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Our first trip and our honeymoon at Disney World, what could go wrong?

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by KittyKat08, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. KittyKat08

    KittyKat08 New Member

    Hello all, I'm still fairly new to the Dis boards and spend most of my time just lurking around reading other peoples TR's. :surfweb: I decided to write my own because it seems like fun even if I am a few months late, our disney honeymoon took place in November. :sad2:

    I guess I will start with the usual introduction of myself and my DH. He and I have actually known each other since 1995. We dated briefly but DH is five years older then me and at that time I was just a wild girl and refused to be tied down in a relationship. :rolleyes1 Well anyway we ended up becoming much better friends and actually stayed in touch for a long time before we lost track of each other. Long story short, and lots of drama in between we finally got back in touch with each other about 3 years ago. I ended up inviting him to go to Disneyland with me and some friends and he actually took the day off from work so that he could go. I was surprised and thought that was cool but didn't think anything else of it.:rolleyes: Well the day came and I went to his house to pick him up, now let me tell you it's not that DH was unattractive back then but when I saw him for the first time in seven years I was blown away, even with him balding which he hates but I don't mind I thought he looked great, so much more mature and attrative to me. Well the whole way to Disneyland which is not far, we flirted like crazy and we both realized how much we had changed and for the better. :laughing: Anyway and I'm sorry if I'm rambling on now but the day at Disneyland turned out to be fantastic and my friends really liked him and at the end of the day they could tell something was going to happen between us. Within a few weeks of that day and DH and I talking all the time he professed his love for me and said that he loved me when he first met me and never stopped. :love: My heart melted.

    So fast forward to now and we are married and happy as can be. Obviously there is alot of history with DH and I, way to much to put on the boards but I think it holds true for DH at least if you love something, then let it go and if it comes back to you then it's meant to be.

    So now it's time for who we are now.

    Well my name is Kathleen, everyone calls me Kat. I'm 32 and currently have no job. I was born in New Jersey and spent most of my childhood there, but my mom had family in CA so we came to visit here often and eventually moved to CA. Because of that reason I was introduced to Disneyland at a young age and never looked back. :cool1: I have been a lover of all things disney for most of my life and show no signs of slowing down.

    Now DH is Alfonso, we call him AJ, he is 37 and works for Universal Studios Hollywood. Now I know there are mixed feelings for Universal on these boards but I can't help the fact he works there. He works for special events so that makes it a little better because of all the cool parties and people he gets to meet. :thumbsup2 Aside from the fact he works there he is also a lover of all things disney and always will be.

    This is us at Disneyland on Buzz Lightyear


    This is our family for now

    Our cats Willow and Storm, willow is in the back


    And this is Ashley


    Well I hope that introduction was okay and you will get a better idea of who we are as this TR goes along. Next up will be a bit about the wedding and a not so great start to the honeymoon. :eek:
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  3. OhMari

    OhMari WDW PreTrip and Trip Moderator Moderator

    I"m in.
    I love Wedding stories and WDW.
  4. mla1977

    mla1977 I dream of living in Bay Lake Tower for the rest o

    Yay! A honeymoon TR!
  5. KittyKat08

    KittyKat08 New Member

    Okay so lets get to the good stuff. After DH popped the question we both new right away we were going to have our wedding on Halloween. :scared1: Of course we would have loved to get married at Disney but we could never have afforded it plus we are very non traditional people for the most part.

    So I'm sure your wondering why halloween and what type of freaks are these people but rest assured we are normal we just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE halloween and October and fall are our favorite time of the year, soooooo we figured it would be perfect. Now since DH and I payed for the wedding ourselves, neither one of our families really had the finances to help much we figured we would do a simple honeymoon. After going back and forth about a million times on where to go I casually mentioned Walt Disney World. DH of course said it was going to be to expensive :rolleyes: and did not know how we would be able to swing it. Of course I started looking on the internet right away and found all sorts of good deals and with our AAA discount it was even better. So DH comes home that night and I show him all my info and out of the blue he starts talking about the Disney Cruise Line. ::yes:: I start to tell him that then the honeymoon will be to expensive and the cruise was not an option. I know what the hell was I thinking right. :sad2: Well for the sake of just looking I started getting prices on the cruise's. Come to find out it's really not that bad and after telling DH he said, wait for it, wait for it "GO AHEAD AND BOOK IT". First I :faint: then I :yay: and :woohoo: and finally some of this :dance3:.

