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Most Expensive trip ever

Discussion in 'DVC Trip Reports' started by corpcomp, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. corpcomp

    corpcomp The 100 Yard Dash and Mr. D

    Right now I'm getting rates of $600 per out of New York on Jet Blue.

    May just cancel and not waste the money.
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  3. melissac

    melissac New Member

    Is that to MCO or are you talking about Hawaii. Just was a little confused:scratchin

    We where very luck with my up coming girls only vacation. Flying out of regional airport in WI(MSN) to MCO then going to Anaheim(SNA) then to another regional airport closer to home CWA. All for $500 thought that was a great price. United is who we are flying.
  4. corpcomp

    corpcomp The 100 Yard Dash and Mr. D

    JFK to MCO
  5. melissac

    melissac New Member

    That is crazy. Is it over a major holiday or within 3 weeks?
  6. corpcomp

    corpcomp The 100 Yard Dash and Mr. D

    Mid April, about 3 weeks after Easter.
  7. corpcomp

    corpcomp The 100 Yard Dash and Mr. D

    Wish we could drive. DW only gets 5 days off at a time from work (hospital) so no way we can drive from CT
  8. PRmamiDEdos

    PRmamiDEdos New Member

    I never pay more than $250 per out of JFK. Keep looking.

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  9. Buzzsgramma

    Buzzsgramma New Member

    Mind you i am not complaining...for the wk of Thanksgiving 2011 we took our married children,spouses and 7 grand kids all considered adult..total of 13...most drove 5 flew in from Chicago..R/T.
    we are DVC so they had rooms,went to the park/hoppers 5 days...ate at O'Hana's, Boma's, Teppen Edo, etc..
    .the day at U both parks was nearly $2000....we paid for the gas and hotels going down,all food at parks and hotels..& airfare... each family were given $300 in gift cards
    We were celebrating our 47th Ann...we had a great time...if anyone want ed to do something other than want we planned no problem...To this day i still haven't added it all up!!
  10. corpcomp

    corpcomp The 100 Yard Dash and Mr. D

    Just got power and Internet back after 12 days here in CT thanks to sandy. If I were you I would not add it up either.

    Bad news for us is that the school is talking about canceling spring break.2nd year in a row and three weeks lost to storms.

    We are moving to Florida where it is safer.
  11. imlsherman

    imlsherman New Member

    It all depends on what time of year your are planning to fly. My a family and I can only go when school is on vacations so that means higher rates. This is what we are driving this year for Christmas. The drive is not that bad and it saves you a lot of money in the long run.
  12. TheDalys

    TheDalys New Member

    We have Disney down to a science,,,, so far. DVC helped our costs in a big way.

    We bought resale, so it was half the price of direct. For what we paid for the points and our MF costs over the extent of the contract calculated together, it is about $1300 a year. And that is 250 points. With the points we have we use on 1 or 2 bedroom villas, so that we have a full kitchen to make our meals. And since we stay at disney we do not pay for transportation.

    We alternate years on buying our park passes, there are 3 of us that need tickets (and 1 child under 3 that doesnt need passes as of now). we all have 7 no expiration passes, this year i am going to purchase the PAP on sale for our january and november trip. We usually only visit 3 parks each trip, november we will visit 4. That will finish my DW and DS' s tickets up, so they will have to buy tickets in 2014, and i will still have my 7 no expiration passes, because i used the PAP in 2013. So we are not overwhelmed with a big disney park pass bill each time we run out.

    It is a 2 hr 30 min flight for us, so we do not need a comfortable flight. Spirit airlines is just fine for us and we have not paid over $80 each way yet (per person).

    For a family disney vacation, I think $2500 - $3000 is well worth it. And everyone wonders how it is afforded every year, DVC was the key.
  13. JasonDVC

    JasonDVC New Member

    Add to that using Disney Visa Rewards dollars for food and it can become affordable.

    Just found flights from Providence for $70. This helps as well
  14. Cee

    Cee New Member

    I learned a long time ago that if I was going to enjoy Disney, I mean REALLY enjoy it, I would have to shut my mouth and open my wallet. :thumbsup2
  15. TheDalys

    TheDalys New Member

    Canadians do not get to have the rewards of a disney visa :-(
  16. corpcomp

    corpcomp The 100 Yard Dash and Mr. D

    Wow - just looked - $1750 for three out of JFK for Spring Break. Can go lower but would have to fly at about 7pm at night. Waste of a day.
  17. imlsherman

    imlsherman New Member

    I feel your pain that is way we drive from New York. The flights are way to much when the kids are out of school. The drive I not that bad we have done it twice in the last two years with two kids under the age of four.
  18. JasonDVC

    JasonDVC New Member

    [QUOTE="] Can go lower but would have to fly at about 7pm at night. Waste of a day.[/QUOTE]

    While I agree it's a waste of day, if I'm going for 1 week, I don't mind "losing a day" if I'm getting the flights for essentially half price.
  19. corpcomp

    corpcomp The 100 Yard Dash and Mr. D

    Just checked Spirit. Cheapest was $1704 for three from NYC. But we are going Spring Break mid April so we get hit by the airlines.

    Would drive but DW only gets 5 days max off from her job at any one time so driving 1100 miles is impossible. When DS goes to college next year we will start going as a empty nest couple and go in late September when the rates are the lowest.

    He intends to apply for an internship in Disney so maybe that will help.
  20. TheDalys

    TheDalys New Member

    Ya i guess the time of year can increase the price. We are going in january (4 adults 1 seated child), total price with bags $889. I booked them late July. And 1 week after i booked the price went down $10 a person (figures). I think in 2014 we are going to go in a busier season, so i will keep an eye on flight prices all year.
  21. Shazzie B

    Shazzie B New Member

    Thought I'd pop by & say Hi:wave2:

    We're finding Disney holidays more & more expensive too - we have two Teenagers also, 1 at University 1 due to go in Sept.

    However this year we're only at Disney for 9 nights (normally about 16) as we're saving money by staying with my Brother 1st, guess where -Wilton Conneticut - could you wear your lime green Mickey head around town for the last week in August:lmao:

    We managed to get flights from JFK to MCO for $82 each - booked in Nov though (I think we still have to pay extra for luggage on top), out of your holiday season I guess as early Sept.:)

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