1. asa'smom

    asa'smom DIS Veteran

    Jun 17, 2002
    Has anyone who won points in the locker game recieved theirs. The first time i played i won 750. I know they weren't going to give them to us until after the game was over , but ti ended on the 18th. Anyone recieved anything yet.
  2. mickeyfan1

    mickeyfan1 <font color=purple>Come and let me show you my tat

    Jul 23, 2002
    It will probably take 30 days to show up. My Points should be remaned My Slow as Molasses Points for the speed they use.

    Congrats on the win!
  3. Kycha

    Kycha <font color=peach>I'm a grouch with a heart <font

    Jul 4, 2005
    The e-mail I received said 6-8 weeks from the end of the contest. So, I wouldn't look for anything before November.
  4. CajunDixie

    CajunDixie <font color=purple>"Carpe diem, quam minimum credu

    Nov 18, 1999
    I don't have my points from the contest yet either......not showing in the pending points either. I wonder if once we "get" them they will be available or just pending.

    I agree about them being slow on somethings. I signed up for the MyPoints Visa and got my first 1,000 points for activation and the points for what I charged the first month but I have received nothing for the bonus points of 1,000 I should have received for using the card before the end of September.:confused3

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