting to interact with him. Before dinner ended DS made his get away back to the clubs. DD and I wondered around for a bit( I was wanting a nap, but lil miss was not feeling it). We decided to go to a couple of the game shows before the Pirate Party and fireworks. We went to the show that involved Dopey. That was pretty hilarious, then we did the dance party. My daughter will not dance for me at home, but tonight she was dancing her lil booty off. I guess Disney will do that to you. Well after that we walked through the adult section before it was adults only time. They set up a hot bar between the clubs and DD was in love with the guacamole and chips. So we sat back outside of the D-Lounge while she chowed down. After that we went and caught the last of the musical. I called DS to check on him, but he would not answer the phone. Once again this lil person was testing my limits, so it was off to find him. We made our way to the Edge and the counselor said that they were at the Aquaduck. Well he can't really answer his phone now can he crazy mommy? I waited for 10 minutes before he made his way off the ride. He said that he was having so much fun, so I left him alone to enjoy. It had started to drizzle by this point, which made me wonder about the Pirate party. We headed back inside for a bit to people watch. When it got about 10 mins away from the Pirate party we tried to head out for the party. Low and behold it was raining cats and dogs. Well no party tonight, so DD and I headed back to the room to turn it in. She was not disappointed at all. She does not care for loud noises, so she happily played with some things in the room. DS came in right on time and it was lights out for all of us.
  19. Toria

    Toria Mouseketeer

    It took them about 30 minutes to make those wings and my kids had called again. Well after that we headed back to my grandmothers house to drop off the groceries. DH and I then headed to my aunts house where we would be staying the night. I ate and took a shower then headed to bed. My aunt likes to talk so she kept my husband up for I don't know how long. The next morning I was bright and early, because my mom was coming in and I could not sleep. I got up and readied myself for the day, while DH slumbered on. I left early to pick my mom from the station so that I could gas the car up and stop by Wal-Mart. I guess Wal-Mart will forever be the start to our trips. When I arrived at the station my mom was standing there looking for me. I had forgotten that she did not know that I had a new car and that I had changed my look. I called her a couple of times and she finally reconized me. She gave me a big hug and then I realized she had extra baggage. There was a woman and her 4 year old son standing there with her. She asked me if I could take them home which was supposed to be 10 minutes away. When we left the woman asked if I could stop by McDonalds:confused3. Ok and her 10 minute time turned into 20 minutes. I was not happy on the inside, but I did not let it show. This woman had no other way to get home. She said that her and the baby would have walked. Well dropped her off and headed back to my grandmothers house. I dropped off my mom and said my see-ya-laters to DD, gandma and mother. I would have thought that DH was up and out of the bad by now(it was 9:00). He was still snoozing away:sad2: and I wanted to be on the raod by 9:30.
    I dragged him out of the bed and he showered and got dressed. While I was talking to my aunt DH went to gas and wash the truck for my mom. We finally left at 10:00 am
  20. kalel29

    kalel29 Dis Dad #101

    Funny story about the guy and his "daughter". Tell me you have a picture of them...
  21. Toria

    Toria Mouseketeer

    :) I did not get a picture of them. When I first approached the table I thought that he was in his mid 30's. It turned out that they were both in their early 20's. So funny!

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