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Meals questions

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by jm106, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. jm106

    jm106 Active Member

    I am still gathering onfo before booking. There is an early and late dinner right? That means same for breakfast too?

    Are there quick places for breakfast we could get on the go instead? Lunch is not a planned time though right?

    How long is dinner generally? I am trying to decide between early and late- my boys will be almost 5 and 7.5 but able to easily be flexible with meal times. I think we would rather more time to enjoy our day before returning to shower for dinner. How long can I expect for a late dinner?

    I see the schedule for which dinners which day(formal, pirate...) on DCL website but cant find the 5 night dinner itinerary- could someone direct me please. I appreciate the help.
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  3. clten

    clten Active Member

    Early and late dining refer to dinner only. Breakfast (except for the last morning) and lunch you are free to dine at your own schedule; hours for the MDRs and the buffets are listed in the navigators.

    How long dinner lasts can vary quite a bit based on you and your servers. Can last 1 1/2 hours or over 2. I know they can get the items from the kids menu served quickly (in late seating they have the kids club come pick up in the dining rooms about an hour into dinner). So it's possible for dinner to last a shorter period for your kids and then you enjoy an adults dinner.
  4. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS Veteran

    The only assigned dining times are for dinner: main - usually 5:45, and late - usually about 8:15.

    For breakfast & lunch the buffet is open. As well as one of the MDRs (buffet style) and a different MDR (sit down service). These are open specified hours, check your Navigator daily for these hours, and you can go anytime during those hours. Breakfast is also available from room service.

    Dinner is generally in 1 1/2 hour-2 hour range. It varies depending on how quickly you get served. You can ask your server to make it quicker (but it won't be a whole lot quicker). Late dining has the dine N play option for the kids, the servers will bring the kids entree out with the adult appitizers. And then the kids club CMs will sweep the room picking up those kids to take to the club.

    I think the 5 night itineraries are pretty new, so people haven't posted that info yet.
  5. Meghatron

    Meghatron Active Member

    The only day you will have an assigned breakfast time is disembarkation day. Otherwise breakfast can be through room service, the buffet at Parrot Cay, or sit down at Triton's (Wonder)/ Lumiere's (Magic) whenever you like during listed breakfast hours in the daily navigator.

    No, lunch is not "planned" although certain places like Topsider's (Magic)/Beach Blanket Buffet (Wonder) will have an opening and closing time for lunch.
  6. jm106

    jm106 Active Member

    Thanks, I hadnt planned to use kids club for dinner. 2 hours for the full meal is lengthy so not sure if 8 pm is pushing it. Ill have to think about it. 6 pm is a bit early, we would have rush I think to be back, cleaned up and sitting by 6.
    great to find out we dont have to have assigned breakfast- super helpful.
  7. jm106

    jm106 Active Member

    is it common for parents to send kids off to kids club then during dinner?
  8. Meghatron

    Meghatron Active Member

    We didn't do it on nights that there were parades or such in the dining rooms: AP show night, pirate night, etc. The rest of the time DD was stir crazy so she'd eat and then one of us would go check her in (early dining, so no Dine and Play option).
  9. kcashner

    kcashner DIS Veteran

    Yes, but....

    If you want them to EAT in the programming, the meal time in the programming may not be the same as your assigned dining time--check your Navigator for meal times in programming.

    Another thing that happens at main dining is to ask the server to "expedite" your kids food. They can have the kids thru dinner in 45 minutes. Then YOU excuse yourself for 3 minutes and run them to the Club/Lab...and return to the dining room to enjoy your next course. Parents used to do this at both dining times, but now on late seating, the CMs actually come to the dining room and pick up the kids--again, tell your server that you are doing Dine and Play. They will both expedite the meal and keep an eye out for the youth activities gang.
  10. If you plan to see the shows then the dining times don't effect the time you have to start getting ready for your evening. Either you see the show and then go to dinner or go to dinner and then see the show. The kids club does their dinner at the early seating time, so there is no programming for the kids at that time if they aren't eating. I also hear that some people that take the late seating with kids regret it because they end up having to eat two meals because the kids are too hungry after being busy all day to wait until 8:30 to get their food. The early seating always fills up first, but some people do love the late seating since the clubs come and take your kids right at your table. :)
  11. jm106

    jm106 Active Member

    What is "EAT in the programming"
  12. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS Veteran