    So the plans are in motion, this is what we had come up with for the honeymoon.

    Nov. 3 fly out of LAX and arrive at MCO around 6:30pm, Check into the Extended Stay Deluxe until Nov. 6

    Nov. 6 Check into Disney's POFQ and stay until our cruise on Nov. 9. We booked the land and sea cruise.

    Nov. 9 till Nov. 13 we sail on the Disney Wonder

    Nov. 13 come back and check into the Best Western Lakeside until Nov. 17 then we come home.

    Crazy huh! We had to stay offsite except for the land portion of the cruise because again finances would not allow us to stay on Disney property for the length of this trip. It was okay though and even all the moving around was not a problem.

    So with everything set wedding wise and honeymoon wise the day finally came. Let me first tell you because this will be part of the what could go wrong later on I was deathly sick :sick: two weeks before our wedding so of course I was freaking out. Needless to say the wedding day came and I was fine, no problems at all. I will go ahead and post some photos of our Halloween wedding. I don't have the professional ones back yet because there was some problems and supposedly I'm supposed to get them in the next week or so. Almost four months after the wedding. :sad2: So the pictures I have are stolen from other guest cameras.






    So as you can tell we had an interesting wedding. :rotfl2: It was really alot of fun and our guest really liked it and had a good time.

    So skip ahead a day and what happens after the wedding, I start feeling sick again. :eek: Since we had family visiting and were not leaving till Monday I felt I had to visit with them so I ignored how I felt and pushed on. So in between going out to eat and driving all over the place :car: to visit people and also packing and doing laundry :laundy: I was fading out fast. I should also mention that I have asthma and since I have been unemployed for awhile I have not had medical insurance so that was making matters worse because I felt like I had something more then a cold and really needed to go to the doctor. But alas I still pushed on and Sunday night I was finishing up packing and was feeling pretty bad so I decided to go to bed early since we had to be up at 6am to head to the airport.

    So what happens while I'm sleeping? Stay tuned.
  6. KittyKat08

    KittyKat08 New Member

    Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it.

    Welcome, thanks for reading!
  7. Disneyfan71

    Disneyfan71 Paging Mr. Morrow, paging Mr. Tom Morrow, your par

    I loved the wedding pictures..and I loved the cake btw.

    Can't wait to read more about your trip :)
  8. KittyKat08

    KittyKat08 New Member

    Thank you, the cake was pretty cool I was surprised how well it came out.
  9. KittyKat08

    KittyKat08 New Member

    Okay so I left off with me going to sleep because I was just feeling horrible. I think I went to bed around 9pm or so. Well I woke up around 11pm and was coughing like crazy and also having a very bad asthma attack. DH was still running around the house packing last minute stuff and getting things organized. He took one look at me and wanted to take me to the ER because again if you remember I have not had medical insurance so that means I have not had the proper medicine to control my asthma. I told him I was fine :rolleyes1 and not to worry, I would be okay. Well my asthma attack did not let up even a little bit and so DH had the bright idea to call my best friend who also has asthma and ask her if we could borrow her nebulizer machine. After all that is what they would be giving me if I went to the ER anyway. Thankfully she was awake and told DH to come on over and get it. Now let me tell you she does not live very close to us, about an hour away actually so for my wonderful, new hubby to go and get the machine made me fall in love with him all over again. :love: So hubby takes off :drive: and I'm trying to continue breathing until he gets back. :eek: Good times already was what I was thinking.

