Need ideas & tips to make holiday trip even more magical!

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Jen413, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Jen413

    Jen413 Earning My Ears

    Oct 19, 2010
    Going to DW for the third time in December, and this will be our first during Christmas. :yay: I have three girls (6,6 and 4), and they LOVE DW and especially the princesses of course. My twins will be celebrating their 7th birthday, and we are going to BBB for that which will be a surprise. Other than that, what should I do to make it even more awesome. I'm a little worried about it not being as magical as the first two times...Any ideas or things we shouldn't miss for the holiday are appreciated. THANKS!
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  3. tlenzendorf

    tlenzendorf Always Dreaming of Disney!

    Apr 2, 2009
    Are you going to MVMCP? That would be a big thing to make it special!
  4. pixiedust9

    pixiedust9 Mouseketeer

    Oct 2, 2009
    Have you thought of going to the resorts to see the decorations? We did that our first day in Disney. We took the bus to Hollywood Studios and then the boat to the Swan and Dolphin. We saw that tree first and then walked around the Boardwalk looking at the decorations. We had so much fun. Every resort is different, some have huge gingerbread houses, others have trains that circle the tree. One day maybe you could even check out the resorts on the Monorail...I have been told the tree at the Wilderness Lodge is amazing, but we missed it...not sure how tho. The castle with the Christmas lights is so pretty...and the Osbourne Light show, we saw that a few times. Really, I think Christmas in Disney in general is so pretty and Magical. Have a wonderful time!!!
  5. stevea20

    stevea20 Mouseketeer

    Jun 15, 2009
    MVMCP is absolutely a must do. So is, I believe, Holidays around the World at Epcot. Seeing the different versions of Santas and how other countries celebrate is worth the time. My opinion on the most kid friendly, and really they all are, is Norway, that's a fun presentation.
    Take the time to tour some of the other hotels for the edible creations such as the large gingerbread house at GF or the Caruosel at Beach Club(hopefully it's still there, they do change things), I've also seen good displays at the Boardwalk.
    Just immerse yourselves in the season and you can't help but finding it magical. Enjoy.
  6. OB1

    OB1 May the Ears be with you

    Aug 25, 2003
    Gifts of a Lifetime is an Orlando based company that will decorate your room for any special occasion. They will do the birthday decorations, Christmas, or all of the above. I have never used them, but have heard good reviews from a few podcasts. The website shows a starting price of $295. They will decorate your room while you are out at the parks, and will coordinate with you to choose the perfect decor.

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