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NOT Resort mugs, Park Souvenir cups

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by VikingInMouseEars, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. VikingInMouseEars

    VikingInMouseEars New Member

    In some of the picture threads I have noticed there seem to be a variety of souvenir cups available in the parks. I got a Magic Kingdom one in January and I saw a picture of a Yak and Yeti plastic cup. Does anyone have pictures of any souvenir cups they bought ot have seen in the parks.
    Thanks, Eric
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  3. VikingInMouseEars

    VikingInMouseEars New Member

    anyone at all?
  4. CindyIsMyFave

    CindyIsMyFave New Member

    I wish I had a photo, but I love my MK cup. Got it at Sleepy Hollow in March. Has Cinderella, Mickey, the Genie, Donald? Now I'm forgetting! :) But it was only like $3.99 or $4.99. Heck your beverage is half that cost anyway. We'd just gotten the resort refillable mugs, but when my DH saw it, he said, oh you have to get that one! I :lovestruc him.
  5. koolaidmoms

    koolaidmoms New Member

    I do have some of the cups. I will try to post a picture later today or tomorrow for you. :)
  6. southern_redhead

    southern_redhead New Member

    We got some in Hollywood Studios. They have Mickey and Minnie under the Rock n Roller on one side and Goofy as a bellhop for ToT on the other. It also has Huey, Dewey, and Louie on the ToT side. Most people may have seen them but, if not, I'll be happy to post a picture. I like them, they were our two favorite DHS rides :)

    I wanted to find one in MK, but only found bottled drinks. Where were the mugs? I'm trying to work on DH for an "adult" trip this winter, maybe I can find one then :)
  7. bean bunny

    bean bunny New Member

    I'll have to take a photo and post but I got one in may at the magic kingdom. It was at a kiosk in frontierland. It's exactly the size and shape of resort mugs but has a purple handle with characters riding the tea cups. I don't remember the cost unfortunately.
  8. DisneySarah80

    DisneySarah80 New Member

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this.... But are you able to use them for free refills like you do with the other mugs?
  9. Sandisw

    Sandisw Moderator Moderator

  10. VikingInMouseEars

    VikingInMouseEars New Member

    Cool, Thanks!
  11. VikingInMouseEars

    VikingInMouseEars New Member

    We always get the resort mugs too, but these other cups in the parks are great for holding large cold drinks at home. And I thought the same thing about the price, cheap souvenir and full of a cool refreshing beverage.

    I haven't seen those yet, the one I got at MK had the castle and Mickey, and sitting here I just had a brain freeze, can't remember anymore except the cap was blue LOL I found it at a kiosk in Frontierland, in that line of places against the river, just before the bridge to SM and BTMR.

    Looking forward to seeing the picture, I got mine in the same place but mine wasn't like the resort mug, it had no handle and was taller than the resort mugs.

    Nope, the CM that sold it to me made a point of telling me that, I guess there had been some misunderstandings lol. But they are still a nice souvenir that are handy to have at home.
  12. VikingInMouseEars

    VikingInMouseEars New Member

    I guess with so many of you willing to post a picture, I had better also lol
    If I get time tomorrow before work I will take a pic and try to figure out how to post one, hae never done it before.
  13. DisneySarah80

    DisneySarah80 New Member

    Thanks. In all truth, it doesn't seem like a smart idea to me. I mean, you sell two different types of collectible mugs, but you can only re-use one of them. Very confusing for people....
  14. VikingInMouseEars

    VikingInMouseEars New Member

    I can see your point and I for one wouldn't have minded paying a little more to make them refillable. Maybe make them work like the resort mug and have park specific cups. I did always think it was a little strange that of all the theme parks in the area, WDW was the only one that didn't offer a refillable mug in the parks. And the quality of the Disney cup I got is much better than the Universal cup which split along the seam after only a few uses at home.
  15. VikingInMouseEars

    VikingInMouseEars New Member

    Finally got some pics of my Magic Kingdom cup:

    One side


    The other side


    Hope we get some more posters, would love to see the other cups available.

    Thanks, Eric
  16. southern_redhead

    southern_redhead New Member


    Sorry. It took me a while to get a picture, too. We got these at the stand in the Fantasmic! stadium.

    I love the Magic Kingdom cup. Just realized, I saw them in the window at Lunching Pad but only saw the Mickey Mouse side. I wish I'd known it had the castle on it, as well.
  17. daisyduck123

    daisyduck123 <font color=green>I just love those parmesan mashe

    We got two of these in June. They are $5.00 each.

    We got ours at the smoothie place right by Aladdin's carpets.
  18. thelittlemermaid

    thelittlemermaid <font color=purple>My life was forever changed whe

    I see what I will be having my oldest son be on the look out for on our next trip. LOL!!! :lmao:
  19. BebopBaloo

    BebopBaloo New Member

    This is maybe going to sound like a silly question - but - is it $5.00 including the drink inside..or an extra $5.00 for the mug?
  20. VikingInMouseEars

    VikingInMouseEars New Member

    I know mine included the drink.
  21. BebopBaloo

    BebopBaloo New Member

    Cool! Thanks! I figured it would...well...was hoping it would. :goodvibes

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