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Photopass CD picture sizes

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by DizzyStitch, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. DizzyStitch

    DizzyStitch Member

    OK I finally figured out (thanks to someone's tip here) how to get my photos with borders on the CD in 4x6 format size. Now I was wondering if anyone knows if the original picture on the CD will be in 5x7 format or 4x6 format. I hate the thought of saving all the photos without borders just to make sure things don't get cut off. I've messed this part up two years in a row. This year I want to get it right!
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  3. TillyMarigold

    TillyMarigold Mouseketeer

    The originals should be 4×6. (If my CD would get here (grr) I could tell you for sure.)
  4. ogreenlee

    ogreenlee <font color=green>i surely didn't want to have to

    I wonder how large you can go?

    I would assume a 4x6 ratio just because it's standard and many folks will probably only want that size for most of their images. In reality, I have no clue, but that would make sense.
  5. bradk

    bradk She runs to get away from you.

    untouched photos are 6MP and 4x6 (3000x2000).
  6. Alesia

    Alesia DIS Veteran


    Once you edit them, though, they default to 5x7.

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