Need input on autistic child/school issue please

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    My DSS is 12 and goes to a special school for behavior challenged kids. He is autistic, ADHD, ODD, Bi-polar, and Rage-anger syndrome. It is a lot for a kid his age to deal with. We had a problem at school a few weeks ago where he used a couple of very racial derogatory terms and it landed him into a fight. We know where the terms came from. His mom's house. His cousin that lives with her uses these terms regularly.

    Anyway, Earlier this week, the school showed his class, which is a room full of behavior challenged 6th graders the movie Pride for Black History Month. I have no problem with them teaching Black History Month. My two other kids are learning it too this month. The problem is the movie. Robert came home and vividly told us what language they were using, every word you can imagine, which is one problem we are having with him at school, and then told us all of the behavior that was used in this movie. The kids bulling one another, beating up cops, etc. DH and I watch part of this movie and it is one we would not approve our 15 y/o watching, much less our Autistic child.

    We were never made aware this movie was being shown in class until he had watched it and one of the problems we have with him is acting out movies and video games he sees which is why we have restricted him to rated E games and gentle PG movies.

    How would you feel about this. I also want to say his behavior at school has deteriorated since this movie has been shown. He has been hitting and kicking more and cussing at the teachers!

    What would you do about this movie?
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    It sound like you have a reasonable perspective and a discussion about what is in the best interest of your child with school administrators would be completely appropriate.
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    what is the show called & rated?? I think you are being completely reasonable. I would request an alternate assignment. How about a documentary on mlk? or the disney movie perfect harmony? talk to the school.

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