Orange Lake West Village????

Discussion in 'Hotel & Accommodations Reviews' started by splashmountainromano, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. disnee4mygirls

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    Mar 5, 2007
    We just got back from here and I don't think there are many places you can stay in the West Village without having to walk. We had an awesome unit (our first time here) and we loved it but we also had a car. We drove to the pools when we wanted to go and as a PP stated, unplugged our phones as soon as we came in the room. We had over 10 messages when I plugged them back in before leaving. Thank goodness they can be unplugged. We would definitely go back! Very pleased! They are definitely doing renovations and working their way around the property. I think our unit had already been re-done so we were lucky there! The main road through the propery was where they were working at the time. We loved being in a one story unit with no one below or above us! It was great! Have fun!

    PS. They also pressured us to sign up for an 'owner update' but we weren't biting as we own elsewhere and know how those things work! I tried the 'my husband takes care of that' and they pretty much begged me to go get him! They started upping what they would give us free if we signed up and attended so my advise if you want to sit through it, wait till they offer MORE! We just didn't have time for that on this trip!
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  3. tinkerbellmamma

    tinkerbellmamma Mouseketeer

    Apr 19, 2007
    We are actually staying at the North Village right now :) In a 3 BR unit that is HUGE!! 3 bathrooms, looks like a little villa house. We have not had any time to check out the resort and the weather is too cold to enjoy the pool :( We did have a major pressure after checkin for the tour, was almost forced to make a tour appt, but I refused to leave the $30 deposit and they signed the form and okayed me not doing it. I called and cancelled the tour and it was very easy (the guy was not pushy at all). It's fairly close to disney (less than a 15 minute drive to the parks) and with a Super Target across 192 and a PUblix right at the end of the complex - you couldn't ask for more. I would also highly recommend the new Miller Ale House for dinner (across the road from the Publix).
  4. Stinasmom

    Stinasmom DIS Veteran

    Oct 18, 2004
    Dear Tinkerbellmamma -

    I am so glad to have a recent occupant of this resort to ask questions of!!!

    We will have two 2-bedroom units at the West Village in March.
    I can appreciate the weather not being great, sorry! We have traveled there in December before but the coldest time was in March! It SO varies from year to year!

    Anyway, thanks for the info about the Super Target and Publix nearby. We prefer to cook meals at the condo to going out whenever possible.

    We will have a rental car too, so sounds like we'll be in good shape.

    Is there anything about the resort or staff interaction (timeshare sales people, etc) that we should know to be wary of? We own enough timeshare to not want to deal with them. But we will also want to take advantage of the range of activities available without pressure to tour.

    Anything else you would recommend we do, see, avoid, ask for?


  5. JosefMiller

    JosefMiller Earning My Ears

    Dec 9, 2010
    A long and large Christmas stock which is used to collect gifts from the "Father Christmas"(I still wait for "Father Christmas" every year).
  6. TheMaxRebo

    TheMaxRebo DIS Veteran

    Jan 12, 2008
    We are looking to go down this October and use RCI points to stay close to the parks

    this is one of the resorts we were looking at - but a little concerned about the negative reviews some people had.

    The gist I get is:
    1) unplug your phone so you don't get the sales pitch calls
    2) get a new or refurbished condo as the old ones are really bad

    but some people said all of the west village is/is being refurbished? What is the best way to ensure you get a nicer condo?
  7. LadyFan55

    LadyFan55 Mouse-a-holic

    Jun 20, 2009
    Hi Marcy,
    I have a 2b/2b on hold at RCI for a friend right now also in the West Village. Have you been yet? It is REALLY hard to find info specific to the West Village so I am hoping you might be able to help. Like... does it have a pool of it's own, have they finished with the re-furb of West Village? have seen the Mold complaints, did you have mold problem? Thanks so much! Amber
  8. binwinbinwin

    binwinbinwin Disney fan

    Oct 21, 2007
    Does anyone have any info on Orange Lake from a stay there this year? I will be staying at Orange Lake West Village this month and would like any feedback on the resort amenities, units (we're in a 2 bedroom/2bath)...
  9. csidisney

    csidisney Mouseketeer

    Jun 9, 2010
    Id also like an update on west village - we are staying there in Sept.

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