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Once In A Lifetime is NEVER Enough! ~ A 2013 PTR ~ Update: Where in the World?

Discussion in 'UK Trip Reports Board' started by newlittleminnie, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. newlittleminnie

    newlittleminnie New Member

    Hello :wave2:

    Let me start by explaining my choice of title.....

    In August 2012 I made the looooong journey from the UK to Orlando for 14 days of Disney/Universal/SeaWorld adventures! For many reasons I was sure this would be my 'once in a liftetime trip'. My job situation wasn't exactly secure, me and Richard (my DBF) were hoping to start saving for a house :lovestruc and as we know, it costs a LOT to go to Florida.

    But after my 14 days in the most amazing place in the world, I decided I couldn't not go again. Especially when i knew it was highly likely that Richard and his family would be going again in the summer of 2013.

    So here we are in November 2012, and we are about ready to book for next year! I couldn't be happier or more excited! :hyper:

    There isn't much to tell yet but I'll be back soon to do some introductions. I hope to see some familiar faces (or should i say names?) and meet some new folks along the way :thumbsup2

    Chapter One: Introductions
    Chapter Two: Where in the World?
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  3. duffdo

    duffdo New Member

    Once in a lifetime is never enough. I had one of those "once in a lifetime trips," and have been to WDW 4 times now, with a 5th booked for October 2013.

    Many people (those who have never been,) think i'm mad for going so often. Even my GF thought I was mad, until we went in October 2011. Now she "gets" it.

  4. newlittleminnie

    newlittleminnie New Member

    I know exactly what you mean. Except I was on the other side! Lol

    My Boyfriends has been around 7 or 8 times and even though I could see why he would love it I was a bit 'what's so amazing' about it.

    Now I COMPLETELY understand!
  5. newlittleminnie

    newlittleminnie New Member

    Real life got in the way today but I will be back tomorrow with the introductions :)

    I'm hoping to drag it out until July so I have something to make the time pass quicker!
  6. newlittleminnie

    newlittleminnie New Member

    So here we are with the first update of my new Pre-Trip report! Starting this makes my holiday seem that little bit closer, even though it's still 8 month away :worried:

    Let's get the basics out the way shall we?.....

    Me: Louise AKA NewLittleMinnie

    I am 22 years old and this will be my second trip to the world :) I'm a Disney nut (especially after my trip in August) but I also love the thrill rides at Universal!

    I live with my mam and our beautiful cat Benji, but I am currently saving for a house with my DBF :love:

    My favourites are hard to pick. My general favourite is Donald Duck, but I also LOVE Dopey, and my favourite princess is Rapunzel.

    This is me and my DBF in Magic Kingdom on our last trip, this was actually one of my favourite photopass photos of the trip:


    That was one of the first PP photos we had taken, in our first Disney park of the trip. The photographer was lovely, she noticed my first visit badge and said "So you're the one I have to pick on are you?" and then when we asked for a photo of just me and DBF she replied "Now before I make this awkward are you brother and sister or boyfriend and girlfriend" :rotfl: Definitely a great first experience with a CM.

    My DBF is Richard, he's 21 and I couldn't ask for a better Prince Charming :love: He's been to WDW a LOT (although I'm not sure on the actual number) and he's also been to DLP too, he was pretty much like my guide book for the last trip. Like me he loves Disney but also loves Universal, as do all his family which is why we split our time between the two.

    We will be going with Richard's whole family again; which is his Mam (Patricia), Dad (Andrew), Gran (Dorothy), Granda (Joe) , and his two younger brothers (Matthew 17 and Jamie 11)

    This is all of us at Chef Mickey's in August (Me in the middle, DBF next to me on the left) His parents planned the meal as a surprise for us and I was ecstatic! None of us had done a character meal so it was nice to experience something new together.


    I would definitely recommend Chef Mickey's, the character interactions were wonderful. Donald gave me a hug after finding out he was my favourite and Goofy was so insulted that I had a plush Donald that he hid him under a napkin! haha

    So that's us :wave2: I hope you've enjoyed meeting us and will introduce yourself. We are INCREDIBLY close to confirming dates and booking so I hope I'll be back soon with the next update.

  7. Wills Mom

    Wills Mom New Member

    Happy planning! I know what you mean about a "once in a lifetime" trip - we had one of those in 2005 and have been back every year since (except this year as our Disneymoon baby was born in February:love:) It really is the happiest place on earth isn't it :thumbsup2 Hope you guys book soon and then it'll be even more real :goodvibes
  8. newlittleminnie

    newlittleminnie New Member

    Aww congratulations on your Disney Baby :)

    We have dates 100% confirmed now so just waiting for people to make sure holidays are secure at work so we can pay the deposit!

    Getting excited and it's still 8 month away lol
  9. newlittleminnie

    newlittleminnie New Member

    DBF and his family's holidays are now confirmed so any day now we will be booked!! :D
  10. Tinkerbell1989

    Tinkerbell1989 New Member

    YAAAAAAY!!! So excited! Xx
  11. newlittleminnie

    newlittleminnie New Member

    Me too!! :D

    Can't wait to just get it booked now and start paying, then it'll feel like it's actually happening! Xx
  12. newlittleminnie

    newlittleminnie New Member

    So it seems at the moment, Ocean Florida are being a bit of a pain in our backsides :(

    DBFs family have booked through ocean Florida for the last however many years and not had a problem.

    This year they seem to be being a lot less helpful and messing us about a bit :(

    So unfortunately I still have nothing to report, I'm hoping sometime before Christmas we'll get booked so I can start getting properly excited in the new year lol
  13. newlittleminnie

    newlittleminnie New Member

    Just had to announce we are now BOOKED!

    I'll be back tomorrow with more details :)

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