    A little bit later DH returns, I swear he must have been going very fast because it did not take him long. So I set myself up for a breathing treatment and hope it works. After two treatments the attack has let up a bit but not all the way. And of course me still being extremely stubborn, I'm still not going to the hospital. So I try to calm myself down because now it's almost 3am and we have to be up at six to go to the airport and I'm just freaking out because I can't believe this is happening. :sad2: So DH and I decide to try and get some more sleep, well he sleeps kinda and I don't sleep at all. Then the alarm goes off and I'm not happy at all. My first thought is it's officially our first day of our honeymoon and I can't do it, I can't get up. I felt so bad and was soooooo tired and weak. Then I started thinking your going to Disney World you have to get up, everything will be okay. I drag myself to the shower and this is when it all goes downhill. I start to have another asthma attack, this time it's way worse then the other one. I finish the shower get out and start giving myself a breathing treatment. It does not work at all this time, I mean nothing. So I'm completely panicking now and I'm crying like a baby :sad1: because we are running behind and I feel so bad. I'm also now realizing that I'm really not getting any air into my lungs so I finally give up and admit that I have to go to the hospital. :sad2: DH does not waste a minute and instantly he has me in the car and we are on the way to the ER. The whole way there I'm still crying my eyes out :sad1: and I'm so mad :mad: and I'm mumbling about non refundable tickets and we are going to miss the plane and so on and so on.

    So we get to the ER and I stumble in pretty much and the nurse in the front waste no time taking me to a cubicle since pretty much all the color has gone from my face now and I can't even speak to her because of the asthma attack. The nurse takes one look at me and says "something else is wrong besides an asthma attack, are you upset about anything?" Well I loose it again and start crying, this time I'm heaving pretty much and I'm trying to sputter out that I just got married and today is the start of my honeymoon and I'm supposed to be at the airport on my way to Disney World and now I'm missing the plane and God hates me and again about non refundable tickets. :rolleyes1 Lovely huh? I'm almost sure she started to turn and run away at one point. :rotfl: Well she ever so nicely says that I'm having an anxiety attack which is not helping the asthma attack so she says she is going to give me something to calm me down. Fine, whatever I don't care I just want to get out of there as quick as possible. I did not even ask what she gave me but within minutes I was perfectly peacful and calm. :cloud9: So then the doctors came in, yes two of them. I guess I was that problematic. They test my airflow which is about zilch, I couldn't have blown a candle out if my life depended on it. They give me another two breathing treatments with the stronger medicine and announce to me that I have bronchitis and are going to admit me into the hospital. :scared1: Well in a much calmer tone because of the lovely pill I was given I explain to the doctors all of what I said to the poor nurse in the first place. They of course look at me like I'm crazy and I again tell them, I'm not going to be admitted into the hospital because whether I have bronchitis or not I'm getting my butt to Walt Disney World even if it kills me. :rolleyes1 They proced to walk just out of my hearing distance and do a bit of this :chat: and finally come back to say well if that is what you want then okay. They give me the whole doctor speech about why I should not go and this and that and finally give me a great inhaller with a tube attachment so that when I have to take a puff it spreads more evenly into my lungs and also some antibiotics for the bronchitits. I thank them and DH and I leave and I think to myself that should be a nice bill we get in the mail. :rolleyes:

    The whole way home I'm apoligizing to DH because I feel so bad and guilty :guilty: and should have gone sooner. He tells me of course not to worry about it and everything would be okay. We get home and I immediately get into bed because I'm exhausted at this point and can finally sleep and DH says he is going to go and see what he can do about our airline tickets.

