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    Hi everyone! I am booking our WDW vacation today and have a few questions...

    - If we book with free dining, can you pay to upgrade to deluxe dining? When I try to select that option online it looks like it's making the price go up more than that difference should be...

    -When is the last time you can use your meal credits? For instance, can we use the meal credits through the end of the day on the day we checkout?

    -How early can we check into our resort to get our park tickets, or do they get mailed to you before you check in?

    -If DH and I already have park tix, can our DD use her park tix and one of ours, too?

    Thanks so much!
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    1. Yes, see cost here: If you can't do it online, call. Or you can upgrade later. As long as you upgrade at least 72 hours before check in you're fine.
    2. through end of the day on check out
    3. you can pick up tickets 3 days before. This works great if you want to do a split stay. To see how, check out tickets sticky:
    4. Not sure I understand your question. But park ticket can only be used by the each person they belong to (they are tracked by finger scan). Also to get FD you must purchase at least 2 days of park tickets for everyone in your room.

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