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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by champagne27, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. champagne27

    champagne27 Mouseketeer

    Jun 29, 2004
    I was hoping the ebay experts here could help me. I order ebay items often and this has never happened before.

    I ordered my dd a pretty princess bracelet for our upcoming trip. Paid abt $13.00 plus shipping and was told it was mail on 3/29 which I do believe. The problem is I have not rec'd it.

    It was sent Parcel Post and insurance purchase was not an option.

    I emailed the sellar to see how she wants to handle it but what is fair/typical in these instances. I had contacted her twice and was asked to give it a few more days which was fine. Now it has been 13 business days since it was shipped.

    Thanks for any direction.
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  3. welovedis

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    Aug 31, 2000
    To be honest, 13 days is that that long when use Parcel Post, I've had it take 32 days (yes, 32) for a package to make from NY to CT via Parcel Post.

    A couple of questions popped into my head:
    Did you pay via PayPal? if so, that will come in handy should you decide to file that the item wasn't received, however, I would tell you as a customer of mine to wait 14 business days before filing.

    In the meantime, did the seller offer to give you the tracking # on the package. To be covered under PayPal's seller protection they would need to have put some kind of tracking on the package to provide proof of delivery. If you don't receive the package within a decent amount of time and you paid via PayPal you can attempt to get your $$ back and she'd have to prove delivery with a tracking #.

    Good luck, I honestly would give it a couple of days and then email the seller again & let her know that if you don't receive a refund from her that you'd go thru PayPal.
  4. champagne27

    champagne27 Mouseketeer

    Jun 29, 2004
    I will give it another day to make 14 business days. I did pay through Paypal so I'm glad that will help.

    I am still hoping it will show up before we leave!


    Apr 6, 2005
    I just recently purchased a pair of roller skates for my upcoming daughters birthday. I did a buy it now and paid within minutes through paypal. The seller never responded to me. At the 10 day mark (I think it was the 10 day mark), I filed a complaint through Paypal. They sent an inquiry to the seller who had 10 days to respond. They never responded and on the 11th day, paypal gave my money back.

    The whole process went very smooth and boy, was I glad I used paypal.
  6. cgcw

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    Jul 28, 2000
    I went through this not long ago with something I shipped to Bronx, NY. I had a confirmation # and the buyer kept telling me she didn't receive the package. Checking the USPS site, it kept saying it was in the post office in NY. For days, it had the same status.

    My PO wouldn't help me until 14 business days passed. Finally, we waited those 14 days and I was able to call my PO for help. They told me it was in fact sitting in the post office. Then they gave me a 800# to call for further information. I did and they said it was marked as not even attempted to be delivered. Sometimes, they will attempt and not leave the package and the buyer has to pick it up in the post office. This wasn't the case, as it hadn't even been attempted yet.

    They then had me call the PO in NY. I asked to speak to a delivery supervisor -- who wasn't available. I passed this information along to the buyer who went down to the post office and spoke in person for the delivery supervisor. The buyer was then given the package at the post office. Why it was never attempted, I still have no idea.

    I chalk it up to parcel post being delivered when they feel like delivering it. I suspect regular, everyday mail is their first concern. I have no idea if the package was misplaced or what, but it did take over 3 weeks total for all of this to finally get resolved.

    If you can get a delivery confirmation #, you might be able to get some help through your local post office.

    Good luck. I hope it shows up in time for your trip.

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