    Stay tuned to see what happens next.
  10. KittyKat08

    KittyKat08 New Member

    So DH comes and wakes me up around 6pm and says that he called Delta and they told him he would have to buy new airline tickets for us. :scared1: or we could fly out on the red eye that night and it would only cost $100. :thumbsup2 I tell him go ahead and change it then to red eye and then I go back to sleep. Well at around 8pm DH comes running in and says you have to get up now, I let you sleep long enough, we have to leave in 10min for the airport. :eek: Of course I look like a walking zombie and would have loved to clean up a bit but instead I barely had time to brush my teeth, kinda get my hair under control and grab a sweater. DH mom was taking us to the airport and of course as soon as she saw me she flipped out. Your to sick to go and I have to be crazy and we are not going to have a good time, blah, blah, blah, blah. This was my reaction to her :teeth: I just smiled as much as I could and got in the car. About an hour or so later we arrive at LAX with plenty of time before our 10:15pm flight. We said our goodbyes and entered the terminal. It's been a long time since I have taken a red eye flight and I had forgotten how peaceful it is. Nobody in the terminal, no lines and overall the employees are much more friendly. I finally managed a brief smile :) even though we were half a day late to Orlando. So we get through baggage check which was pretty funny. Like I had said most of the employees were pretty happy and in good moods and that included the TSA agents. I was wearing my grumpy sweatshirt since I thought it seemed fitting for mulitiple reasons and one of the agents said you can't be grumpy, your on your way to Orlando which can only mean your going to Disney World. I laughed and said yeah I am but I'm also sick. He then says don't worry Walt Disney World will cure everything after all it's a magical place and as soon as some of that pixie dust pixiedust: falls on you everything will be fine. He was such a cool guy and I was going to hold onto his words from that moment on that I would feel better when we got there. :goodvibes

    Here is a picture of us waiting to board our plane.


    It was a pretty smooth ride to Orlando, the plane was not full so people kinda scattered about so they could have rows to themselves and go to sleep. I passed out for most of the 5 hour trip, that is how you know I'm sick because I'm terrified of flying and I'm never calm enough to sleep. DH said that when they told us we would be landing and to buckle up I didn't even budge so he had to get the seat belt on me and I just stayed asleep until right before we touched the ground.

    It was now Nov. 4th at 6:15am and we finally made it to Orlando. :cool1: Again there are no crowds at MCO so getting on the shuttle to our bags was really fast and easy.

    This is me walking to the shuttle area.


    Then it was off to the car rental counter, we got a pretty good price for the rental when we booked it, $350 for the entire two weeks and they actually ended up crediting us back some money because we got to Orlando almost a day late. That was unexpected and pretty cool. :cool1:

    So now we are on our way to the first hotel, Extended Stay Deluxe. As DH and I are driving I ask him what he wants to do because today was supposed to be our day at Universal Orlando and he says lets just check into the hotel and relax all day so I can rest and we will get a fresh start tomorrow if I'm up to it. As much as I don't want to agree with him because we are losing another day of our honeymoon I know it's for the best. So we get to the hotel


    check in and everything is great. We get kinda settled and realize we are starving so DH goes off to find food, he comes back with this


    I love Chick-fil-A so I'm a happy girl when he returns. :) I give DH lotsa kisses :love2: and hugs :hug: and thank him over and over again for being the best husband ever and taking such good care of me. :goodvibes

    I'm not so great at remembering to take food porn pictures but I tried my best on the trip.


    The rest of the day we just lazed around and snuggled in bed and watched TV and I got some much needed rest. Of course I was still in disbelief that I was on my honeymoon finally and in Orlando for the first time ever and that I was sick but I went to bed that night hoping and praying that I would feel better the next morning.

    Coming up next: Do we go to Universal Orlando?
  11. Soarin08

    Soarin08 DCL PI Spring 2012!

    Subbing!!! :)

    Great so far!!
  12. OhMari

    OhMari WDW PreTrip and Trip Moderator Moderator

    I know how scary asthma can be.
    I have 4 kids that have asthma.
    Now that they are all grown, I worry
    what happened to you, can happen to
    them, when they are alone.
    My oldest just had a asthma attack
    about a month ago. His was trigged
    by a bronchitus infection.
    Luckily he was home.
    He didn't have an inhaler either.
    Luckily we have a breathing machine
    from when they were little.
    Asthma, sucks, I wish there was a cure.

