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Olivander's question

Discussion in 'Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Forums' started by brymolmom, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. brymolmom

    brymolmom New Member

    Hi there!

    First time USF visit - Aug 18 - 19 - staying at HRH.

    Two days in the park - will be there right at opening for WWOHP. I plan to hit Olivander's first thing - followed by FJ - hopefully twice...But my main question is this - If we buy wand(s) right then - I don't want to have to lug them around with me (planning on going bare minimum so we don't have to get the lockers on any of the bigger rides). We can deliver them to the hotel, right? But will that be time consuming? I don't want to eat up our whole hour by buying and then doing paperwork.

    Thought about just seeing the show and buying at a later time - but if my kids get 'chosen' - I'm thinking it'll ruin the moment if we don't buy right then.

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  3. damo

    damo <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><marquee behavior

    Have them sent to the front of the park and you can pick them up on your way out. You don't want to be carrying them around and having to put them in a locker anyways.
  4. Tramp68

    Tramp68 New Member

    ONLY buy them if chosen. If you aren't chosen then you can buy them off the cart in front of HPFJ pretty quickly and you can have them sent to the room. Wands are also available in Filch's and at the one store on the way out.
  5. babyflo1

    babyflo1 New Member

    from what I've heard only 1 out of 30 chosen, not good odds, true?
  6. Tramp68

    Tramp68 New Member

    probably a little better than that. I forget how many they take in at a time, but only the kids get chosen so that cuts out a lot of options. They pretty much go for kids dressed the part, and of course well behaved and charismatic is always a plus. They definately look for those who are bought in to the magic...

    I have talked to people who have done it 20+ times without being picked...
  7. damo

    damo <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><marquee behavior

    It used to be that they wouldn't send your things to your room if you were checking out the next day. Not sure if that is still the case.

    Nope, not very good odds for sure. There are ways to increase your odds though. Show some charisma and try to catch the wandmaker's eye as you enter the room. Stand closer to the front if you can.

    Adults definitely get chosen too. I've seen a mother with 3 kids get chosen and in our group the girl was 23.
  8. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

    Adults definitely get chosen. And you don't have to have charisma...my son was being pretty quiet through the line, and somehow he got chosen over some very excited people. Of course, he does have red hair and was wearing a Gryffindor shirt (from Old Navy), so those things helped. (but I bet the TMs were wishing they'd gone for charisma...it was special *for him*, but it wouldn't have been very exciting to watch if you didn't know him...he was keeping his feelings very buttoned up while following Ollivander's instructions!)

    OP, if the kids will feel they must get wands if chosen, won't they not want to give up their wands? You might want to get used to the idea of lockers, and on FJ of riding in shifts so someone can hold them (I've heard their lockers aren't actually deep enough for the wands).
  9. Tramp68

    Tramp68 New Member

    We went in to Olivanders about 40 times over the course of 1 month in August 2011. And then about 8-10 times in November of 2011 over the course of 4 days. We did not see one adult chosen. I am sure it does happen, but it has to be pretty rare.

    Same thing goes with the lack of charisma. I was pointing out ways to increase your chances of being chosen. I was told that the choice is made BEFORE you enter the room, so playing it up without being obnoxious while on line wouldn't hurt...
  10. damo

    damo <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><marquee behavior

    The lockers do hold the wands. That seemed to be a bit of mis-reporting from someone.

    I think adults have been chosen in more than half the number of times we've been to the Ollivanders attraction.
  11. cvjw

    cvjw New Member

    I've seen the show twice, and adults were chosen both times - much to the displeasure of my kids.
  12. Tramp68

    Tramp68 New Member

    I guess the kids have been lucky in all of the times I have gone.
  13. brymolmom

    brymolmom New Member

    Thanks for all the input.

    My kids are 9 and 10 so understand having to 'part' with the wands - they'll be fine getting them later. Also - they won't want to take turns riding FJ - They'll want to do it twice.

    My kids are pretty shy - so I guess that reduces their chances. But my dh is NOT shy in the least and tends to get selected for things like this because it is obvious he will put on a good show. So it will be interesting to see if anyone gets chosen or not.

    I will definitely wait until later to purchase if we don't get chosen. Great advice!
  14. daluke

    daluke New Member

    In October, we were in the first group to get into Olivander's. (We got in with the hotel guests - an hour early.) It was me (48), DW (44), DS (14). We had every expectation NOT to get picked. In fact, there were 3-4 kids in front that we just assumed would get picked.

    But they picked my wife and son. We weren't wearing any HP stuff, nor were we acting up at all. Although we were pretty excited just to be there and it is possible whoever makes the choice picked up on that. And we were in front.

    Both bought their wands, and we had them sent to the front of the park for pickup later.

    And we still got through in time to ride FJ twice and Dueling Dragons once before the park opened up proper.

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