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Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by faeflora, Mar 10, 2001.

  1. faeflora

    faeflora <font color=blue>Meredith College Class of '06<br>

    Mar 9, 2001
    I just found this message board today this is wonderful.
    Ok I have read many of the post regarding GAC and am wondering what will be the best information to take with me to Guest Relations to possibly get this pass.
    We are going to WDW this July for our anniversary and my hubby's birthday. We never go in the summer but this is special so hey off we go. However my disease which is a rare genetic disease causes me to use a manual chair right now (was in a power chair for two years) and the medicine I take leaves me highly sensitive to the sun. I am planning on the big hat, SPF45 sunscreen, mister but am very concerned how my body will react to long sun exposure.
    I will have a doctors note, and my medicine bottle that states clearly avoid extended time in sun. Will that be enough for Guest Services to issue a GAC for me?
    We are trying to not have a repeat of last summer that left parts of me after a day at the beach with SPF30 a horrible shade of purple.

    Thanks so much

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  3. EpcotMom

    EpcotMom Mouseketeer

    Jun 1, 2000
    That is all you will need. If any CM gives you trouble, ask for their Supervisor and location number and name.
  4. teri

    teri DIS Veteran

    Aug 22, 1999
    An explanation should be enough at Guest Services, but a note in the hand will help you feel more confident. They probably won't ask to see one, but if they see you have one it sometimes helps.

    There are many tips for staying cool and shaded... in addition to the hat, remember to bring an umbrella for instant shade. Make a deal with your entire party that you never stop in the sun - always move to shade.

    This link about Lupus has a bunch of very nice links that you should check out... especially SueM's excellent last post to the thread :)
    Lupus thread with advice about sun protection

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  5. faeflora

    faeflora <font color=blue>Meredith College Class of '06<br>

    Mar 9, 2001
    Thank you both for the information and for the links. I appreciate the help.
    Jules :)
  6. SueM in MN

    SueM in MN combining the teacups with a roller coaster Moderator

    Aug 23, 1999
    Like the others said, just your word should be enough (but a little documentation will make you feel more confident).
    The thing that is likely to happen to you is they will see your wheelchair and tell you that you don't need any sort of card because of the wheelchair. They may even tell you there is no such thing as a Guest Assistance Card or that it only applies to people who do not have a wheelchair. If they do, then you just keep mentioning the difficulty you will have with sun exposure.
    The GACs all look the same, but have different messages stamped on. There is one stamp just for sun exposure that allows for a wait out of the sun "if the queue is in the sun for an extended period of time." If your idea of "extended period of time" doesn't match with the CM at the ride, you may have to talk to another CM. In general, most CMs will try to be helpful.
    Have fun.

    SueM in MN
    Co-Moderator of disABILITIES

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