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Navigators verandah, wonder-magic

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by dletz, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. dletz

    dletz New Member

    We have only cruised once before, and we were on the wonder. We reserved an outside cabin, and when we got to the ship were informed we had been upgraded to a navigators verandah. I really liked it even though we didn't have much time to sit out there as were were only on a 4 day cruise.

    I booked the repositioning cruise from CA to FL for next year. Since I liked the verandah and figured we'd get use out of it on a 14 day cruise we went ahead and booked that again. We're a couple decks higher this time (last time we were on 5, this time on 7) still at the back, but on opposites sides as were were last time. I know that the Navigators are different between the two ships. I'm now second guessing my self and wondering if I will hate the smaller look out area on the Magic.

    I wanted the Navigator since I liked the privacy of it, but now I'm worried that it will be a lot smaller than what we had on the wonder. Anyone ever do both and be a very dispointed in the Navigators verandah on the magic. I know there's probably not much I can do about it anyway, especially since I know the price has gone up a lot since I reserved, but I'm hoping someone can help put my mind at ease.

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  3. ivanova

    ivanova <font color=blue>DIS Veteran<br><font color=red>Hi

    I know where you're coming from .. we liked our cat 7 nav verandah on our Nov 2003 4 night on the Wonder, so we booked a cat 7 for the CA to FL repo cruise too .. I'd like to upgrade to a cat 5 or cat 6, but DH really wants the privacy of the nav verandah. I don't think we'll regret it, or not like it :teeth:

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    The opening on the magic is smaller, but still very big. We first had one on the Wonder and I was a little worried too going to the Magic but it was great! You can definately have two people stand and look out at the same time. It still offers plenty of light and air. We booked it again for our December cruise.

  5. dletz

    dletz New Member

    Thank you so much, that's basically what I was looking to hear. From the pictures I've seen I was worried that only one person would be easily able to see out, and after waiting over a year for the trip we would be disappointed.

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