    At specified times, lunch and dinner are served in the kids programming areas. These times don't necessarily coincide with your dining time at dinner. If you have your kids in the the club at the time the meals are served, they can eat there. From what I've read here, the meals are basically the sandwich/fruit/drink stuff, so not real exciting.
  13. kcashner

    kcashner DIS Veteran

    As above, meals are served in the Oceaneer's Club/Lab area so that kids who are checked in at that time can eat there. You could theoretically drop off your child after breakfast and not need to pick them up till bedtime--they would be fed and entertained. However, the times that food is served as part of the child care programming may not correspond with your meal times.

    My experience with food served in the Oceaneer's Club was as above--sandwiches and fruit. However, there have been some recent posts that indicate that the dinner offerings may have improved--mentions of pizza night, etc.
  14. Weedy

    Weedy Active Member

    For dinner there are 3 sit down restaurants, you will rotate through the 3 restaurants and repeat 2 of them. As you know there is early and late dining.
    When our kids were young we did late dining. If the kids did not want to eat with us (which was most of the time) we would feed them early before the show . We would either get some food on the pool deck. There are burgers, chicken strips, pizza, fruit, soda and milk all available. Then we would bring it back to the room and let them eat and rest a little while we got ready. Also you can order from room service. The price of room service is included but you do have to tip. On the larger ships room service can sometimes take a little longer so plan the timing of that into your evening. Then they would go to the club and we would go to dinner.

    There is also a restaurant on the pool deck. It is a buffet for breakfast and lunch. The hours will be listed in the Daily Navigator a paper you will receive each day that list all the activities. At dinner you can also eat there as a walk in. They will serve you at your table. It is not open the first or last night.

    For lunch there is fast food on the pool deck, a buffet at the pool deck restaurant and one of the sit down restaurants are open.

    If you go to the top of this page on the red tool bar and click on dining thee is more info.
  15. BrennaM

    BrennaM Member

    The other assigned time is the character breakfast if you are on a cruise that is 7 nights. It is in Parrot Cay and at the table you are assigned for dinner seating. I think there is an early and late seating for it. Ugh and just noticed you are on a 5 night lol so doesn't pertain to you.
  16. Wshop

    Wshop Member

    I have been on a DCL cruise before with a child right between those of your age 6, we sat at table for the late dinner with 5 other boys between 5-8 yrs old. Late dinner is the only way I would go. Counselors come and get the kids about 40 minutes into dinner. Often, our kids would have been served and done by about the 25-30 minute mark, we would just have one parent run them up to the kids' club at that point (its less than a 5 minute round trip) and then we'd try to get them an hour later after we ate and none of them wanted to leave the kids' club .... Hope that helps!
  17. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS Veteran

    Character breakfasts are only on the Magic & Wonder sailings of 6 nights and longer with 3 sea days.
  18. AngelDisney

    AngelDisney Dream a Disney Dream 0[;)

    Thanks for all the info!

    Yet does it mean there is no character breakfast on the 7-night med cruise with 2 at sea days? I thought I finally got to experience that this August...
  19. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS Veteran

    They also have it on 7 night cruises with 2 sea days and 1 late arrival port day (after 10:30, I think).
  20. cleophus12

    cleophus12 Active Member

    Depending on the date you are looking into, early dining may not be an option that is still open. Those early seating a go pretty fast on ships w so many kids.
  21. jm106

    jm106 Active Member

    Just booked 4/27 and was able to get early but thanks.

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