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OT: Geriatric Dog-Not Eating Well

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by lvillotta1, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. LovinPooh

    LovinPooh Active Member

    My 10yr old girl decided recently to not like dry kibble. So i got her the soft moist packs. I mix those with a can of wet and she gobbles it right up. She just wont touch the kibble. I let her be picky... shes my pal :)
    Good luck op! I hope the appetite picks up!
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  3. mrsclark

    mrsclark Member

    I would also take her to visit - for example, a painful tooth (whether from an infection or other dental problem) can cause eating to be painful for a dog, but can be treated.

    As for food, after our dog was spayed (she is a middle aged dog - exact age unknown as she was a stray rescued by a wonderful organization), she refused to eat for a few days. We baked her chicken, cut up the pieces put it over rice and then drizzled warm chicken broth (from a can) over it - she ate that right up!!! Just warming up chicken broth and drizzling that over the top can make e food more appetizing!

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