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Milliepie ~ DISign thread part 2 ~ *Please read 1st post updated 2/28/2011*

Discussion in 'Creative DISigns' started by milliepie, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. milliepie

    milliepie I miss DIS, but RL is a priority.

    :wave2: Hello everybody!

    I'm getting close to the 250 page mark, so I need to make a few rules that will help me out some.

    :sad1: I will not be taking any more requests from this point on. (Feb 28, 2011) Please understand that if you make a request after this point I will not fill it.

    :lovestruc Looking through all of my posts I realize that I am really far behind. I am really honored that so many requests are being made. This tells me that I have done a good job. I am going to take the time to finish all requests that have been made thus far and use the rest of this thread to post them in.

    :teacher: Going to school full time in addition to my every day life activities:laundy: are really demanding on my time and energy. I really enjoy DISigning and will not quit so..

    :flower3: When I am all caught up here and the thread closes down, I will start thread number 3 ready for new requests!

    :grouphug:Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this. I look forward to dreaming up new things and helping anyone who might need my help.

    A few more notes: :) I have a lot of designs in Photobucket, but when that got full I moved all of my stuff to 4shared so that is where you will find EVERYTHING.

    :flower3: Please feel free to use my blanks for personal use. Please don't use them for any personal gain. I work really hard on what I make and enjoy sharing for FREE. If you choose to ignore my plea; may the guilt eat away at you and Karma exact its revenge.

    To retrieve your image and save it at it's best quality click on the picture. When you linger over that pic a 4 arrow square will appear that says expand to actual size, click on that and it will pop up full size and you can save it from there. Or you can just download it via the download button. ;)

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  3. milliepie

    milliepie I miss DIS, but RL is a priority.

    My favorite past time is seeing how many different ways I can make the Disney logo. Here are the ones that I have so far.
    A couple of them are re-creations that I couldn't find in a better quality so I made my own, the others are of my own creation. Please don't ask me to make a name for you with this style. I will not do it because of the time it takes. Thanks. :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    I also have 2010 and 2011 DISigns. Here are a few. Check out my files for the rest.​

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Some Alphabet fills I have​

    You can find more HERE

  4. milliepie

    milliepie I miss DIS, but RL is a priority.

    I can do name fills in any style except for the style that i have in my signature. If you have a preference to how you want them done say so when requesting. This includes colors, font type and if you want a border or embellishments. Please take a look to see if the names you would like are already in my files. NAME FILLS

    Here are a few examples.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. milliepie

    milliepie I miss DIS, but RL is a priority.

  6. lauriegs

    lauriegs proud AKV and BCV owner

    wow, you do amazing work! I had no idea all this cool stuff was here on the disboard! we've got a cruise coming up in 2 weeks..so if I wanted to use one of your designs, after I download it, what's the best thing to print it on? I'm a newbie to this. thanks!
  7. marneb

    marneb aka. MarneMouse

    Welcome back Milliepie! Hope your move didn't stress you out too much.:scared1:
  8. labdogs42

    labdogs42 <font color=darkorchid>I managed to wrestle a play

    I love that Phineas and ferb filled Disney!! Do you have more P&F stuff? We love P&F! I just discovered your threads, so I'll spend some time perusing soon! Thanks!
  9. bababear_50

    bababear_50 <font color=royalblue>Does amazing things with tee


    Welcome Back Hon!
    Don't forget to take some time to settle in--we missed you.
    Hugs Mel

  10. XMom

    XMom New Member

    Hi there...glad to hear you move went well. I was hoping to get the following:

    DVCCCwondermh.png with Tamparong Family/Mexican Rivera/February 20-27, 2011
    6surfboardsdabmmd.jpg with Roland, Charlene, Pam, Xander, Xayne & Xoey for the same MR cruise?

    Thank you so much!!
  11. cogero

    cogero New Member

    Welcome Back Milliepie!! Settle in and get organized.
  12. milliepie

    milliepie I miss DIS, but RL is a priority.

    Thank you. You can print it on magnetic paper which is the simplest way to go. I've never bought magnet paper before so I can't tell you where to get them from. Maybe an office store? What I did was print on cardstock, laminated and then attached magnets to the back. I got magnet strips from Michaels, but you can get them from Wal-mart and other places too. Hope that helps. :goodvibes
  13. XMom

    XMom New Member

    Is it easy and inexpensive to laminate them? How do you do it?

  14. milliepie

    milliepie I miss DIS, but RL is a priority.

    Thanks! It wasn't too stressful for the most part. It was nice getting to drive home to Colorado to visit my family for a few weeks while waiting for our new house here.

    Thank you. I hope to soon. :goodvibes

    You are always so sweet. :hug: Thank you, I missed it here so much.
  15. milliepie

    milliepie I miss DIS, but RL is a priority.

    I do have a few more P&F. I hope you stumble upon them when you persue. ;)
  16. tamis

    tamis New Member

    Milliepie...Do you by chance have your 4parksoneworldAK done with other characters besides Mickey? I noticed you had one with Donald in your mickey head folder, but it was on a white background instead of a blue. Is there a chance I could get that created with the same blue background as your Mickey one and possibly get a 3rd one with another male character (Chip, Dale, Goofy or Pluto). I'm wanting to make the shirts slightly different for my 3 boys.

    Here is the link I saw for the Mickey design:


  17. M_I_C_K_E_Y

    M_I_C_K_E_Y It Was All Started by a Mouse

    Welcome Back Millie! You were missed!

    It sure was nice to see Lori helping you with your requests - hopefully that makes coming back a lot less stressful.

    By the way, the family and I wore your Hawaiian flower Mickey heads (each one of us in a different color) this summer to Disney and they looked fantastic! Thanks!
  18. Scooby3x1y

    Scooby3x1y New Member

    :worship:HOORAY! Millie is back!

    Welcome back! See how loved you are? We're all excited to have you back!
  19. brianheather

    brianheather DVC MEMBER AKV 09 SARATOGA SPRINGS 2010 & Boardwal


    I love this ... could I get this with Just Married on it instead of the Anniversary.
  20. catpowers

    catpowers New Member

    Nice to see you back! I've finished just about all of my projects (good thing since our trip is now only 3 weeks away)! A lot of them are your DISigns, so I hope you'll take a minute to take a peek when I post pics in the next week or so! It's been a lot of work but I'm really happy with the way everything turned out :thumbsup2
  21. skhermsmeyer

    skhermsmeyer Donald's #1 with my kids! Go figure!

    Welcome back Millie! Glad to hear your move went well! I'll give you some time to settle back in before I request anything! :laughing:
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