My booking experience...2 Dinners and 2 websites!

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by hollygolitely93, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Feb 13, 2011
    Weird morning.

    6am I went to UK site I read about. Booked my ADRs. YAY! Had two issues:

    1) Fantasmic Package blacked out after April, couldn't select in calendar.
    2) Mickey's Backyard BBQ blacked out after mid Aug or Sept.

    I got BOG but for my second choice night. I did not get boo boo. So I booked Chef Mickey's instead.

    So I went to MyExperience site to a) ensure confirmations were there and b) try for Ohanas on this site.

    I was able to book Fantasmic package 180+4 easily and booked Backyard BBQ for same day I booked Chef Mickeys!!!

    So I have a 5:30 Chef Mickeys and a 6:30 BBQ under same reservation number. Though I couldn't do that? Hmmm....I'll cancel one as my intent is not to hoard ressies...I only booked Chef Mickeys to hold since BBq was blacked out.

    Is this normal?

    If only ONE of the sights had Ohana open before 8pm!!!! Seriously when did that Ressie become so difficult! I tried it at 6:03 am right after BOG and all they had was 8pm!

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