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Need Lithographs/Cels Identified HELP!

Discussion in 'Disney Collectors Board' started by mboz1963, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. mboz1963

    mboz1963 New Member

    :):)Hi,I'm new here, My name is Michelle ,I'm from Paris,Tx. Yep we have am Eiffel Tower but our has a big red cowboy hat on it ha! ,I'm going nuts :eek: trying to get this lithograh/Cel Identified, even The person at Disneystore.com is NO help, she tried to direct me to the art dept, but gave me the wrong # :confused3, so y'all come on I'm counting on somebody. I have a litho,from 101 Dalmatians ,I know is at least 15 yrs.old,given to me by my aunt.It is Gold seal stamped /copyrighted Disney. I have looked for another one like it for 3 yrs. There is not 1,no one can even value it. it did not come with a dvd set that were being sold during that time ( I heard about that). My aunt handed it to me and said ,this is worth a lot of money, well, I went yeah sure ,:rotfl:. I'm beginning to wonder now ,:woohoo:. I have ask about 20 different people that are suppose know disney vintage , most of them will not give me an answer, a few ask me where I'm going to sell it at...... figures. :dance3: , do I look stupid??? Guess so, Please someone help me, the litho is not named like some are. Here are the measurements of it. The whole picture is a 9" x 12" , the picture cel is 9 1/4 " x 6 1/4 " , It looks like a scene when they are hiding in the barn from Cruella in London , before the soot , and she is driving around looking for them, in the scene is Perdita, Pongo, 28 pups, Danny the Great Dane. and of course Cruella in her Car ,I tried to add a picture it would not let me but I can email you a picture of it,if you would allow. Thanks for any help. Michelle
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  3. daber

    daber New Member

    First big question is it a litho or a cel? A lithograph is a printed on paper, a cel is clear and the colors are painted on it. I know I'm probably not the best person to talk about this subject, and those definitions will probably cause some laughter, but it's probably the easiest way to explain it. Most lithos are mass produced and therefore not big bucks, unless they are LE.
  4. mboz1963

    mboz1963 New Member

    Hi, well you have answered one of my questions. It's not a Cel. It is a lithograph, but it is not mass produced, I have con't to look and have seen the ones mass produced.I don't think this scene was even in the movie, moving me now to think its a Reproduction of a Studio Background or a Hand-Painted Background which I found described as An original painting created by an artist to compliment a cel but never used in the production of a film or an In-between-ers -
    Artists that complete the animation drawings between key drawings created by head animators , I have watched the movie , even read the script , they are found in bits and pieces but not altogether.May not be worth a lot , but I cannot find another like this anywhere ! and it's exciting. My mom has some pins and other lithos she's had for yrs, I'm going to go get in a few days. I finally got a email addie to WD archives person. Fun ! Thank you , Chelle
  5. daber

    daber New Member

    Every year WDW DS sells something like this back in the Animation store, so this might be one. I was interested in one a few years back that had a darklit staircase. Mickey and Maleficent were there, but their shadows were of the dragon and him with a sword, like in Fantasmic. Not part of a movie, but an original work of art. They sold the art or a litho of it. I didn't buy it because I didn't think Maleficent's face was correct.
  6. bearloch

    bearloch New Member

    sorry it was mass produced I have it too its from 101 dal when it was reeased oh vhs back in late 80's early 90's mine have been told are worth about 5 bucks in great condition!

    know cause I bought the hs new! you had to preorder to get the litohos then! and the movie was sent in the mail !

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