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Mixing and matching use years at different properties -- advice?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by psac, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. psac

    psac New Member

    We already own at BWV with a December use year, and are thinking of adding on Resale at AKV. Are there any benefits or downsides for buying a contract with the same use year versus a different UY? I know the 11 month bookings still must be with each property's respective points.

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  3. erionm

    erionm New Member

    If they are the same UY and titled exactly the same, they can be added to your existing membership and easily combined with your existing points for a single reservation at 7 months.

    If they have a different UY, they will be a different memberships. To combine points you would need to transfer points from one account to the other to make a single reservation at 7 months. Or make separate reservations and have them linked, but you will to check-out and then check-in again on the change day.
  4. psac

    psac New Member

    Very important information, thank you! I'm glad I asked. (And glad you answered!)
  5. gatorgirl02

    gatorgirl02 New Member

    On the flipside (as an owner of 2 contracts with different resorts and UY's), you can have a total of 4 waitlist requests (versus 2 with only one UY) and you can also access your yearly allotment of extra points, if you need them, on both memberships, versus only once. That being said, you need to make sure you keep up with the different UY's, so you don't lose points. However, knock on wood, I haven't had any issues yet... :thumbsup2
  6. puffkin

    puffkin DVC Owner- SSR & AKV

    I have 2 contracts, same use year, different resorts. They are titled differently so we have 2 membership numbers. We are currently in ROFR on a third contract that will also be titled differently and is a different use year.

    For me, I manage all my contracts seperately so use year/membership numbers don't matter as much too me. With banking and borrowing, we have enough points to do that. On rare occassion, if I am short a few points I will transfer them in from the other contract (allowed once a use year). Once I was short 5 points so I just bought the 1 time points from DVC.

    I find this works the best for me for our situation.
  7. disneynutz

    disneynutz <br><img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/i

    Unless you have a good reason for 2 different memberships, do yourself a favor and make life easier with just one UY.

    :earsboy: Bill
  8. Deb & Bill

    Deb & Bill DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Honorable Mention

    Remember that you cannot borrow transferred points. So if you need a bunch of points to make the reservation, you may need to make two separate reservations (one with each contract) and then have them linked.
  9. psac

    psac New Member

    Thanks everyone for the thoughts. We're definitely thinking same UY is the way to go. Anyone else?? Thanks Again!
  10. Dean

    Dean DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis

    Upside is you may travel to different locations different times of the year. Downsides currently include that if they were all under 1, it's simpler. Also, if they were to change the banking rules back to the way they were before (unlikely but possible), having them all together is beneficial. They actually will transfer banked/borrowed points and more than 1 per year for multiple contracts of a single owner. It is case by case and basically for items where you can't do it otherwise like for that single night or for things like DCL where they all have to be in 1 account.
  11. psac

    psac New Member

    Thanks again everyone. We went ahead and made an offer (and it was accepted!) on a contract with the same Dec UY. It seemed to make the most sense. Now all the fun with contracts, ROFR and all that good stuff...
  12. Scotch

    Scotch New Member

    I want to hit myself. I never paid attention to these different UY posts in the past, and I had no idea re this. I just made an offer on a contract that has a different use year (than our existing contracts), thinking it didn't make a difference! :headache:

    Edited to add: If I have the separate reservations linked, do I have to do more than go through the motions of checkin/out the same day? In other words, would we have to move units (in same resort) as well?
  13. puffkin

    puffkin DVC Owner- SSR & AKV

    There are a lot of variables (like size of contract, when you are booking, where you are booking, etc). We don't find it to be that big of a deal as we have two contracts. So for trip A I use contract A and for Trip B I use contract B. Everynow and then I am short points. If it is just a couple of points I just buy the one time use points from Disney. If it is more than a few points I just transfer in the points from the other contract. If you are at 7 months it doesn't matter much at all but if you are further out the transferred points following the bookign window of their home resort, not the contract you transfer them into. I've never had to link reservations or anything like that.
  14. Scotch

    Scotch New Member

    Thank, puffkin. I've read all that I can and I think I actually like the different UY idea just for the additional 2 waitlist benefit. I was thinking why I hadn't bothered to read the different UY posts and realized that I thought that linking and transferring was no big deal -- because it wasn't the last time I looked into this years ago when we bought our last contract (before the new computer upgrade and new transfer rules). Anyway, I've learned my lesson. I need to read more threads here and assume my knowledge may not be current.
  15. appleorchard

    appleorchard New Member

    Having 2 UY contracts means we can transfer points in twice, which can be very helpful on certain years. Ditto for buying the extra points from Disney. It really isn't that difficult to keep track of.
  16. puffkin

    puffkin DVC Owner- SSR & AKV

    And another benefit is that you have a much broader range of contracts to consider when buying resale. Our two contracts are June, which is one of the smallest use years so less contracts out there to find. Plus, we tend to take a spring trip every couple of years which makes a June UY not ideal. We are in ROFR now on a SSR Feb UY contract that I will use for our spring trips. The one June SSR contract I use for our late summer/fall trips as I am not horribly concerned with getting the 11 month booking window and usually get what I want at 7 mon. For our early December trips I use our June AKV contract and take advantage of the 11 month window. So it actually works out for us to have different resorts and use years and the majority of our points at SSR (lower price per point buy in and lower MF) ....although I am fine staying at any of the DVC resorts if need be.

    I don't find it that difficult managing the contracts seperately. But our contracts are medium sized (100-150 points each) so we can book what we want with banking and borrowing.
  17. Dean

    Dean DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis

    While that's currently true, there's no guarantee it will remain so. As the transfer rules are currently written, one could easily take the interpretation that it's per member rather than per contract.
  18. candiemonster

    candiemonster New Member

    I'm currently on a look out for a resale contract that has a different use year than what we already have. My goal is to have two contracts that will cover each month of the year without the worries if loosing points plans for vacation get cancelled. I will use my June use year to cover trips from June and January and use a December use year (once I find it!) to cover trips from December to July.

    I don't see it to be very hard to keep track of different memberships. DVC has their website very user friendly to help members track it themselves.
  19. Sandisw

    Sandisw Moderator Moderator

    These are the two UYs that I own and while I didn't buy thinking about it covering the whole year, I am happy that I ended up this way. If we pass ROFR for our newest BLT points, I will have enogh in both memberships to book without having to worry!!!
  20. lodge

    lodge New Member

    We further complicated ours by attempting to stay near the park(s) we will be frequenting in a given trip.... sometimes WITH split stays. Are we crazy?!?!::yes::
  21. Dean

    Dean DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis

    I think it varies with the individual. I think that roughly it should correlate with the ability to balance a checkbook.

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