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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by KBT35, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. KBT35

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    Oct 6, 2011
    Ok so for our next Disney Cruise I'm thinking I'd like to do WDW prior to setting sail on the Dream in May for 4 nights! I always like arriving a day prior to sailing but was thinking if we catch a very early flight (arriving @ 8am) we would have time to do WDW. We've been before just not together, my DS has gone with either friends or family without me, my only request of them was that they saved Magic Kingdom for us to do together so that's what we'd do. Especially now with the addition of Fantasyland I definitely want to go!

    1. Best rate on 1 day passes (DS will be 11)

    2. Should we stay on WDW property like Pop so we can then take Disney Transfer to port?

    I would treat this as our "excursion" since we likely won't do Atlantis this time around, not because we didn't LOVE it, we did, but because we are going to do Sheraton beach pass & The Fish Fry this time. We will also book parasailing on CC as that was canceled on our cruise last time due to high winds.

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  3. jedijill

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    Jan 17, 2005
    1. There is no discount for 1 day passes that I know of.

    2. Disney transfer to port is $35pp each way. Much cheaper to rent a car or use a limo service for a family.

    I could see doing the day before sailing at a park but it would be a LONG day and I would be beat for the first day of the cruise. Not sure where you would be flying from in order to arrive at 8AM but you have to factor in being at the airport a couple hours pre-flight, flight time, travel to WDW. If you are taking ME to WDW (have to be a resort guest) then you will probably arrive on property around 9:30 or 10. If you just drop your stuff, you could probably be in MK by 11am or so so depending on closing time you could get a 10-12 hours in the park.

    Definitely doable but expensive and tiring.

    Jill in CO
  4. kcashner

    kcashner DIS Veteran

    Dec 4, 2003
    Single day park tickets are outrageously expensive. The only way I know of to get a discount is to go to some stupid timeshare presentation, and that would take hours of your day.

    You won't have a full day at the parks no matter what. If you get in at 8, you'll still need to get luggage and either use Magical Express or a rental car to get to WDW. Either will take some time. Then you need to check in at the resort and get to the park.

    It's not a bad idea and it is totally do-able, but not quite as easily as you think.

    For the transportation to the port, your best (cheapest) bet is a rental car. You can pick up the car at MCO or at a location near WDW. Budget is in the Doubletree near Downtown Disney; they have a shuttle or you can just take the Disney bus to the Marketplace stop and it is a 5-8 minute walk. Other agencies are located in the Hilton, Swan/Dolphin, etc. You get a car, drive to Cape Canaveral, and drop off the car. You can either drop the family at the terminal first and only the driver return the car and shuttle back or keep the whole gang together and shuttle back to the terminal (free).
  5. stsomewhere

    stsomewhere DIS Veteran

    Mar 13, 2008
    I took an 8:30 am flight the day before my cruise. I used Magical Express. I checked into Pop, dropped my stuff and was at MK by 2 pm., I spent some time there and then spent the evening at EPcot. (it had late EMH until Midnight).

    I had a great time!
    We went to WDW in late August last year and the line waits were not to bad.
  6. KBT35

    KBT35 Mouseketeer

    Oct 6, 2011
    It will just be my DS and I for this leg of the trip, the rest of our party is flying in the morning of the cruise (I don't like cutting it that closely) they are all grown and are seasoned travelers as well so that's their prerogative! I live in Birmingham and can fly out of here or ATL at 5am and get into MCO around 8/8:30am. As for it being a long day....well it always is when a there park is involved so I'm fine with that, heck everyday on the cruise was a long day! LOL! Which is in part why we are doing the exact same cruise again so we can slow our roll and really enjoy the ship this time.
    Definitely not gonna take the time to hear a timeshare presentation, been there done that and barely made it out with my wallet! LOL
    I honestly really HATE renting cars, for that quick of a turn around.....
    Hmmmm it definitely all sounded great in my mind.....gonna have to think a bit harder about it.

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