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  1. LaLa

    LaLa <font color=green>Hangs with the Mensas<br><font c

    Aug 26, 2005
    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.


    So maybe it wasn’t the worst of times.

    Or anywhere near the worst of times, to be honest. Because we were in Disneyworld, after all. Not stuck in line at the DMV. Trying to fight off approximately three billion people for one of seven Wiis that just arrived in the Wal Mart electronics department one week before Christmas. Not that I’ve ever done that. More than once. We weren’t spending our vacation at Six Flags. Waiting for a new Lost episode and looking for some closure on that freaky four toed statue on the beach. Or being thrown up on at the county fair by a complete stranger. Who obviously overindulged in the gumbo.

    That one I’d like to block out.

    But the fact of the matter is that line pretty much summed up our trip to Disneyworld last October. Aside from the whole “worst of times” part. Because even though we were shocked, numb and dumbfounded (all at the same time) at the idea of both Spaceship Earth and Thunder Mountain being closed for refurbishment at the same time (what?!), I think it goes without saying that there are many things in this life that are much, much worse than spending time with your happy, healthy family on vacation in Disneyworld.

    For those unfortunate few who may have suffered through the last two trip reports and may or may not have been wondering, yes. We went back to the Land of Yellow. The House that Walt built. The home of Dole Whips, Epicot, Soarin’, Cinderella’s castle, food courts, pool slides and funnel cakes.

    Not to mention Illuminations.

    Because the man is an oak and we are the LaLas. And that’s what we do.

    Among other things.

    Our daughter’s prayers on our way back underneath the arches were answered as we did indeed go back to Disneyworld when she was in the first grade.

    Not just once.

    But twice. Twice when she was in the first grade.

    Yep. God is good. All the time.

    But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to October.

    Our family spent eight awesome days back home at Port Orleans Riverside rediscovering our straight up love for that place. And the Dining Plan. And while some of our exploits turned out to be…well…pretty crappy, we also had some of the best moments of any Disney vacation ever at that point in time. We kicked it off by doing something we’d never done before. We surprised the kids. Yes, my husband and I were the Keepers of the Secret and it was amazing. We woke them up and surprised them with the news the morning we left and their reaction was absolutely priceless. It was a year of firsts for our daughter. She rode Space Mountain for the first time. The girl broke it in proper, riding it four times in one day. Doing her own little version of the laugh/scream the whole time. With her arms lifted high and a grin on her face. Lovin’ life the whole time. She also rode Splash Mountain for the first time. Which was a huge deal to her. And her mother. For entirely different reasons. We picked out some really pretty pearls in Japan and had matching pendants made so we could remember the trip forever.

    The girl and I did. Not the boy and I.

    That would be weird.

    The boy was given the Mike Wazowski shout out when he “guessed” the punch line by screaming at the top of his lungs “BECAUSE HER COACH WAS A PUMPKIN!” when asked why Cinderella was bad at sports.

    Who says Pal Mickey ain’t worth the coin?

    We experienced the most amazing view of Illuminations to date. Two words (or is it four?): VIP area. We rediscovered our love for the Elusive Strawberry Swirl (move over Dole Whip). We ran into Jiminy Cricket. Literally and figuratively. We enjoyed an awesome and incredibly memorable meal at Artist Point. The girl was chosen to participate in a rousing rendition of “We Are in Ahhh-frica” while pounding out a beat on the bongos and forming a circle around a traditional African dancer as he did his thang after dinner at Boma one night. We had dinner at Boma one night. Which included Zebra domes.

    Let that one sink in for a minute or two.


    Zebra domes.

    Also there’s this: no one threw up in or around a fanny pack or contracted a staph infection, there were no wardrobe malfunctions and I took home the gold at the POR Olympic Waterslide Event.

    Yet again.

    All in all, it was a very good trip. But like all vacations, it was not without its less than stellar moments. One of which may have involved the Hokey Pokey, ¾ of the Roundup Gang (where the heck is Stinky Pete anyway?), a blocked pathway, one snarky CM, stifling heat, unbearable crowds, and one very tired and impatient husband.

    Attempting to push an invisible stroller (hat tip, ZZUB) through the crowd.

    In that moment, my dear, sweet husband was the pack of Mentos and the rest of the stuff was the 2 liter bottle of Coke.

