May need to rent a scooter... need support

Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by ppony, May 31, 2014.

  1. ppony

    ppony Artist in residence DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Aug 23, 1999
    Almost 1 week ago, I may have had a mild heart-attack. I'm still in the middle of tests to see what the issue truly may have been. I also gets great deal of lower pack pain when I walk and my knees grind as well as I have bone spurs and a achilles tendonitis. I swear, I hit 40 and my "use by date" expired. :rotfl:

    I'll bring a cane and when I'm pushing a stroller, I can put a lot of weight on it to take the stress off of my body a bit. BUT, I'm concerned that may not be enough this time.

    Knowing how mean, heartless and cruel people are to persons in scooters, particularly if they are overweight, I'm deathly scared to even try a scooter.:(:sad: I mean really, REALLY scared. It's easy to say not to pay attention to others because they don't matter, but honestly, we're not all able to do that as easily as others. I'm one that has an incredibly hard time w/ it.

    Does anyone have any advice or support that might help me feel a little less frightened? I'm already dealing w/ a great deal of shame w/ this. I KNOW I shouldn't be as shame only ever serves to worsen a situation and not ever fix one. But still, I'm working on it. This is the only forum I felt I could come to and hopefully not get summarily judged and shamed. :duck:

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  3. DavidG1966

    DavidG1966 Mouseketeer

    Mar 21, 2014
    100% Get the scooter!!! if you ABSOLUTELY can't get over what people will think... Explain your anxiety issue to your doctor and ask him for a prescription for some Xanax to help you relax.
  4. StitchesGr8Fan

    StitchesGr8Fan DIS Veteran

    Jul 17, 2009
    But don't take Xanax before driving the scooter!!
  5. ppony

    ppony Artist in residence DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Aug 23, 1999
    I was thinking about doing it this time, for at least the flight down. I've never taken Xanax before, I just submitted my family to dealing w/ my anxiousness that goes off the charts. :( I feel so bad for them, they don't deserve what I dish out sometimes. :guilty: I swear, I'm watching myself from some other area in my brain.

    :rotfl: Yeah, kinda wondered about that!!! I do have a perfect driving a stroller record though. :rolleyes1:duck: Never hit a single soul, yet! :lmao:

    Thanks guys! :lovestruc
  6. nemajovc

    nemajovc Mouseketeer

    May 9, 2012
    Great suggestions - definitely Xanax or Elavil or something AND the scooter

    Also remember that none of us are perfect- we've all been cruel jerks at least once and usually had it turn around and bite us- the person who criticizes scooters could very well be on here the next year apologizing because he or his family member now needs one!!!

    So keep a positive attitude and if you feel slighted try to smile like a crocodile - they will get it back.
  7. ppony

    ppony Artist in residence DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Aug 23, 1999
    So very very true. All of it. :flower3::lovestruc We (everyone) often don't stop to think when we simply haven't needed to and blame is a societal pastime. I'm actually in a 12 week class at The Emily Program (place for eating disorders) that deals w/ shame and resilience. :goodvibes Most of the course is following Brené Brown's books. She's great.
  8. thebutlerdidit

    thebutlerdidit Mouseketeer

    Apr 29, 2014
    I recently came back from DW and I used a scooter for the first time. I can so relate. I was nervous about what people would say, think. Honestly the only negative comment I heard was on a bus one lady stated." Look at this, six people could have sat if these scooters weren't here." That was not hard to take. Remember YOUR health is the most important thing. Go, enjoy your trip and make sure you tune your Mickey ears to a channel that only hears positive things! :)
  9. ttintagel

    ttintagel DIS Veteran

    Nov 28, 2011
    I know JUST how you feel! I could have written the same thing before the first time I used one. But when the time came, it was a choice between using one or spending the trip in the hotel room, and once I got started, there were just so many distractions in the parks the anxiety melted away. I didn't have time to worry about it.

    Only one person made a comment: a little boy, maybe four years old, saw my ECV and his face just lit up. Well, kids that age love anything with wheels, and he thought it was a giant toy. He said, "I want one of those!"

    His sour-faced old grandmother made a face and said, "Yeah, it must be nice."

    And honestly, she just looked so ridiculous that I couldn't be hurt or offended. I wish she could have seen herself - she was like something out of a cartoon.

    I smiled and said to the little boy, "Yeah, it's great! I'll trade you my broken foot for your good one!"

    The kid just laughed, because he was totally innocent. But the grandmother knew she should be ashamed of herself, so she huffed and puffed as I drove off. It was hilarious.
  10. bidnow5

    bidnow5 DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2009
    Most people are busy looking at all there is to see in Disney to say anything about people on scooters. I haven't had problems in Disney but locally in stores thats different lots of jerks fortunately in Disney not bad
  11. asta

    asta DIS Veteran

    Jun 13, 2001
    I don't really have any words of wisdom but I understand how you feel. Your situation is tough but I hope it helps a little to know that others feel this way and understand.
  12. mackay_j

    mackay_j DIS Veteran

    Jan 31, 2007
    I bumped a previous thread in which I reported about using an evc for the first time. sorry could not work out how to either link to it or cut and paste from it.

