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package to poly?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by presleyg, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. presleyg

    presleyg New Member

    Has anyone ever sent a care package to the poly? Not sure if we should send one or just pick some stuff up at the grocrey stop on the way. We could also pack a suitcase of goodies and then fill it with souviners when it was emptied. Which is the easiest way to go?
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  3. Gail T AGAIN

    Gail T AGAIN <font color=teal>Slightly computer challenged<br><

    we rented a car so every night we would go to Goodings and get snacks. I did stay concierge but next time I will just get a regular room and buy my own snacks, I think money can be saved that way.:)
  4. presleyg

    presleyg New Member

    we won't have a car, but if we get snacks and a small cooler it should be fine
  5. disdaddy

    disdaddy New Member

    the cheapest and easiest way to go is bringing the snacks with you if you have the luggage space...we did that and it worked out great!

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