    And that’s all I’ll say about that.

    But we were in Disney and moments like that are to be expected from time to time. As much as we love the place, it ain’t perfect, after all. Nothing on this earth is.

    When we came home, two things happened. Well truthfully, lots of things happened but you’re only getting the low down on two. For now anyway. Lest this turn out to be another neverending pointless thread. And an eight month long affair.

    Gawd forbid a million times.

    Although during the span of eight days at Disney, we had enough funny and interesting things happen to write about until the cows came home (and no we don’t actually have cows ..anymore…we gave them all away to bellhops and waitresses last year), I decided to forego delving into another trip report. Ironically, it was all about the time. And my lack of it. The second thing that happened was that we decided the next family vacation that we took would be somewhere other than Disney.

    Any of this sounding familiar?

    But this time we (he) meant it. DH was adamant. Not Adam Ant. That would be weird. After five consecutive years, it was time to go somewhere else. I sighed heavily and agreed it was time to do something different. It wouldn’t hurt to switch it up a little bit. We didn’t want to get burned out on the place. Or spoil ourselves any further than we already had. We’ve already been ruined for anywhere else and think no other destination can compare. If pictures can be believed, Bora Bora looks pretty darn close. But I’m guessing the mice there don’t…

    A) Wake you up in the morning and call you pal
    B) Make kissing sounds and wiggle their noses at you
    M) Have handlers who rush them off after only three minutes of damage

    So it was decided. Agreed upon. Set in stone. Written in blood. Pinky swore. Spit in the hand and shook upon.

    In other words, my husband sent out a decree and I said “Whatever.” But this one was going to stick. There would be no amount of “Daddy I miss Mickey” or “Take Me to Disneyworld or Lose me Forever” business that would change things this go ‘round.

    No sir.

    Or would there?

    As time went on, we researched several different destinations and toyed around with dates for our next adventure away from the increasingly burdensome daily grind that had descended on our home with the coming of 2008. Work stresses were at an all time high for both my husband and I and by mid March we were itching to get away. We were in desperate need of a break. A respite. Oddly enough, the kids had a break from school coming up shortly.

    Spring Break, to be exact.

    They had an entire week off from school and it was in the lovely month of April so we decided that if we were going somewhere, that would be the perfect time.

    With the time frame set, the only decision left was where to go.

    For some years now, we have talked of going to Pigeon Forge and visiting Dollywood.
    And no, I wasn’t joking. We really do want to see the real working grist mill. More or less. But mostly we want to see the inside of a well appointed cabin and hear steaks sizzling on the grill situated on a deck overlooking a fifty mile view. And with everything going on in our lives at that point, some serious relaxation sounded like the perfect plan to us. With that in mind, we pored over cabin photos, traveler reviews, and ride videos on YouTube. We listened to Dolly (who is now suddenly cool as all get out to our daughter because she appeared on an episode of Hannah Montana), John Denver and the Oak Ridge Boys to get ourselves in the mood for some clean country livin’. We acted out Dueling Banjos in the car on the way to school. We pulled out our overalls and danced a jig to Rocky Top in the kitchen.

    Which is really no different than any other day in the life of a LaLa. We just did it up extra special for the occasion. In other words, we rolled up our overalls and put an extra lil sumpm sumpm into it.

    But then it started.

    After a spontaneous long weekend jaunt to Texas for Easter, suddenly DH wasn’t sure if he felt up to the long drive to Tennessee a couple of weeks later. And the more we looked at the ride photos (they actually have …wait for it…a Scrambler…as in the County Fair Scrambler), the more we weren’t really feelin’ it. Too much. Well, the kids and I were feeling it. All we knew was we were getting away and dangit, we didn’t care where it was. We were ready to blow this popsicle stand. And how. We were feelin’ it.

    DH, not so much.

    Which was weird.

    We were one breath away from booking a cabin called Simply Viewtiful (or was it I Love View?) when he called me at work.