    Just to add that we are returning soon and have even bought an evc due to how much of a difference it made to our holiday
  13. POOHsie

    POOHsie DIS Veteran

    May 4, 2010
    I have had the need to use an ECV full-time for over 9 years. I felt self-conscious at the beginning, but got over it quickly. WDW is very accepting of handicapped guests. About the stroller you mentioned. If you need a stroller for a young child and have an alternate plan to carry him/her with you on the ECV, that won't be allowed. Don't think about it. If it means you need someone to be with you on your visit, so be it.
  14. handicap18

    handicap18 <font color=blue>Husband, father of 3, and Disney

    Oct 18, 2005
    I'll be renting a scooter for the first time on our next trip. I have neuropathy in my feet because of chemo drug I was getting in 2012 for Stage 4 rectal cancer. I'm still going to treatments, but stopped the drug that gives neuropathy more than 18 months ago. Sometimes it takes a real long time to go away, sometimes it doesn't go away at all.

    I can walk pretty much with no problems. Running is out of the question. Even a short jog to get across the street is tough. Walking for long distances or staying on my feet for extend times make my feet worse. If I go grocery shopping in the morning, then go to Home Depot in the afternoon and do some work around the house, but late afternoon my feet really bother me and at that time walking becomes difficult.

    If I were to talk from my hotel room to the bus stop, then from the park bus stop to the park entrance I'd then be lucky to get half way into the park let alone go back.

    We went in '05 with my mother-in-law and she had terrible circulation in her legs and walking from the living room to the bathroom was a chore for her. She got around Disney with no problems for a week using a scooter.

    I can only imagine what people will think when they see me on a scooter. 44 year old male, 6' tall, 250lbs. I've been told by more than a few people that I'm the "healthiest sick person" they've ever seen... what the heck is "HE" doing on a scooter.... ""Would you like to see my scars and my ostomy? Tell me how you'd feel if you had 50 treatments (and counting) of chemotherapy and 3 surgeries for stage 4 cancer.""

    Hey, at least the neuropathy in my fingers went away. That was getting to the point where I almost couldn't write and had a real hard time typing.
  15. WheeledTraveler

    WheeledTraveler DIS Veteran

    Oct 10, 2007
    If you needed glasses to see distances, would you get them? Try to think of a scooter as another tool like that. On a very base level they're both objects that help extend one's abilities.
  16. clhcpaca

    clhcpaca DIS Veteran

    Sep 4, 2001
    I have used a scooter that last two years and have not had anyone be mean, heartless or cruel to me. Or, saw anyone be that way to any person on a scooter or in a wheelchair. You need to remember that most people who have good experiences do not post about them. And, the experience has alot to do with your attitude. It is so much easier for me since I have been using the scooter---my enjoyment level has gone way up and I can actually DO things!!:thumbsup2
  17. bopper

    bopper <font color=green>Which way to the Hundred Acre Wo

    Oct 22, 2004
    They don't see the pain.
    They don't see you getting grumpy because of the pain.
    They don't see you missing out because of the pain.
    They don't see you going back to the room early or skipping rides because of the pain.
    They don't see how you have worked hard and saved up and want to get the most out of your vacation for you and your family.

    Also, these people may see more people (overweight or not) on scooters at Disney than anywhere else...but that is because Disney is very accommodating to people with mobility issues and therefore they probably get more business because of that.

    If anyone says "must be nice", then just say "I will gladly trade you the heart attack/bone spurs" or "Must be nice to be healthy".

    The "must be nice" people can also rent a scooter if they like.
  18. Simba's Mom

    Simba's Mom <font color=green>everything went to "H*** in a ha

    Aug 26, 1999
    Although I can't give you any advice, I'm right with ya! I'm also dealing with medical issues, severe low back pain with sciatica, degenerative disc disease, etc. I should use a scooter, but like you, I'm so afraid of the comments and so self-conscious. But I just realized-there's lots of us in that position! See all those people in the parks riding scooters? I'll bet a good percentage of them are first-timers just like you, dealing with the fear and anxiety, but physically feeling better than they would trying to walk. So for every stupid, mean, thoughtless comment, there's a first-timer in a scooter just like you.
  19. ppony

    ppony Artist in residence DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Aug 23, 1999
    I love it! You guys have such a great and positive way of looking at things. :grouphug: It DOES make you feel better when you realize that you're not alone.:flower3:

    My DH also really liked the comment about "putting your Disney ears on" and only hearing the positive. Easier said than done too especially when you're hyper-aware that hundreds of people are looking down on you, quite literally. But you can do it.

    I'm REALLY thankful for this forum. THANK YOU guys. :grouphug:

    PS: good news is the stress test, x-rays and blood work all showed no sign of heart damage. Or anything else actually. I was having coming and going pains for 4 days after, but that has since stopped. Maybe it was just my body giving me a "shot across the bow" to get more SLEEP and be kinder to myself.
  20. I Love Pluto

    I Love Pluto DIS Veteran<br><font color=green>I guess that make

    Jun 20, 2006
    All of us have lived through the "must be nice to ride instead" comment. Some have even asked for a ride.

    I answer that "you can have a ride on my scooter IF you will lend me your legs!" Gets them every time!!! :thumbsup2

    Please take care of yourself. This is about YOU - not about what others think. You will have a better time if you just relax & realize that an ECV is what will get you to do things you couldn't do if you didn't have it. It's OK to help yourself get around! You deserve it! :goodvibes
  21. Gilrond

    Gilrond Mouseketeer

    Nov 17, 2013
    All of us who use ECVs in the parks have had a first time too.

    Drive slow, be vigilant - people walking and texting.

    Yeah, sometimes there are looks that say "you are slowing me up" but there has always been a helping hand volunteering when I have needed one. One of the nicest acts of kindness in a CS queue was from family with young child with cancer.

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