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    Jan 25, 2006
    It's been a couple of years since I went home to SSR and WDW. Man I was glad to be home. SSR still totally charms me. I stayed in a 1 BR in Congress Park. Loved the new decor. My guest was even more impressed than I was. The buses seemed a bit fewer and farther between, but it wasn't too terrible. I think the longest wait at CP was 20 minutes. Our longest wait for transportation was an early departure from Epcot. We waited 30 minutes but it seemed a lot longer.

    It was hot and sticky in the parks so we just meandered and did what we wanted at a leisurely pace. We were there Oct 9-13 and while the parks appeared crowded, wait times even without FPs were no more than 30 minutes, except for Soarin'. Food and Wine failed to impress. The food was OK, but I think it would appeal more if there was shaded seating for folks trying to eat and drink.

    We did lunch at Tusker House on Friday. I had somehow missed the change to character dining, so meeting characters was a happy accident for us. The food was good and the characters were very accessible. That could be because we weren't there until almost the end of the lunch period. Even two older ladies like us enjoyed the characters. If you have kids and want characters at AK, I highly recommend this lunch, but book late. As the dining crowd thins out the characters have more time per table.

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