    Me: Mmmyello?
    Him: I’m not a smart man. Will you marra’ me?
    Me: Oh stop it with the Forest Gump soundboards already.
    Him: What? That’s funny.
    Me: Oh okay, maybe it’s a little funny. I much prefer that one over Carl from Slingblade. But look, should I book it? I’m gonna book it.
    Him: I don’t know, La. I’m just not feeling it.
    Me: It’s because you want to go to Disney instead, isn’t it? Admit it. You keep weighing your options and thinking that we could be going to Disneyworld. And Dollywood is paling in comparison, isn’t it? That’s what’s throwing you. Am I right?
    Him: You’re never right, woman. The sooner you come to terms with that, the better off we’ll be. Now hush yo mouth and git to doin’ some woman’s work.

    Okay, so he didn’t really say that but I’m pretty sure he was probably thinkin’ it.

    What he actually said was this: Mmm hmmm. I like-a way you talk.

    Or else it was more along the lines of maybe. Maybe you’re right, La. I’m just not excited about it like I thought I’d be. And what would we do when we got there? You may be right. I may be crazy. Hey, but it just ain’t Dollywood that I’m lookin’ for.

    And then he choked on his franch fried pertaters. With mustard.

    Twice. For good measure.

    And just like that, we put Dollywood on Ignore. Again. But we were still determined to go somewhere different. The crowds, the stress, the running around from parks to resorts to ADRs, the iteneraries, the getting’ up offa that thang, all of that wasn’t what we had in mind for this trip. After five years of applying the Commando approach to our vacations, my husband would sooner drink the fat and vote Democrat than spend another week running around like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off.

    No. For this trip, a more relaxed pace was in demand.

    More relaxed. But not too relaxed. We still needed a little excitement. After all, we don’t use Depends, we rarely pop Geritol like candy (anymore..since the Incident) and we still have all of our teeth.

    Well, most of them anyway.

    After I told him “Mmmmbyebye” and we hung up, I started surfing the web and within minutes, found myself on Universal’s website.

    Yes, you read that right. Universal Orlando Resort. As we would find out later was the proper name for it. Not “the dark side” or “that other place” or even “C-R-A-P hole”

    Yeah, that last one was Pigeon Forge.


    Or am I?

    Actually, Universal was something that we’d considered doing from time to time. But since we always stay onsite at Disney and get a whole heckuva lot of Magic Our Way when we go, we’ve never really been interested in taking time away from our Disney vacations to go over there for a day or two. Why should we? We’re in Disney. Why should we step down and waste our vacation days (and…gasp..leave property) to go to a park that’s obviously not gonna come anywhere CLOSE to being in the same league as Disney?

    Or so we thought. Back then. As it turns out, we had a lot to learn.

    The more I checked out the website, the more I liked what I was seeing.

    Cool looking rides? Check.
    Pretty resorts? Check.
    Wide variety of restaurants within walking distance? Check.
    Lovable, identifiable characters? Check. And ALSO uncheck. Two words: Crash Bandicoot.
    Complimentary transportation to the parks? Check.
    Hess station on property with pretty lattice work surrounding the cool as all get out car wash? Sadly, uncheck.
    Mickey soaps and shampoos? Check.

    Just making sure you’re still with me.

    I was surprised how fast DH jumped on board with the Universal plan. I called, had them run some figures and that very night we booked four nights at the Royal Pacific Resort through Loew’s and got mine and my husband's tickets for free. It was very smooth and extremely painless. Unlike childbirth. And the mood once we’d booked it was, dare I say, giddy. Yes, I’ll say it. We were downright giddy to be heading to Orlando. We jumped up and did a jig. A backwards one. And taunted each other in our little sing song voices “We’re goin’to Uni-versal, uh-uh-uh-uhhhh-uh.”

    Yes, we taunted each other. I’m not sure why but it felt like the thing to do.

    Because the trip was planned on very short notice, there was no time for countdown chains or Dunkey jars. Which is similar to a Mickey Jar. I would imagine. Not that I would know because I’ve never made one. In fact, there wasn’t time for much planning at all. Which made me extremely itchy. When we go to Disney, I start poring over iteneraries, ADR choices and room requests as soon as the room is booked. I plan each outfit weeks before and roll them neatly into gallon sized Ziploc bags and write the persons’ name and the park day on the outside. I do that for the kids. Not so much us. Something tells me DH would not be a happy camper if I raided his highly regarded “good Tshirt drawer” (which is completely different from the “layin’ around the house Tshirt drawer”) and started rolling stuff into balls and stuffing it in ziploc bags. I empty Mini M&M containers and alternately fill them to the top with two quarters and one shiny penny. And if you don’t know what that’s for, good luck earning your ears.


