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Pay after housing fee and working location?!?!

Discussion in 'The College Board' started by BrerMouse, May 4, 2011.

  1. BrerMouse

    BrerMouse Earning My Ears

    Someone said that for the CP program after the housing fee is deducted, you only make about $4.50/hr... Is that true??

    I want to work as either merchandise or attractions for Tower of Terror.

    I KNOW, I KNOWWW, you're not in charge of where you're placed and they make NO guarantees for any job or working location but if I express my desire to work at ToT, what are my chances?

    Did anyone ask for a specific location and actually get it?

    If so, major details on anything please and thank you :)

    Can you work as a host or waiter for Prime Time 50s Cafe or Sci-Fi Dine In??

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  3. TinkStitch

    TinkStitch Member

    Attractions & merchandise both make $7.25 an hour right now. Figure that for an average week, you'll get 36 hours (after they take out breaks, not working 8hr shifts, etc), that gives you $261 before rent or taxes. Rent is taken out after taxes, but it averages about $90/week (more or less, depending on apartment size & complex).

    That gives $171 before taxes or anything are taken out. (FL doesn't take out state taxes, so you only have federal taxes.)

    My paychecks were usually around $140 after taxes were taken out (I had them take an extra $10 a week).

    For my second program, I requested to work at Hollywood Studios, which is where I worked for most of my first program. I was placed at Hollywood Studios, but not in the exact location I requested right away. I asked for Fantasmic or Beauty & the Beast & got character room. I later got Block Party & Fantasmic. (I worked in costuming, so I got multiple areas)

    CPs don't work in tipped roles, so they only are only hosts/hostesses at sit down restaurants.
  4. BrerMouse

    BrerMouse Earning My Ears

    Thank youuu:) This helped a lot.

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