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    I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this on... sorry if its not! I tried on the theme parks and strategies board, but only got one reply and it was a suggestion for BBB. A: I think its too late to make a reservation B: I don't think we'd have time. C: The sister was planning on doing that for her birthday trip in a couple of years, I don't want to take that from her.

    A little background: DBF's birthday is 12/18 and we'll be staying at Beach Club Resort with his family on the 17th-19th. He suggested we take my sister and four year old niece to MVMCP as our Christmas present to them (yea, he's pretty awesome! ) so we've decided to leave on the 16th, we are only going to the Christmas party, and DBF and I will be staying overnight at POP, sister and niece will be driving back home that night.

    My sister knows, and has decided that it's only fair to let the DBF and I surprise my niece. This will be Katherine's first visit, and her mom was kind of hesitant to let us take her, she wanted to wait til later when she's older so "she'll remember it." I'd like some suggestions for a cute idea that a four year old with no prior knowledge of WDW would understand and get excited about... She LOVES the princesses, Mickey Mouse Club House, and most Disney movies. Sister, niece, and I are going to leave home (about an hour and a half away from Disney) at about 1pm on that day, check in to the hotel, and probably kill some time at DTD or getting lunch while we wait for DBF to get to Orlando after he gets off of work, which shouldn't be much later than our arrival time.

    We can either surprise her when we leave, in the car on the way up, or at the hotel when DBF gets there. I think I would prefer to wait til he gets there, since this was originally his idea, and hopefully if she's not all amped up on the surprise, she'll take a nap... LOL We've gotten her a Minnie Mouse outfit and a Mickey mouse coloring/sticker book to kill time with, and aren't really sure how to work that in to the surprise... Any ideas or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. I'd love for my sister to see how magical all of this is really going to be for my niece so she's not so stuck on this whole "wait til she's older" thing.

    We don't have any kids yet, so coming up with a creative, cute idea for a four year old is a bit of a challenge for me. Thank you guys so much for any help!!

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