    All that to say this: I go into overdrive planning mode from the get go and don’t let up until we’re safely back home from vacation. It’s exciting and fun and I love doing it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But it’s also rather…tiring. There. I said it. Despite the fact that there would be none of that this trip, or perhaps even because of that fact, we knew good things were in store for us in the Sunshine State. But little did we know that the trip we were about to be embarking on would go down in the history books (not actual history books, just the proverbial ones) as one of the best, if not the best trip we’d ever taken as a family.

    And that’s saying a lot because we’ve had some good ones.

    In many ways, we felt like we had the best of both worlds on this trip. Because aside from having an incredible time in Orlando, we also found ourselves spending a good bit of time in our favorite place in the whole world. The place with the fancy indoor plumbin’. And the cool as all get out light fixtures. The place where the sound of drumbeats and the sight of torches being blown out around a calm, still lagoon is enough to make you smile continuously for the next twelve minutes. The place where pirates, princesses and pixie dust reside within forty seven square miles of happiness.

    Oh yeah baby.

    Our destination was not only Orlando. But also Lake Buena Vista. Two cities that are very close together. Yet miles apart. Very much the same. Yet completely different.

    And we were blessed beyond measure to be able to experience the best of both of them.

    Universal and Disney.

    Disney and Universal.


    You didn’t actually think we’d go all the way to Orlando and not go to Disneyworld, did you?

    Neither did we.

    Up Next: Meet the Crew
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  3. jamal

    jamal <font color=blue>Nutwing #4<br><font color=deeppin

    Oct 12, 2003
    Get out. GIT OUT!!

    A La La trip report?

    I'm stunned and also thrilled, especially since I haven't even been over here in many months of moons.

    Now I'm first!

    Clearly, I love you best.


    You're still simply the best, La.

    I think I can hear her...

    Tell me you were joking...

    Or not. DON'T do it. Well, don't do it as a Disney substitute. Ever. Promise me. {{Shudder}}
    Gosh, La, I'm married to this phone-a-freak. Mmmmyello is his favorite.

    There's nothing to get you dancing around the house like the decision to take a Disney, excuse me, Orlando trip, is there?

    We did a day at the Dark Side in January; now I can't wait to read your take.
  4. ZZUB

    ZZUB Roll Tide, Mean It

    May 9, 2003
    There are many reasons why you're on ignore. Singing Rocky Top is just the icing on the cake.

    mmmm. cake.

    Well slap my mamma and call me a rock star! LaLa's got her a new Trip Report.

    Just when it seemed all was lost and the Disboards were spiraling out of control. NOBritney.

    But I got confused there for a bit. Let me see if I tracked with you: you went to Disney World last October but you're not writing about that. Except you are. You are also writing about a recent trip to Universal Studios and Disney World, right? When did y'all go to Dollywood?


    Or am I?

  5. stagemomx3

    stagemomx3 DIS Veteran

    Jul 6, 2006
    :woohoo: A new La La trip report I'm so excited. I seriously just went back and re-read your last one the other day because I was remembering it fondly and wondering if you had a new one. This is a happy day! :banana:
  6. IkeandMike

    IkeandMike Mouseketeer

    Apr 30, 2006
    All hail LaLa. Now tell me, did you get your dole whip this year?

    ILMICKEY DIS Veteran

    Jan 25, 2007
    Well slap me up side the head and call me Shirley, LaLa's back!!:yay:
  8. nicolemarie

    nicolemarie DIS Veteran

    Nov 9, 2005
    This? This and the coupla more mentions below it are ALL? All we get for a trip report? I feel cheated. Jipped. Slighted. Given the screwgie. And anything else that means I got the short end of the stick.

    Why does this make me laugh so hard?

    DED. Poor DH. No wonder he wasn't feelin' the Disney love.

    Actually, a little TOO much so. But I'm workin' on it.

    I'm thinkin' that was a good call.

    The Scrambler? Y'all would have just been ticked off the whole time. The WHOLE time.

    Well, no kidding! Did you at least call and check on the crowds or SOMETHING?

