Oct 17-24 7 days on the Magic

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    My review has been a long time coming but have been busy with work and other things so here goes.

    This was our 3rd DCL and second on the Magic. We have over 30 cruises on 3 lines RCI, CCL and DCL. We are both kidless at age 41-45. I am a huge disney nut and hubby comes along for the ride. I am a FL resident rate and got a great deal for the cruise. We had a catg 5. Prior to the cruise we spent 6 nights at Kidani Village as we are DVC members.

    We left Kidani about 1030 had tried to get ready earlier but breakfast at Jambo was quite busy. It took just slightly over 60 minutes to get to the port from Kidani- You can ask at the desk to get a map if need be. We checked in bags taken and hubby parked car. It was colder than it had been earlier in the week in the 60's when 7 days before it was 95. Our Aniv was in Oct so we always cruise then. Most times we have no problem but have had some lately. The last time we were on the Wonder we got there around 11am and we got #3. This time we were 13! But the line to check in was very quick. I talked with the DVC guys and even if you are not cruising on points you still get some invites. By 1215 we were on the ship.

    It was still quiet cool for us FL people but there were people in the pool. I love being able to get the free cokes. I really like how DCL has the places to eat not so jumbled up. At 130pm we went to the cabin and chenged and our bags were there already! We went to the hot tub for a while before the boat drill. Lunch was pretty good with a lot to chose from. The sail away party is fantastic complete with chracters! Awesome. We saw the show of Alfred and Seymour which we thought were very funny. I know some did not like them. I work as a nurse and just to get away and not have people calling me was so nice.

    We started in Lumieres and had diner with 2 other childless couples. This was so nice. They were very nice. I had escargot. My favorite. Our waitress was from Jamaica and ast from Philipenes.

    Key West- I knew the weather would not be so great but would try any way. It was cool in the 60-s again. Mike and I rented a scooter and drove around for a few hours. Went to a wonderful used book store. The highligh was eating fresh Conk at a holie in the wall place. it had a wonderful dipping sauce. Oh I wish I had some now!

    Seaday- This sun came out for a while but by mid afternoon it was raining. Our last years cruise did the same thing. I just hoped CC would be good. This was our character breakfast day too. This is hard as second seating eats at 930am but with the time change it was about 1030

    Grand Cayman- we do not get off in GC and it is so epxpensive and have been there done that. The Carnival Legend was docked next to us and becasue of the rain you could not even see her! We played the wii with some of the cruise staff and some kids. We did hang out by the hot tubs every few hours. We had some chicken fingers and pizza. If you sat in the hot tubs you could see the movie on the screen. The hot tubs would start out really warm but later get colder.

    Cozumel- We had breakfast in Parrot Cay- very nice but not much different than what is up stair at the bufett. We met our table mates at Senor Frogs and had a drink and then went to play mini golf. It is very challenging course. it is 5 blocks up from the Mexican flag. zWe normally would have gone to Mr. Sanchos but the weather was not so good.

    Pirate night was tonight and you get banadana's at dinner and a special menu plus there is a buffett that night on the pool deck. We have seen then show and if you have second seating diner you will be fine and there is a lot of pre show stuff. Mickey normally go from the smoke stack like a zip line but not tonight as they say it was too windy! Fireworks still went on.

    Seaday- Nice and sunny finally! Nice day by the pool. We like the family pool as we can watch the movies. We go to the adult pool for swimming and family hot tub. I did go to a lecture about the Disney greats.

    After diner we booked the Panama Canal. It has been a dream of mine to go through it so PC here we come!

    Castaway Cay- We love to snorkel and this is one of the reaons we cruise DCL. I love finding all the little hidden mickeys. It is quite a ways from shore. need to have a vest on to do this. We bring or own equipment though. This time we found minnie! Well the food this cruise was much better than 3 years ago. Castaway Cay is awsome. There is food on both the adult side and on cookies barbq too. Not just hamburgers. There was Mahi Mahi. Oh how I love that!

    Saturday am- we had a quick breakfast and we were off by 830am. We had a faboulus time and can;t wait to go on the canal. The canal is very espensivie and I don't know if we will get to do anything else next year but we will try.
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    Hi Lexi, we were on the same cruise as you. It was surprising very cool and was not expecting that. But still had a good time. This was our first 7 day cruise. Disney did a good job with us as far as matching us with a family as table mates. We did a lot of family things together

    I wish we would have stayed on the ship at GC. Our excurison was not too good in the rain and really felt like the day was wasted.
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    Thanks for the details on what you did while aboard...must remember that Wii opportunity! :) And CONGRATS on booking PC...it most likely will be much warmer and an amazing trip! Appreciate you taking the time to help other cruisers plan...we're doing our first in May and I love reading what's available on the ship and how folks organize their days!! :) That book store would have been a dream for my daughter, best books seem to be older ones! :)


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