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New Attraction for 2003!!

Discussion in 'Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Forums' started by wannacorona, May 14, 2002.

  1. wannacorona

    wannacorona New Member

    Well I wanted to let everyone know that Universal Florida and Hollywood will have a new attraction in 2003. The new attraction that both parks will be adding is Shrek 4D. The new attraction will be open in the summer of 2003. USH is will also be adding another new attraction by 2005, which is getting final approval.
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  3. rocketman23

    rocketman23 <font color = green>Zamp in the Lamp<br><font colo

    Where are you getting this information?
  4. Spaceman Spiff

    Spaceman Spiff one by one, cleaning the universal boards of riff-

    wannacorona, prepare for a interogation. we wanna know, who, what, where, when, how and why ;)

    seriously though, where is this info coming from?
  5. Afroman

    Afroman Creative Consultant

  6. wannacorona

    wannacorona New Member

    Well all I can tell you is that I'm a employee for USH to keep my confidentially. The new attraction at USH will be where the Rugrats show is at right now. For USF, it's still unknow. The attraction is about the same concept like "It's tough to be a bug", which will link to the release of Shrek 2. We will be getting the contruction signs this week to put up around the building stating to come back in summer 2003 for the new attraction. As for the new attraction USH will be getting in 2005, all I can say it's a very cool attraction based on a future film release.
  7. Earl

    Earl Man of Mystery

    You should clearly understand that is is not appropriate for any employee to disclose any information that has not been publicly released. This comprimises the company's business operations. I suggest that you reflect on your behavior.
  8. rocketman23

    rocketman23 <font color = green>Zamp in the Lamp<br><font colo

    So, I guess it is true... that really was a mistake. At least you didn't reveal the other USH attraction, eh?

    O, and Earl, you could of just denied it... you know we would've believed you over this character.;)
  9. wannacorona

    wannacorona New Member

    Earl, I feel that I'm not comprimising my company's business in any way. Now the PR will be released by the end of the month or by the middle of next month and the wall with the signs will be going up in the next couple of weeks which eventually will let people know the name of the attraction. Also there will be a large employee meeting in two weeks where the attraction will be announced to the employees. I have hold out on disclosing the information on the other attraction as that could comprimise my company's business. I just wanted to give an small insight and I feel that I have not done anything wrong.
  10. joe

    joe New Member

    It's true that info shouldn't have gotten out before the attraction was announced. However, I'm sure if it is this close to being announced Disney and all the other nearby competitors probably already know what it is.
  11. Earl

    Earl Man of Mystery

    The appropriate time is when the PR is released. You don't know what the PR is going to say. And what they say is for them to say, not anyone else. You spoke for Holllywood and Florida. Rest assured that what will or will not happen in Florida is not being discussed openly in Hollywood.

    I would suggest that if you feel there is not any issue with what you posted, discuss it with your supervisor or manager. Talk as if it were someone else.
  12. rangebob

    rangebob <font color=magenta>Moved to Orlando to be closer

    Anybody in theme park business knows that they shouldn't say anything before it is released by the PR department. I really don't know if this is even true. I really think this is another rumor that will be floating around the boards now. We will believe it when it is published by USH or USF on an official press release or our official insider tells us.
  13. sharbear

    sharbear New Member

    I hope that this is true. I love Shrek and an attraction such as this is bound is to be great.

  14. damo

    damo <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><marquee behavior

    Isn't this old news? I've heard this rumour before and really, I will believe it when I hear it directly from Universal, not from someone on a message board who could be anybody. Actually, if it was Earl then maybe I'd believe it but I know we'd hear it in a PR before that.
  15. ParkHopperUO

    ParkHopperUO New Member

    themeparkinsider.com has a new section where you can rate the rumors that are floating around about the parks. Shrek rumors are among them, as well as many I've heard and a few I hadn't. Pretty interesting reading. :)
  16. Notatourist

    Notatourist <font color=blue>UO Veteran<br><font color=magenta


    I Find it interesting that you want to share this info.Have you not seen rumours change in any company? And since you are at USH, which has need for many new attractions, has it not occured to you that we do not have the same attractions here?

    Earl is correct. Please do not mention something is fact when it is not. To me, it is fact when the paint is going on. Or construction walls.

    If you want to talk about it, why not say it's rumoured.

    Thank You.
  17. ContempoSMT

    ContempoSMT WDW Sept 2010

    this guy is just passing along information that he knows... we dont need to interrogate him about it , if it happens it happens and sure looks like it will - also why are we being so offensive towards this guy ( Earl )
  18. wannacorona

    wannacorona New Member

    Well I wanted to respond to some of the responses that I have been getting on this message board. First, I posted this message thinking people would be interested in what Universal has planned for the next year. I feel that it's up to the individual to decide if they want to belive what I say or not. Also, I feel people can take it as a rumor or as however they want.

    I know that things can always change and nothing is always permanant in the theme park world. I know USH has been lacking in getting new attractions and feel that USH will now start to improve in that department. I could tell everyone how the attraction will look from the outside and inside, but I feel that can ruined the experience for people who don't want to know that much about the attraction. Also I could tell you other aspect of the attraction but that is more sensitive information.

    As for USF, I don't know that much of their operations, but if I know something I really don't care that much about it, but I thougt it was neat that USF was getting the same attraction as USH and that's why I mentioned USF. If I made a mistake in mentioning USF, then I apologize, but I have felt as being under attack in this message board community. I just wanted to pass the information along as ContempoSMT stated.
  19. Notatourist

    Notatourist <font color=blue>UO Veteran<br><font color=magenta

    No mean to attack Wanna, just know, I have heard that things have changed again where that is concerned.

    When you mention these things here, they do tend to be believed as Gospel, and when people find out, they get upset. That's why I said something.

    It's more fun to hint.

    As for where you are-What will it take to get some of the same great places at USH's citywalk here in USF? USJ has some great places...

  20. fboy9287

    fboy9287 New Member

    yup she was right!
  21. Afroman

    Afroman Creative Consultant

    Well Wannacorona, I guess you are right, the shrek attraction was mentioned in today's Orlando Sentinel.

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