    I'm hooked, and I'm IN!!! Bring it on, my sweet LaLa. I can't wait to hear all about your tales. Your great writing has been missed around here, and as someone thinking of a little jaunt to The Dark Side myself, I could use some tips.

    Your elated-and-pumped-up-to-see-your-report friend,

    NM :flower3:
  9. Chapter 11

    Chapter 11 <font color=FF3300>I suspect that the list of thin

    Feb 12, 2006
    Whew -- too much to digest. It's like a trip report just came bursting out and vomited all over your keyboard (okay, unfortunate imagery there, given your past experiences, but the description is still apt). This however:

    is some of your best work. Juxtaposing Billy Joel and Carl together? Sheer, warped genius. Now, get back on your meds and pump out another chapter.
  10. DJR

    DJR DIS Veteran

    Feb 25, 2004
    Against my better judgment, I'm climbing aboard this puppy since the dogs haven't been able to find Mel anywhere.

    I am disappointed you stiffed us on the October trip though.
  11. PinkPrincessZ

    PinkPrincessZ Mouseketeer

    Sep 24, 2007
    Hilarious start - I laughed out loud at the baby pumpkin reference! Too cute!:rotfl:

    Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!
  12. AshClan

    AshClan <font color=CC33CC>I forgot to say SNAP!<br><font

    Aug 26, 2001
    WOO HOO!! :dance3:

    I am so very very very happy that you have decided to write a TR, La. Especially since we got gypped on the last one. Thanks for the drive-by above, but it just wasn't the same. We have missed your musings. I so enjoy sittin' myself down for what's sure to be a laffaminute whenever there is a LaLa chapter awaitin' me.

    Now this is classic La. And truly made me LOL right here at my desk. On my first day back from vacation, no less. I may get fired. But it'll be worth it!

    Keep em comin' girl! Will you be on an OCD schedule like Z? Or do I have to just keep my fingers crossed that we'll get new installments every coupla months/years/decades like Mel? No matter how you do it, you always do it well. I am PUMPED!!
  13. Yzma and Kronk

    Yzma and Kronk <font color=darkcoral>I survived the Pie-fest<br><

    Oct 19, 2002
    Gawd forbid a million times a new TR from Lalalalalalalalalala!

    Lala's back and bringin' on the yellow.

  14. Yzma and Kronk

    Yzma and Kronk <font color=darkcoral>I survived the Pie-fest<br><

    Oct 19, 2002
    Goodness me!

    I'm back and no one has been here.


    It must have been the Dollywood reference. Or a linking problem.


    But I've been to Dollywood. A very enjoyable experience with the BEST funnel cake ever!

    I wonder if Funnel Cake is real cake?

    Lalalalalalala saidanditwastoofunny:
    I admit I had to let that one sink in for a minute or two.

    La and La. La and La wrote:
    Oooh I'm getting dizzy.

    I can't wait to hear more.
  15. LaLa

    LaLa <font color=green>Hangs with the Mensas<br><font c

    Aug 26, 2005
    Yak's been to Dollywood? You'll have to give me the scoop in case we actually DO decide to head up there.

    For a long weekend, perhaps. NOT in place of a Disney trip. Something tells me I'd get in trouble with Jami if I did. Or else I'd just be ticked off the WHOLE time. She says in her Southern voice.

    Aw, thanks Jami! That's really sweet. But why do you sound like Tina Turner when you say that?


    Right. Which is surprising, considering the whole Bama thing.

    I'm noticing a trend here.

    The screwgie? Must be a Georgia saying. Okay, even though I didn't write a full fledged report about our trip last year (the way I figured it, it would've taken me roughly eighteen months and two carpal tunnel surgeries to write), I've got a feeling some of the more memorable moments from our trip to Disney last year will more than likely work themselves into this one. In fact, I'm sure of it. Along with some glimpses from our trips in the following locales:

    Fort Payne
    Orange Beach, AL
    Destin (Destin Baby)
    Panama City Beach (PANAMA!)
    Super Target
    The dentist
    Various yard sales in and around town
    The Democratic National Convention

    Okay, obviously I'm kidding. Or am I?