    Love your wedding pictures. How cool.
  13. KittyKat08

    KittyKat08 New Member

    Welcome!!!! Thank you for reading.

    O you poor thing, all 4 kids with asthma! That really sucks! Those breathing machines really do come in handy, it's a good thing you have one. I think they should just give anybody who has asthma one right away when diagnosed.

    Well thanks for reading my TR and I'm glad you liked what wedding photos I have right now, it was a pretty interesting wedding but exactly what DH and I wanted.
  14. Disneyfan71

    Disneyfan71 Paging Mr. Morrow, paging Mr. Tom Morrow, your par

    Sorry you got sick but glad you made it to Orlando. I hate being sick on vacation, it's happened once but didn't let it keep me down.

    I'm looking forward to the next installment :)
  15. Goldeelox9

    Goldeelox9 Our Disney Cruise Line Wedding ~ November 4, 2008

    HI! More More...We want more.

    I was Married Nov. 4 on the Disney Cruise and was in WDW for my Honeymoon on Nov. 6-12th. Maybe we were at the same place at the same time! LOL
  16. Stacybaeasm

    Stacybaeasm New Member

    I'm in. Your wedding looked great! Just the kind of thing I would want if I ever get married. I'm so sorry you started off so sick, but I am eager to hear the rest of it!
  17. pixiefairy

    pixiefairy New Member

    I LOVE your wedding pictures! :lovestruc I wanted to get married on Halloween, or at least in the fall with a halloween theme, but my dh vetoed that idea. :sad2: The dress is gorgeous and the cake is just too cool. I'm so sorry you started out your honeymoon like that! I hope you started feeling better as soon as you got some rest.

    Can't wait to read more!
  18. GreatBiscuit

    GreatBiscuit Golden but never flaky

    Ahhh yes. Asthma and vacations. I've been on the losing end of that stick myself a couple of times. As to WDW Honeymoons not working out as you planned, well, let's just say I can relate. Hope it was uphill from here.
  19. KittyKat08

    KittyKat08 New Member

    Yeah getting sick is a bummer when on vacations or anytime for that matter, but I didn't let it keep me down either. Well at least not to much! ;)

    HI! :wave2: I read your wedding PJ and TR and it was great, Congrats by the way! Everything looked beautiful for your wedding and you looked fantastic.

    I wonder if we did cross paths at some point, we saw so many honeymooners while there it is possible.

    Anyway I promise to get to an installment sometime this evening, DH has been home the last couple of days and so I have been busy with him and running around.

    Thank you I only wish I had better photos to show you if all goes well we should be getting them at the end of next week, unless our photograher has some more drama. :sad2:

    So sorry your hubby vetoed the halloween wedding idea, it really was alot of fun. I'm thankful my hubby is in to halloween as much as I am.

    I did eventually start feeling better but it was a rough road.

    Well thanks for reading and I will get on with the show soon.

    Oh boy another asthma sufferer! Sounds like you have had some interesting situations happen yourself. I wish I could tell you it was all uphill but it was more like a bunch of hills up and down. :lmao:

    Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the rest.
  20. bluechic03

    bluechic03 New Member

    Im so sorry for the rough start to the honeymoon :( I have asthma too and know how you feel. I had many a nights like yours, just not the night before leaving to go on my honeymoon.........but my hubby did think he was having a heart attack the night before our last WDW vacation. We went to the ER and he had a lung infection...same thing from the doctor "you cant go on vacation your too sick!" we just looked at the docs like they were crazy and said NO WAY WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!!!!!! and that was that, we had a great time :)
  21. KittyKat08

    KittyKat08 New Member

    Hello and welcome! I'm going to have alot of asthma buddies by the time I'm done with this TR. :goodvibes

    I wonder how many doctors out there have gotten the "I don't care if I'm sick, I'm still going to Disneyworld" spiel. They just don't understand until it happens to them or they obviously are not obsessed disney people like the rest of us. :rolleyes1 :lmao:

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