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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by DisneyChick09, May 13, 2013.

  1. DisneyChick09

    DisneyChick09 New Member

    I made reservations for a room at All Star Music over the phone for 3 nights. I was told I would receive a confirmation email, and I haven't gotten one yet. I go to Disney in a week. Do I need a confirmation email to print out and bring to the hotel or can I just show up and show my id?
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  3. Lehuaann

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    When did you book the reservation? For room-only you should receive a confirmation email from Walt Disney Travel Company typically within 24 hours. Perhaps it went to your junk mail?

    Also (again depending on when you booked), you should receive a packet in the mail.

    I usually take my packet with me to checkin, but all they really need is your name/resort reservation/ID.
  4. DisneyChick09

    DisneyChick09 New Member

    I booked it on the morning of the 12th (yesterday). I'll have to check my junk mail.
  5. DisneyChick09

    DisneyChick09 New Member

    There's nothing in my junk mail :/ maybe I should just give it more time. I just didn't want there to be an issue when I went to go check it.
  6. Lehuaann

    Lehuaann <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE> <img src=http://www.e

    Actually, I believe room-only comes from Disney Destinations.

    I was trying to check my room-only emails and it was showing both WDTC and go figure.

    Do you have your resort reservation number? If you can log-in to WDW website, it should show everything there.

    Otherwise, if you call tomorrow, the CM can reforward it to you...
  7. DisneyChick09

    DisneyChick09 New Member

    I think I will just call tomorrow, because I wasn't given a reservation number.
  8. Lehuaann

    Lehuaann <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE> <img src=http://www.e

    I've had them re-forward it to me, it's no problem. Good luck and have a great trip! :goodvibes
  9. arielmomma

    arielmomma New Member

    I wouldn't worry. I booked free dining this past week and I didn't get my email confirmation for 2 days, which is unusual for them. Anyway, I did get it. AT the same time, calling and asking for it never hurt. Either way, I imagine that you will get it. Have a great vacation!
  10. tiger4me2

    tiger4me2 New Member

    As all the other said, it will be okay. But call them & they will sent out another. Sometimes it doesn't get sent out not by purpose but it does happen. Have a great trip !!:goodvibes

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