    At the very least, I'll include some musings from the trip last year and two or three (but no more than eight and only when relevant) of the above. Which means what started out as a four night trip (well technically five nights unless you're a student of Frick Math) will probably end up taking me eighteen months and two carpel tunnel surgeries to write anyway.

    Well, well, well. Look what the cat drug in. It's CHAPPIE! You have no idea how loud your Billy Joe and Carl comment made me laugh. I giggled for far too long when I saw your post. I'm not sure why. Needless to say, I'm glad to see you show up, Chapster. I look forward to being consistently insulted by you over the course of the next year and a half. Or do I?

    Nothin' a trip to Target won't fix. ;)

    I may have used my Phone a Friend option. But only to make sure the parks weren't closed.

    Thanks for coming along for the ride, Stagemom! Hope you enjoy it.

    Pink Princess Z, I love that name. You're not another ZZUB alias, are you? Glad I could make you laugh out loud. And thanks for jumping on board.

    Surely you can't be serious. Thanks for posting, ILMICKEY! Glad to see you back around.

    Sadly, the Dole Whip was a bit elusive for me in April. But you better believe I got me one of those bad boys in October. And it was just as good the second time around.

    I know the feeling quite well. But.. no way they'd fire the sweetest girl ever. Even if there was snorting and Diet Coke spewing going on.

    Thanks Ash. I'm not going to be on any kind of schedule, really. Just whenever I get the next one written is when I'll post it. I'll also be juggling work and the family so hopefully it won't take me four weeks between installments.

    But then again, you never know.

    Thanks everyone for reading along. I really appreciate all the funny and sweet responses.

  16. TarzansKat

    TarzansKat Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

    Mar 8, 2008
    A new LaLa trip report?

    That I can read and comment on while it's going on?

    Woo hoo! :cloud9:
  17. jcc0621

    jcc0621 DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2007
    HI:goodvibes I read one of your previous TR's and really enjoyed it. Can't wait to read more:thumbsup2

    PISCESANGEL ILoveDisney!

    Mar 25, 2004
    LaLa!! I'm so glad you're back! :thumbsup2

    I was a lurker on the last two, but I'm a lurker no more...can't wait to hear all about your trip.
    I'm even looking forward to hearing about that other place... :rotfl:

  19. scrap4u

    scrap4u Luv Tigger!

    Mar 13, 2006
    Lala! It's so great to see you back with another trip report! I have loved all your previous ones. I know--I'm sick and twisted right. :rotfl: No I just love me some southern story telling.

    But I must disagree with you about the strawberry swirl. We tried it for the first time last Sept. and didn't think it came close to a Dole Whip. Now with a kitten named Elvis, maybe your tastebuds are all off from eating too many fried pickles--but nothing beats the Dole Whip!:banana:
  20. LaLa

    LaLa <font color=green>Hangs with the Mensas<br><font c

    Aug 26, 2005

    Maybe you weren't holding your mouth right.

    Scrap4u, I've got MUCH LOVE for that infamous cup of frozen pineappley goodness so anybody that loves them some Dole Whip is okay in my book. But I gotta ask: did you let it melt a little before you ate it? Not the Dole Whip. The strawberry swirl. I know it sounds crazy but for some reason that makes a difference. Kind of like the chili cheese burger that tastes better when you tear it into pieces instead of eating it the regular way. And with that observation, I'm sure I just firmly secured the sick and twisted title myself. Along with a few others. At any rate, I'm glad you enjoyed the other two reports and thanks for jumping on board again!

    You have no idea how funny that was. But actually it was a whole mess 'a jelly donuts and peanut butter and banana sandwiches, not the fried pickles.

    Or was it?

    And I'm so glad you're here! I'm really glad you decided to come out of lurkdom and join in. Should be fun. And it's nice to know you and several others are looking forward to hearing about that other place. I'll do my best to provide a pretty clear picture of it. I love your ticker, by the way. Free Dinning.


    Glad you're here, TarzansKat!
    And yet you still came back?! Gotta give you props. I'll try not to include as many puke references and poop truck photos in this one. Then again....

    At any rate, I'm really glad you enjoyed some of the other stuff and thanks for hopping on board with this one!

  21. PirateFish989

    PirateFish989 Mouseketeer

    Aug 2, 2007
    Coming out of Lurkdom!

    Can't wait to read more!

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