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    Mar 16, 2011
    We are looking at getting 7 day PH passes with the military discount. The first question I had was if the prices listed on the SOG website were accurate. To get to the section with PH passes on the SOG website, you must click a link that says "regular Disney Tickets" and it displays this list

    The price difference is less than $10 for this PH pass and a regular PH pass. I was wondering if the military discount is <$10 or if the prices had changed and the SOG website hadn't updated (let's face it, they don't have the best website ever). I know that, regardless, the real savings is almost $20 in sales tax you receive from purchasing from SOG. Does this make sense?

    My second question is does everyone purchasing tickets from SOG have to be a MM or dependent. I know it doesn't matter for AFS tickets, but we will be a party of four including one MM. Will he be able to purchase tickets for the group?

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    Don't forget that the tickets sold at SoG are not subject to the 6.5% Sales Tax. At the Gate your cost for a seven day hopper would be $367.43 including tax.

    And anyone with either a military ID or DD1173 can make purchases at SoG.
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    The only difference I have see with the regular MYW Military tickets is that you don't pay tax on them and you do if you buy them at the gate. Our ITT office doesn't update their ticket list when ticket prices go up. The only tickets I have seen an actual discount on is the AP at SoG and at ITT.

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