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    Jul 28, 2011
    I felt that this was maybe the right place to talk about this. Since I dont have many people around me to talk about this and express my sadness. To save my typing ill just post a link to the articel and then talk about why im so upset! Thanks for listing

    From the very beginning when this happeneed a month ago. I always belived that something in that house was going on more then what we knew. I still belive that today. From the beginning I always belived that he should of been tried as a juvinle. From what everyone was saying he as abused from day one by his father and he just snapped. And that he never met to Kill Cassie. The father to me was a sweet and caring man. But then again we never really knew what went on as his house. This man even did the pictures and music for my wedding. Cassie was just the person that you wanted to know. She was always so friendly and willing to be a friend to anyone. She was just such an awsome person. Even though Christin may have been a bad man at home but he is not here to defend him self I am going to remember the way I knew him.

    Today when i read that he would be tried as an adult and read that Cassie was shot 8 times. I complety turned my opinnions around. If you didnt mean to kill someone why would you shot them 8 times. Let alone his father 4 times. If this was because the kid snap then why did he ambush them as they walked in the house kill them both and then rumage threw there pockets. It just doenst make sence to me. I just dont understand how you can shoot anyone 8 times and then turn around and say i didnt mean to kill her. Im just so heart broken about this. I just cant understand it.

    Thanks for reading I just really needed to vent!
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    This is certainly a tragic story and I can understand how hard it must be for all those that personally knew the family.

    I think even with a trial there will always be questions that will never be answered. None of us can really know what goes on in someone else's house and certainly not in the minds of other people.

    How very sad:grouphug:
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    That was very tragic, and hard to read.

    :grouphug: to you. vent, talk, anything anytime my friend.
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    There was something very wrong in the home. We may never know the full story. The shooter had a psychotic episode and probably mental illness. Mental illness is usually hereditary. You CANNOT blame yourself. Now and perhaps forever you will not understand this. love to you and to the family

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